Swinging lifestyle

My wife Renu and I have been together for ten years. We started swinging just two years ago, but it seems like an eternity. Our sex life has improved so much I only wish wed started sooner, but the timing has probably been for the best. People change as they get older and Im sure I wouldnt have been able to handle the idea of watching Renu get fucked by another man even five years ago, but now its a huge turn on. When we first started swinging we did the whole wife-swapping bit. You know, meet up with a couple and then go separate ways for a few hours to have some fun. I loved fucking other women, but it always bugged me that I never got to see what Renu was up to. Ive fucked some hot swinging wives, but Im sure the other guy has always gotten a better deal. We spend hours talking about our wife-swapping adventures and in the beginning it was hard to get Renu to tell me what shed done with the other husbands, but I was relentless. Eventually she started telling me everything and now she looks forward to it. It really helps heat up our love making sessions, and her stories are so hot I’ve actually had wet dreams about her encounters. Theres something about knowing shes taken pleasure from another man that turns me on.

We progressed to the swinging scene where orgies are commonplace, but we havent gone crazy in that department. Renu found out she loves getting fucked by many guys at the same time, but I didnt really like going to the parties. A lot of swingers are just plain ugly and even though watching Renu turned me on, I was grossed out by some of the women I felt obligated to have sex with. Of course I fucked them anyway, and it was okay, but it wasnt something that gave me wet dreams. Just slamming my cock into a womans holes without having a chance to seduce her first isnt as good either, even if shes hot. I love the chase and a subtle seduction is the best foreplay. Right now were into finding separate partners online and fucking them while the other watches. We do it all in secret, one at a time with unsuspecting strangers and its incredible. The people we fuck never know theyre putting on a show. I actually enjoy watching Renu fuck another man better than getting a woman I, but Renu gets off on watching me in action so much she spends hours online pretending to be me and setting up dates. We really are soul mates. I dont find her dates for her though. I get off on seeing what kind of guys shes attracted to. Its part of my fetish. Watching each other from a distance is perfect for both of us. We fuck for hours anticipating what the new stranger is going to be like and how were going to seduce them. We play games with each other for who gets to go next, and what were going to say and do.

I think part of the reason I have a fetish for watching Renu with other men is the reaction the guys have to her overly aggressive sexuality. Every guy reacts differently- some want to take control and give it to her hard and fast while others are willing to lie back and enjoy the ride. The last guy she fucked was a college student and she did him beside our pool while I watched from a window in the house that looks into the pool. We had tinted windows installed just for this reason, and we have an intercom system that picks up everything in the pool area. I just sit back and enjoy the show! This guy was typical of her conquests; she found him through an online dating service and he was athletic and clean cut, but not too much of a pretty boy. His cock was bigger than average too, which she knew beforehand because hed sent her a picture of it. On their first date he took her out for lunch and I couldnt wait to hear what they talked about as I watched the final moments of the seduction when she brought him back to the house. He was a little shy and she teased him into going skinny-dipping with her as an excuse to get him naked.

They never actually made it into the water though. At the pool she stripped first and when he took his pants off he apologized for being rock hard. Innocence is so rare these days, and it was a priceless moment. She told him he had nothing to be ashamed of and dropped to her knees saying she knew a way to make it go away. I actually saw his legs buckle when she started deep throating him. For starting out shy, he made up for it as their fuck session progressed. He didnt let her blow him until he came, he said he wanted to save his orgasm for her pussy. He licked her clit instead to cool his jets, and after she had her first orgasm all over his face he pulled her down to the tiled floor and entered her quickly, first missionary, and then flipped her over and did her from behind. He turned out to be the ‘take control type and he almost convinced her to take it up the ass. Now that would have been quite an accomplishment because Renus not really a fan of anal sex, but she does it every now and then on special occasions. I came when he shoved his thumb in her ass and said he could tell she was an “anal babe.”

She told me later she would have let him fuck her ass if his cock wasnt so big, but at the time she was actually scared he was going to just shove it up there without any lube. He didnt when she told him “no,” but she said if shed known how turned on I was by the idea she would have let him have his way. He left after pumping a healthy dose of semen all over her tits, and I jumped her bones in the shower while she gave me details of what turned her on the most. She said she liked it when he took charge and I enjoyed teasing her about wanting to be controlled. That night I finished what he started and I fucked her ass hard, giving her the first orgasm shes ever had with a cock up there. I know for sure the previous events of the day had everything to do with it. I couldnt imagine life without the extra spice our game puts in my marriage. Its my turn next and Renu is eagerly looking for a woman online who will dominate me to return the favor. Its going to be an interesting weekend. Interested Couple/Male/Female mail me / / Secrecy Assured.