Bath sex with Geeta

Hi to all the friend. I am a writing a wonderful true incident of my life. Now let me first introduced u to myself I am 18 m from Nagpur in Maharashtra my name is Vicky and I am a college student. I always had a fantasy to take bath with some sexy girl or lady, and these fantasy of my was fulfilled before few months back which I am narrating to all my desi friend’s. This all happen six months back. I had a nice and very good friend and her name was Geeta, now let me describe Geeta. Priya had a GORGEOUS figure 38D-26-36, 58″; smooth, fair skin; beautiful, wavy, long blond hair; brown eyes and a killer smile. I always had a fantasy to have sex with her, but as she was a very good friend on mine I never dare to do it. But whenever me and Geeta went to long ride on my bike her sexy and firm boobs used to touch on my back and I got erection in my pants, but I never dare to do a first move to have sex with her. I used to go to her home and even she used to come to my house as we both used to study together. One days as our exams were coming closer she called me at her home in the moaning and told me that we both will study together as in her house her family had gone to attain some religious ceremony.

So in the next morning I went to her house , and I rang the bell, but no one gave me response so I tried to open the door and its was open only so I went inside, but still now one was there in her drawing room, so I went directly to Priya’s bedroom without knocking her door. As soon as I open the door I was really shock to see the Geeta was standing facing me and she was wrapped in a towel. She has not wear any single cloth, my eyes was stunned to see her in that position may be she was going to take a bath. Even she was shocked to see me but she smiled at me without telling me anything. Priya was wrapped in a towel and the towel hardly covers her tits, more then half of the tits are pushed up like two bit white buns. The bottom of the towel hardly covers her ass and pussy. I stand there gazing at Priya’s face and hold the towel together and sit on the bed next to her. Her thighs are fully exposed and she did not speak a single word but continued to stare against me. She moved her legs and the towel parts a little and I get a little glimpse of her pussy and her ass.

As by these time Priya was also horny and even she had a fantasy to have sex but she could not speak any word from her mouth. Slowly she moved her legs wider and I can now see more parts of her body. I see that she was going to bath and need a little message before that. I took the bottle of the olive oil from the cupboard and ask her to turn around so that I can message her body. After a min she was lying on the bed on her tummy. She had her towel removed but loosely covering her beautiful ass. I was totally excited about this prospect of touching Priya for the first time and that too in nude. I stand by the side of the bed and start to apply the oil on her beautiful back. I started to message slowly from near her shoulders to downwards. She closed her eyes and tells me to go down to the lower back. I started to message her lower back and in the process slowly push the towel down till the par of her towel. I continue to go down until I am touching her ass cheeks. She started to breath a bit more heavily. I move her towel more towards the thighs and start message her lower back and once in a while move to her ass and even squeeze the cheeks lightly. Now she was really enjoying it because she had her eyes closed and breathing quite heavily. After a wile, she open her eyes and life her head slightly and look at me and said “Honey, u have a wonderful hands, u are doing a great job”. Now my hands are on Priya’s ass for a longer period then her lower back. Slowly I started to move my hands on her entire ass and at the end of the ever move insert my fingers in between Priya’s legs to try and touch her pussy. Priya understand my intention and slowly part her legs and I get a bolder, remove the towel completely from her body. I stop coming to her lower back now and concentrating fully on her ass and upper thighs.

Now my fingers are regularly moving to her pussy and with Priya’s legs part fully, I have easy access to her pussy. I move to the other side and sit on her legs & I see her pussy from behind, parting her ass cheeks. It was so beautiful that I cannot describe to u all. The pussy lips are puffy and the pair of flowery flesh that peeks out from the lips is protruding out and I am in heaven feeling it and looking at it. Priya have already become wet and the juice is flowing out from her pussy. I gently rub the pussy lips and slowly insert one finger inside her pussy and she already moaning and breathing heavily. When I insert the finger, she jerks a bit and she makes me stop and go to bath leaving me excited. Priya came back after taking bath fully dressed in saree and blouse. I get up from the bed and slowly removed her saree and told Priya to sit on the chair and watch. In her petticoat and blouse (there is nothing inside her cloth and I can see thought light blue blouse), and she stand in front of the mirror and started to comb her hairs & I am enjoying the sight of your huge blouse-clad tits. I can clearly see the contrast of her whole globes and the black areolas and nipples are clearly hard and thrusting against the thin blouse material. It is getting hot and spicy now. She slowly removed the hooks of her blouse first the top there hooks and release partly, her big and heavy tits that are press together come out looking even bigger.

After what I seem an eternity and she remove the other hooks and slowly remove her blouse. She covers her tits with her palms and slowly started to move her tiny palms on the heavy globes. It is a fantastic sight; I just can not contain myself, so I move my hand down and start to squeeze my erect prick and balls. She was standing in front of me and playing with her tits. I now started squeezing them and twisting the nipples with my thumbs and forefingers & I get up and go closer to her and her nipples are erect and long. The areolas are big and I am very tempted to hold them and feel them, after a while she undo the petticoat and slowly let it slide down. Her pussy is visible in all its glory. She then sits down on the bed and open her legs and I started to finger her pussy. I open her pussy lips with my finger and look at her with a mischievous smile on her face. I then lay her on the bed with her partly fold legs keep apart. Her pussy is now clear visible and I went on the bed, and slowly move my head in between her legs and I hold her legs up on my shoulders and start to kiss her pussy. I lick the puffy lips and the entire cunt and slowly I start to lick all over with my tongue and I even force my tongue into Priya’s cunt. Wow! It is great, it is soft and tender, and at time I also slightly bite the puffy lips on their sodas. Her cunt is very soft and I ear for a long time until she came, there is helluva lot of pussy juice flowing. The order is strange and nice and I enjoy every bit of it and I know that even she was enjoying. After a wile she get up and stand behind me and put her hands on my shoulders and press her massive tits on my back, and she even kiss my cheek and say a few loving words. I was thrill and excited at the prospect of touching her tits. As I was enjoying her touch, she just stands back and presses her bare tits on my neck. Each tit is on either side on my neck nudging my ears and lower cheeks. It is really very fantastic.

I put my hands on them from the sides and start to caress them. She slowly moves her hands down unbutton my shirt and start to caress my chest. Slowly she moves her hands down to my crotch and starts to run and squeeze my erect prick and balls. I just can not take it any more. I get up and hug her harder and her tits are crushing against my chest. I take charge and kiss her on her lips. My thrust tongue was into her mouth and creates a fantastic sensation. I am now in the heaven and go and sit on the bed. I lifted her left tit with my left hand and squeeze the juicy and creamy tit with my right hand. With my other hand I get hold of her right tit and start to squeeze it. I shift sucking and licking her tits from one to another, and I keep biting the flesh all over the luscious globes and the nipple. The nipples become harder as I keep sucking and biting them. It is too good to stop in the mean time she move her hand in my shorts and find my erect prick and keep holding it and stroking it after a whole both of us are very excited and she start to shave my prick very fast. I just can not take it anymore and explode into a fantastic orgasm. After that I continue to play with her tits and she was just stroking my hair and back, we both enjoy it for a long time. Suddenly she move down, pull my short and take my prick in her hand and start to slowly lick the head. She slowly started to lick and nibble and in between give a few light sucks. She make it wet by licking it all over. She gave me a fantastic blowjob and sucks me until I come and she again takes my prick in her mouth and start to lick and suck it and I just hug her. She kisses me on my lips and I am rubbing her tits and ass and pussy. She licks my erect prick and balls and takes it in her moth and blows it for a while.

I lean on her body so I am covering her body with mine. With my free hands I feel between us, take my cock and begin to guide it towards her cunt. As I reach her entrance I pause and touch her entrance my tip of the cock. I feel shivers along my spine as I union with my part with her. I can not wait any longer as I push forward my dick enters her cunt .I push even harder and I heard her gasp and cry a little as I push inside her completely and I then hold there for a whole enjoying with my darling I withdraw my dick a bit and push forward again. I draw back again this time to be out of her and thrust back again, she gasp then I settle to a steadier rhythm and my cock is inside her vagina and I am fucking Geeta. I am squeezing her beautiful breasts very hard at the same time. After few min I feel my balls exploding gobs of semen and I have been storing for her. I hump on to her vigorously before I cum I cannot help to stop but gasp as I shoot my was into her. I can feel my semen flooding her vagina as I reach my climax. I feel her body pushing mine from downwards I feel shivers and hear cries of her and hot flowing juices inside, she told me that she had an orgasm. Our sexual act is complete as I lay on my wonderful darling Geeta and fulfilled and gasping for my breath. Our naked bodies still connected together with my chest firmly pressing her boobs. My cock by now starts getting limp but still inside her transferring the last remains of my semen’s.

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