It was my first time

First experience in my life too. I am Kris (changed) completed my engineering second year till my 8th standard, my family was in Hyd and life was rocking with my college life. But when I got in my 9th my dad got transferred to Guntur and we had to shift there. My life got jammed there and was extremely boring, I did not like it and I forcefully completed my ninth there. Then I insisted my parents to join me in Hyderabad and they agreed. I was to stay with my grandparents and joined a posh school nearby because the college I studied before was far away. I got enough known to sex thru friends and net and other sources. And a lust was growing inside me to have sex with a woman.

And I was waiting for the right time. My new school was a good one. The total strength of my class was just 35 and half of them were just girls. They were beautiful. But they have nothing to do with this story. That new school was very posh outside but inside (strictness, education) it was just ok. I planned to woo and fuck my class girls and made friendship with them. Soon almost all of them became my friends but I feared to start the topic of sex with them. Our juniors 9th class also had some sexy babes and they too became my friends. But one girl named Priya was more close to me. She was tall, fair, slim and beautiful. So I decided to fuck her to control my hunger because I was not able to concentrate on studies because of sexual thoughts. Soon the golden chance came. The 9th and 10 classes were on the fourth floor and the fifth one was being renovated. Once, some 9th and 10th students had to stay back to decorate the school in the eve of children’s day.

The whole school was empty except for some students and some auxiliary staff and some workers on the 5th floor. Some students were busy on the 1st floor, some on 2nd, some on 3rd and 4 of us were on 4th floor.2 of them were 9th boys and the remaining were me and Priya after some time, the other boys went down to canteen for snacks and I judged this was the right time to seduce her (coz the guys spend a lot time at canteen and moreover they may not return).we decorated the walls and were about to paste the colored ribbons on the top of the walls. But in order to do that, I had to stand on a big stool or table to do that, even the benches were not sufficient in height. There was a long stool but I said that it was old and creaking, and I may fall from that. And I hit upon an idea and told her that ill stand on a bench and shell sit on my shoulders and paste them. She did not agree fearing that shell fall down and moreover if someone sees them it may look bad. But I assured that no one will come ill hold her tightly. She agreed and first I stood on the bench and kneeled. Then she sat on my shoulders and that was so arousing that my dick stood up but it was covered by my full shirt. Her pubic area was at the back of my head and her legs were on my shoulders..! What a feeling it was! She wore a chudidar for some reason and she was exotic. I tried standing up but I was not able to stand due to her weight. I told her to get down and then I took her in my arms and told her to climb on my shoulders. She did and now I was standing and she was on my shoulders.

I gave her the ribbons and she asked me to hold her tight and immediately took my arms and kept them on her waist. Man! What a feeling! I was holding her tight and she was busy sticking. She completed some part and we had to move the bench to cover the remaining part of the wall. I lifted her from my shoulders and was getting her down, when my hands touched her boobs. She did not say a word and I just got slipped and holded her tight around her waist. My left hand was on her breast area and my right hand around her waist and my dick was on her ass. I was still holding her and suddenly she started staring in my eyes. Her eyes were shining and there was lust in them. I wasted no time and grabbed her lips and started sucking them. She broke the kiss and said that someone may see us. She took me secretly to the 5th floor and without getting into anyone of the workers notice; we went into the unused toilets and slipped into one of the latrines. They were extremely clean and she hugged me tight and sucked my lips and then our tongues met. We kissed for sometime and started fondling her boobs and, a sexy back is my weakness and I started licking her back. Fortunately, she wore a low back dress and I got hold of her boobs and licked her back. She asked for the real thing and I did not like to fuck her in a standing position. We did some hugging, fondling, kissing in the bathroom and soon it was 5:30.the workers leave at 5:30.

And I peeped out. There I saw the workers leaving and when all of them left, we came out and went inside a clean room. I bolted the door and started the action. She climbed on me with her legs crossed around my waist and started French kissing me. I removed her chunni and threw it aside. She was wearing a dark fabric green Punjabi dress. I started removing and lo! Soon she was in a white bra. I pressed her tits thru the bra and kissed her cleavage and licked there. Then I removed her pajama and noticed her wearing a white silky panty. Wow! A beauty in white panty and white bra! I removed my uniform and I was standing in my underwear and my 7inch dick standing still. She anxiously removed my undi and started playing with my dick. She fondled with it, she played with my balls. I asked her to give me a blow job. She replied innocently, hats that? I opened her mouth and shoved my tool inside and asked her to suck and lick it as if it were a lollipop. She started doing it and soon increased the speed. I removed my dick from inside as I may climax, it may take time to regain. I freed her boobs and for first time I was seeing a girls tits! I made her lie on the floor and started kissing her lips. Then I went down and started sucking her right tit and circled left one. Then I went down and licked her sexy navel.

Her body started shaking and was enjoying it. Not to waste much time, I went down and removed panty. What a sight! A naked pussy for the first time, that too a hairy one! It was my lucky day. I started licking it and she was shivering in ecstasy, and her pussy was dripping her love juices. I licked them and they were tasty. I inserted my index finger inside and started finger fucking and she started moaning. Soon I inserted second finger and she started moaning more. Soon she climaxed and cummed on my face. I drank her juices and told her to get ready for the big one. I asked her, are you ready? Why are you asking for? Go on. Was the reply. I kept the tip of my dick and her entry and tried to shove in…but it was tight. I forcefully inserted the tip inside and she started feeling pain…of course, she was a virgin and had a tight cunt. I applied full force and entire 7″ went inside along with a scream which escaped her mouth. I started fucking and soon gained speed and started giving her hard strokes. Soon, pain vanished on her face and started enjoying it. The room was filled with her moaning and soon I was about to climax. But before that, her cunt muscles became tight and knew she came. I too came and shot my entire load inside. And fell on her, exhausted. I removed my dick outside and shoved it inside her mouth. She started licking my sperm and licked it completely dry and started sucking it. Soon it regained its size and we were ready for another session. This time we did it in doggy session. Soon we climaxed and took some rest. Then we wore our clothes and left out silently. This was my first experience. You might be wondering if this may ever happen. Nothing is impossible. Seducing this kind of college girls is very easy. Everyone can give a try. Once again thanks for reading my story. Be sure to rate it do mail me if u like this story… I’m in Chennai now / /