Ragging sex

I am Preethi, 20, doing first year of my Management in a city college. Since my house is in down suburb, I preferred to stay in the girl’s hostel. I am 5.4 tall, very fair in complexion and attractive. I just narrate my ragging experience in the hostel which took place in August last. It was a cool Saturday evening. I share a room with another girl from Coimbatore who had gone to her relative’s house for the week end. Normally I also used to go to my house for the week ends. But during that week end, my parents were out of station and hence I stayed back in the hostel itself. Around 6.45 Pmon that day, one of my friends told me that my seniors wanted me to come to their room after dinner. I have finished my dinner around 8.00 and knocked the door in their hostel block. The door was opened and I was asked to come in and I sat in the chair. There were three girls. One was Malavika, very tall, around 5.7, fair with specks, with nighty. Another was Madhu, very well built and very charming and attractive. She was in Jeans and T shirt. The third one was Reka, equally tall fair. She was in skirt and T shirt. I was in nighty. They have asked me generally about the school in which I had studied my parents, my home, my hobbies etc. Then the topic came around love affair. They have asked me whether I had any love affair. I said no. Then Malvika, called as Malvi, asked me whether I am interested in sex and also wanted to know whether I had seen any one making love in real life. I said to her that I am interested in sex but did not see any real love making. Madhu wanted to know from me whether my parents are still making love in the night. I was very shy and I do not know how to reply. She told me to be cool. I told her that I do not know about all those things.

Then Reka asked me whether I used to sleep along with my parents or separately. I said I used to sleep in my room and them in their room. Then Reka told me smilingly that u had missed a golden opportunity. She has asked me whether I tried or not. I said no. Malvi asked me what the frequency of my fingering is. I was shocked. I did not reply. Reka reminded me to reply to Malvi. I said no. Malvi said do not bluff. I am dam sure that all the girls will finger their pussy. She had asked me again and again and I replied once in a while I do. Reka asked me when u lasted. I said some 10 days back. Madhu had come near to me and wanted me to show my pussy and she said she would verify and tell others. I pulled back. I said no. But Malvi had stepped out of the bed and all of a sudden she had pulled her nighty up and showed me her pussy. She told me why u r shy. I do not feel anything when I see my pussy to you. Reka has then rolled up my nighty and wanted me to slide down my panty. I thought I am caught and these girls will not leave me. I have slowly taken my panty out but kept my nigthy down. Madhu too had come down from the bed and she had come my behind and started taking my nighty out. I was standing before them showing my bare pussy and bra. Reka has then unhooked my bra and the bra fell down. I was standing before them complete nude. Reka then shouted hi see her hairy pussyar. Fresh from the school. Reka has then asked me to go to bed, lay on my back. I obeyed.

Madhu had stretched my legs apart. My pussy was very clearly visible. In the meantime, Malvi had taken her dress out and she too become nude and she has positioned herself in between my thighs. Simultaneously, Reka has also removed her skirt and was like me also. Madhu has slowly pulled her jeans out and all the three were naked. Reka and Madhu sat by me side one on my left and one on my right. Malvi has again signaled. All the three started singing something. I was in tears. I begged them to leave me. I was also eager to know why they have sung. Then Malvi told me that is the inaugural song. I do not follow nor do I know the meaning. Malvi has then signaled Reka and Reka has started pressing my left boob. I was tensed. Even though, I showed my dissent, I had enjoyed it secretly mainly because I am seeing for the first time a girl in full nude. Not one girl but three girls fully nude. Reha has increased the speed and she told something to Madhu, Madhu has then started pressing my right boob. They both started pressing my boobs fast and hard. I was moaning. Malvi told me to moan clearly. I said ayyo amma, please vendam, ayyo aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Malvi instructed me to moan hot and filthy. I did not do.

Then Malvi slapped on the thighs for two or three times. I cried with pain. Please leave me; I am unable to bear the pain. Malvi told me take it easy. When u r married, how u will bear the pain. This is nothing but a rehearsal. Please cooperate with us. U will start enjoying it shortly, she advised me. Yes it is true. After some time, I started enjoying it. I have slightly moved my legs and widened it further. My right had automatically gone and touched my pussy. Then Malvi said, hi friends, I got the green signal. This girl is ripe now. I do not know what she meant. She has started separating my pussy lips and just entered her index finger slowly. It pained me a lot. She has slowly increased the speed. After sometimes, she was licking my pussy hard with her tongue. I do not know where I am. I have closed my eyes, moaned sexily and enjoying it. After 10 mts, I felt something had happened in my abdomen and then in my pussy. My pussy contracted and I felt my cum coming out of my pussy. Malvi shouted hi friends it has come. She has joined us. Come on see my kutty and enjoy her juice. All the three started licking my cunt juice and they have dried out my pussy clean. Malvi had given me a cup of water and I relished the water and sat on the bed with my heads down.

Malvi told me nothing to worry. This is nothing but the physical urge for everybody. U have not done any sin and why should u worry. This has consoled me. Reka said let her also enjoy. Reka has then laid on her back and wanted me to feel her pussy. I was shivering. Then Madhu suggested that she will lick my pussy and she in turn should lick Rekas pussy. I have started licking Rekas pussy. Here I want to mention about the pussies of the three girls. Malvi has a long, wide, clean shaven pussy. Rekha has a very fair reddish small pussy with full of hair. Madhus pussy resembles that of my mine but she has neatly trimmed her pussy hair. I am feeling the pussy of a girl for the first time in life. I do not even know how to lick. I just remembered how Malvi used to lick my pussy. I have repeated the same. Reka told me that I lick her very well and appreciated my speed also.

In the meantime Madhu has come in between my pussy and the bed. I was kneeling and licking Rekhas pussy but Madhu was lying on her back just below Rekhas pussy and she was licking my pussy. I had double satisfaction of licking Rekas pussy and get licked also. After five minutes, Reka has released her cum and the cum has gone in good speed and it was like sprinkling the water thro pipes. My face was full of her cum. Malvi took me head up and licked the juice. She wanted to pull me up still further but Madhu who was lying below me shouted not to pull me up. She said she would wait till I release the cum. All the dirty talks made me hot and I have all of a sudden released a heavy dose of my cum which fell on the face of Madhu. Rekha has got up and licked the cum on the face of Madhu. Thereby every one of them had tasted the cum of the other. We took rest for say half hour. But they have been talking and cracking sexy jokes also.

I have slowly joined them. They have told me that they have admitted me also in their group. Then they made me to lay back again and keeping my legs wide open. Malvi had taken a cucumber from the shelf and it is was a big one. I was wondering what she is going to do. I was tensed. Reka cooled me saying do not worry, nothing will happen. U will enjoy. Malvi took the cucumber and slowing started pushing it inside my pussy. Madhu helped her in separating my pussy lips. It went in full after 5 mts. And she has started taking it out and again pushing it inside. She has now increased the speed. It started paining me but at the same time I was enjoying also. I have started moaning this time more sexily. Malvi has increased and started pumping it like an engine piston. I have closed my eyes and enjoyed it. All of a sudden, Malvi had taken it out and asked me to sit. Then she wanted me to bite and eat the cucumber which is covered with my cunt juice. I first refused and they have forced me. I bite a small portion and ate. All the three had shared the cucumber and ate full. Then all of us slept in the bed itself without putting the cloths on. It was around 7.30 in the morning only we got up. After this, I have become very close friend to them. We now enjoy whenever time permits. Hope u would have enjoyed my ragging story. You can mail me @ / /