Forced sex with my cousin sister

Hello iss readers. This is my first story I have been reading iss past two months. Now let me tell my true experience with my cousin sister which took place two months back. I finished my 12 boards and I was enjoying my holidays but only thing was that I was a virgin. I have tried many times to seduce my cousin sister but she refused, I even asked her without any shame to do(u may be wondering why dint that girl go tell her parents, c’mon guys I’m Nithin, she had a boyfriend I blackmailed her that I will tell them. She was only 18 that to so I was strong in that part).So days were passing just like that after I asked her for sex she stopped coming to my house also. So I was really pissed off without ex. day came went I heard that my cousin sister and her motor is coming for holidays. I was really happy to hear it….I thought that if I miss this chance I wont be able to seduce her at all. Her 10 exams got over and they both came to my house to vadapalni. But I couldn’t to do anything to her coz my whole family and her mother is also there. I sighed and again days were going and she dint even speak with me.

But again god was with memy dad bought a new AC for my room. I used to sleep alone in my room and my father mother and my sister in the main room. My cousin sister and her mother used to sleep in the guest room. I asked my cousin sister and my aunt to sleep with me in my room as it was summer season. But my aunt refused telling that she had asthma and if she sleeps in the AC room she would get cold and nose block(which I new before itself)but I will let her sleep with u no problem but my co sister was not willing coz she knew that I will seduce her. I convinced my aunt by telling that I can’t leave her alone and sleep in the AC room at last my aunt forced my co sister to sleep with me. We both slept in the bed close by oh my god her huge breast for that age were like two melons beside to me. After 2 hours I made sure that she slept by pinching her also. I slowly took her bed sheet and touched her thighs above her nighty. She is a bit fat and fair complexion and have really hugs ass and bust for this age. I slowly pulled her nighty upwards and touched her legs….oh my she had lot of hairs in her legs. I kissed her foot and I was caressing her thighs.

She was sound sleep and then I started to undo her hooks and kissed her cleavage my dick was rock hard by then. I lift her nighty a bit more to see her panties wow she was a green panty. I slowly started touching her above the panty. She just gave a jerk and moved showing her ass towards me. I removed panty till I can see her ass and stated kissing it. She again moved towards that side and I again I was to her pussy. I tried to apart her legs to remove her panty fully but then only I realized that she was awake all this time coz she was holding her two legs so tight. I slept over her and gave a kiss on her lips she was refusing it. I squeezed her melons so hard and she started opening her mouth to shout I put my tongue into her and started to apart her legs apart again but no use still she was refusing. I got so angry I gave her a slap then only I realized that she was crying. I got so pissed of I started to kiss her again by now she was kissing me back coz she knows that there is no other was other that co operating with me. Guys and gals send me your e mails to me and I will continue my experience in the part two of this sorry coz I have stopped it in the main part send me your comments I will surely continue it. Take care of ur sex life gals and guys. I forgot to tell about me I’m Nithin doing my first year EEE in Chennai.