My first time inside a closed cafe

After much deliberation I decided to pen down my experience. I am Rocky, a 26 year old guy, now in Chennai. I have had some great sex experiences. Here I will say about my first experience, only oral sex though. It was 4 years back in my home town, Meerut. I was frequent in chatting in chat rooms. I used to chat on yahoo in private rooms. Those days’ private rooms were there. I used to chat with people in general as well as with girls in pm. One day while chatting I came across a girl and we started to chat general stuff. I like cracking jokes and have a good sense of humor. After some chats, I asked she had got cam. She told yes. After much persuasion, she agreed to come on webcam. She looked ok. I continued to chat for some time. Then as a matter of fact I asked where she was. She said she was in a café. I told that’s great. Even I was in a chat room. I asked her the place and found she was 2 kms away from my place. I decided to drop by her place to surprise her. Then I told her I am going offline and went to the café she was in. I went to the café and asked for her to the owner. Hearing someone calling for her, she came out of the cabin and was surprised to see me. Then we went inside the cabin and chatted for some time. She took my mobile number and after some more talking I left. After that she used to call me and we talked a couple of time over phone as well.

Two days after meeting her for the first time, I found her online once again. This time I told her that I am coming over. Even she was happy and I went to meet her in 5 minutes. After some initial talking inside the cabin, the topic shifted to a Hollywood actress who had wardrobe malfunction in a show of her. She told me, she had seen the pic and I asked her to show me. She was bold enough and showed me that pic. I was good. I started praising the Hollywood singer. Then the topic moved towards porn sites and other similar stuff. I said I don’t like porn pics, I like more sex stories. On hearing this she asked what does that mean. I showed her a sex stories sites and browsed thru a few stories. At first some of them were not that interesting. Then we came across a really great story. I asked her to read it aloud for me. She started reading it. She was sitting in front of the computer on a stool and I was sitting behind her on a stool. As she was reading the story I slowly caressing her on her neck and shoulder. As I tried to kiss her on her lips she did not let me do it. Then I started fondling her boobs and touch her all over the body. She did not resisted me for all these.

I kept on kissing on her neck and shoulder and fondling her boobs above her kameez. Then slowly I started inserting my hands inside her kameez and caressed her above the bra. She started to deviate from reading. The story and the caressing were making her go over board. I told to continue reading the story to me. Then slowly I brought my hands lower and spread and her and caressed her pussy above her salwar. She could not read the story any more. I insisted her to continue to read it. As she resumes reading the story, I opened her salwar strings and inserted my hands inside. This makes her out of control and started kissing me. The kiss that followed was great and I continued to caress her pussy with one hand and her boobs with the other. Then I helped her out of dress inside the cabin and soon she was completely naked. I opened my zip and brought her hand to my dick. She starts to stroke it. This was the first time for both of us, so we did not know how to proceed further.

I asked her to position my dick properly in front of her pussy, so that I can insert it further. She denied saying she might get pregnant. I was also scared as I did not have condoms with me. Then I asked her to give me a blow job which she gave. After some time of a blow job, I started to masturbate and was on the verge on cuming. I asked her can I come inside her mouth. On hearing this she opened her mouth and I shoot my cum inside her mouth. She swallowed all the cum without dripping a single drop. After some kisses, I dressed her and then we left the café. This was my first real sexual experience with a girl. After this I had lot many sexual experiences, including losing my virginity to a virgin, sex in the open air, trying out different positions. Will write about them some day after getting your feedback. Please feel free to give your feedback at / / Your feedback will motivate me to write more about my other experiences.