Couples swap between friends

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Now Im posting a more recent story, happened when Uma and I visited our friends Sumana and Sanjay at San Jose. Uma and I are now married for 3 years and have a one year old boy, Sumana is Umas closest friend, and got married one week after our marriage (read my earlier post “Two days with Saali”. Sanjay and Sumana were asking us to visit them ever since. We finally found time to visit them. They had baby almost at the same time. Sick! They follow us on everything. When we went there, we planned to go to LA, Las Vegas and few more places. We left our kid at my in-laws place as we didnt want to drag him for 15 days. Luckily, Sanjays mom was there with them and was taking care of their baby, when we traveled around. We initially stayed in Sumanas Apartment, quite a posh one with Gym, Swimming pool, tennis court etc inside the Apartment complex.

I had never moved with Sanjay, he seemed to be a cool guy. Sumana was bubbling with energy, much the same girl I saw during my marriage. Snajay had taken vacation since he wanted to accompany us to places. Sumana was not working anyway. Second day of our stay there, we went to play tennis early in the morning at the Apartment complex court. It was a week day; nobody was there at the Tennis court other than 4 of us. For some time, Uma and I played one side and Sanjay and Sumana were against us. None of were good Tennis players and it didnt matter as we were playing for fun. During the warm-up, whenever they played a good shot, they were hugging each other. We started doing it too. I was enjoying the sight of Sumanas large tits jiggling inside her sleeveless T-Shirt. Before the game started, Sanjay proposed that we switch partners. Wow!! Beautiful Sumana my partner? I would love it, though it is only for the game.

Sumana had put on some weight, as I’m seeing her after 3 years. She was same height as Uma, had bigger tits (her tits were much smaller when I saw her 3 years back) and much fairer than Uma, but had paunch and had become fat around the waist. Uma had maintained her figure since our marriage and was almost of same weight as she does rigorous workout. Sanjay is a great guy, little shorter than me, had hairy chest and thick curly hair, overall a very handsome man. During the game of mixed doubles and swapped partners, Uma was playing very good. Once she played a nice passing shot of the forehand and it zipped past between me and Sumana. Sanjay ran to Uma and hugged her, kissed her on the lovely cheeks. When Sanjay hugged Sumana, from the other end of the court I could even see both their chests rubbed fro a few moments. Lucky Sanjay, enjoying my wife there. Uma didnt show any feelings outside. She indeed appeared to be enjoying the hug and kiss. They repeated it again and were laughing at us. Sumana told them curtly, we will get to do it, so dont laugh like psychos.

I made a game plan, asked Suman to cover the net and I was playing from the baseline. We soon got our chance to celebrate. When Sanjay played a lob, Sumana was waiting at the net and smashed the ball, crashing into their side, they had no chance. To show my appreciation (and this is my chance now), I ran to Sumana, hugged her tightly and lifted her of the ground. Sumana with racquet in one hand put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips. I wasnt expecting it, but was certainly delighted. With one had holding her back, another had I gently pressed her tits, it Sanjay and Uma standing at other side could not see what I was doing with this hand!! I slowly dropped her on the ground; her tits were rubbing all over my front. We had a hugging and kissing competition for next hour or so. We were now kissing on the lips. It was great fun. We all were sweating and breathing heavily, but girls were smiling mischievously. When we were sitting on the chairs by the side of the court, Sanjay was keeping one hand on Umas nicely shaped thighs, I was keeping my head on Sumanas shoulder, put one arm across Sumanas waist. Still it was only 7:00 in the morning and nobody was around other than 4 of us.

Sanjay said to me, even if we both had married the other girl, we would still have made great pair. Both Uma and Sumana seemed to enjoy that statement, nodded their heads approvingly. I agreed with Sanjay. Same day, we left for LA by Sanjays SUV. Had few breaks in between, reached LA in the evening. In a Hotel at the outskirts of LA, Sanjay had booked a suite with two rooms, one for me and one for him, the room also had kitchen and a small living room. We wanted to spend the evening together, carried our dinner, booze (whiskey for men and beer for Sumana. Uma doesnt drink beer as she doesnt want to put on weight, occasionally drinks whiskey from my glass). Sanjay was too good an organizer; he had brought some xxx DVDs. We started drinking, watching the DVD. Sanjay was sitting next to Sumana, squeezing the tits and smooching. I was doing it with Uma. Whiskey was working inside three of us, Sumana was sticking to beer. Movie was too hot with orgy of number of guys and gals having drinks and sex. Sanjay suddenly asked how about we have sex there in front of each other. What we are seeing in the TV, we could enact at a smaller level. Uma and I looked at each other. Sumana said it would be fun, lets not swap the partner, but have sex in the open. We agreed, I slowly started to undress Uma. Sanjay was just too fast in undressing Sumana, they both were naked in no time. Now Uma was still in bra and panties. S & S came towards us, both were butt naked, Sanjay pulled Uma towards himself, reached for the bra and unhooked it.

I started fucking Uma in missionary position. Sumana and Snajay were in doggy style, barely inches from us. I was on top of Uma, Sumana was on fours next to me and Uma. Sanjay was behind Sumana. I reached for Sumanas juicy tits, fondling and pinching the nipples. Sanjay and Sumana switched position Sanjay lying down on the carpet, tried to lick Umas tits. Uma co-operated, lifted herself and trusted her tits into Sanjays mouth. I now took the initiative and said, lets switch the partners. Everyone delighted at my proposal, though they all wanted to do it, were waiting for someone to say it. Sanjay took Uma fully, lying down on the carpet, made Uma sit on his cock and ride him. Sumana hugged me, rubbing her nice pair of tits on me and kissing all over my face. I was quite sure that Uma had never been fucked by another man before our marriage or during the 3 years of our married life, though she had been fondled, sucked etc.

I was ready for this moment, internally I was very happy that my beautiful wife is going to enjoy another partner. I squeezed and sucked Sumanas tits, entered inside in a missionary position. Sumana seemed to have done lot of experiments with Sanjay, she went into positions, which Uma had never done before. Finally we cummed, Sanjay did it outside Umas cunt and painted all over her. I oozed out deep into Sumana, everything was over and I kept my face inside Sumanas big & beautiful tits. All 4 of us were lying close to each other on the carpet and exhausted. But satisfaction was quite evident. Next entire week, we had fun at various places, including Las Vegas and Grand Canyons. More than the new places we visited, good food we had etc, and the important thing was, we had orgy every night till we got back to Sanjays place. His mom was there and we acted as good kids in front of her, no drinks, and no sex nothing. While leaving, at the airport, we swapped the partners again, hugging and kissing, to bid adieu. We decided to repeat this once a year.