Encounter with nurse

Hi, I am Nagarajan, 30 year old IT professional working in Bangalore. My email is / / I am a native of Chennai. I want to share with the readers of indiansexstories an incident that happened very recently to me.

I visit Chennai once in two weeks. I always come by train from Bangalore. Last saturday I reached Chennai Central very early in the morning, around 4.20 A.M. From there to my home, I have to take another electric train. I bought the ticket for that and entered the Park station (which is very near to the Central station). I saw the electric train when I was walking in the fly-over bridge. If I miss that train, the next train will be only after 25 or 30 minutes. So, I ran to catch that train. My left leg slipped when I was climbing down the stairs. I fell down with my full weight on the turned left foot. It took several minutes for me to gather my bag and other things that had fallen out of my pocket. The train had left in front of my eyes, leaving me alone and painful in the station.

Fortunately, the next train came soon and I boarded it with some trouble. The compartment was empty. I just stretched my leg and started sleeping.

I reached my hometown at around 5.00 A.M. When I got down, I realized that the problem was severe. My left foot has swollen like a small pillow. I just couldnt keep it down. I started limping again to walk to my home. It is around half-a kilometer from the station. If I were normal, that is not a distance at all for me. But with that condition, I could barely move a few feet without taking rest.

There is a hospital very near to the station. It is a 24-hour hospital. Somehow I managed to reach that hospital. It was dark except for a small lamp. I went in and sat on a bench. I could not find anyone there. Then she came, the nurse.

She switched on the light and asked me what was the problem. I explained things to her and asked for some immediate treatment. She went in to call the doctor. The doctors home was just behind the nursing-home. She came back and said the doctor would come in 5 minutes.

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By that time I had settled down peacefully on the bench. I saw her carefully. She was wearing a very very transparent white sari (her uniform). I could see the red colour petticoat through the sari. Her blouse was very low-cut and transparent too, exposing her black colour bra. She was of medium height, somewhat slim. Her breasts were small, but very firm. She had worn her sari very tightly around her ass. So, her beautiful buttocks was showing its outline through the dress. She had worn her sari well below her navel and what a beautiful navel she had got! In addition to all this, she was wearing ‘kolusu in her legs. It made an erotic sound when she walked. And, she had a very attractive and somewhat sexually aroused kind of face. The kind of face that tells ‘Yes, take me, Im all yours.

She asked me to come in to the consulting room. I got up from the bench and started walking. But, I was not able to walk. She came to my help. I put my hand on her shoulder and leaned on her. It was a strange condition. My leg was paining like hell, but I was aroused to touch this smooth and sexy nurse.

We went in to the consulting room. There was a bed there. She asked me to lie on that. I told her the full story, watching her beautiful lips and small firm breasts. She found out where I was looking at. But she did not care. She even gave some erotic poses like raising her hand and pushing her breasts forward etc. I was having a very good erection by that time. Anyone can see it through the bulge in my jeans.

The doctor came in. A very nice person. He said hed prescribe a painkiller immediately and also an injection. And then, he said, in the morning, he can take an x-ray of the left ankle and decide the treatment. However, he assured me there is nothing to worry. He wrote the prescription and gave one pill also since no shops would be open by that time. Then he asked the nurse to give me some injection. He asked me to come see him again at 8.30 A.M for taking x-ray etc. Then he left to continue his sleep.

She switched off the extra lights and came in to the room. She asked me to loosen my pant and turn back on the bed. I knew what was coming. I asked her if she could not put the injection in my arm. But, I asked in such a way that I did not force it or anything and in fact as I asked the question, I was already loosening my pant. It gave me great excitement to show my buttocks to this sexy and beautiful nurse so early in the morning (around 5.10 A.M). She smiled and said ‘No. This injection is normally put in the buttocks only. I was thrilled when she pronounced the word ‘buttocks. I wanted to hear it once more. So, I asked if she meant hips. She smiled sexually and said ‘No Sir. Only in the buttocks.

She said ‘Remove your pant zip and turn back. I removed my pant zip and brought my pant to the knee level. I turned back also. It was very difficult because of the erection that I had had by that time. I somehow managed to lie on my stomach. I called her and asked if this was enough. She looked at it and smiled. Then she came near and without any prior warning, pulled my underwear also down to my knee level. I was thrilled. There I was, showing my buttocks to a beautiful girl, so early in the morning. It was like a dream.

She was searching for the syringe. From the bed, I could see her beautiful hips and her navel. She was not in any hurry. I knew she was just wasting time. I also wanted to waste time and so started asking questions about the injection. Whether it will pain, why is it not put in the arm etc. She came close to me and explained things all the while looking at my buttocks. I was scrating my buttocks and rubbing my anus. I inserted my index finger in to the anus while talking to her. She was enjoying the show. I imagined how it would look like if she were lying on this bed showing her firm ass to me.

At last she found the syringe and also the medicine. I asked her if she could rub so that the injection didnt pain. She said ‘sure, put the syringe down, took some piece of cotton dipped in some liquid and started rubbing. Her hands were so smooth. She sort of massaged it. Then she put the injection. A real talented one this sexy nurse. It didnt hurt at all. After injecting also she rubbed my ass once more. Then she gave me a piece of cotton and asked me to rub it myself.

I got an idea. I turned sideward so that my erect cock was facing the wall. Then I started rubbing my ass. She didnt leave. She was pretending to close the medicine bottle etc and stayed there. And she was looking at my cock occassionally. Then, suddenly, she came forward and took the cotton from me. She said ‘You are rubbing too slowly. This wont help. You should rub strongly. Like THIS. She started rubbing strongly and my cock was moving up and down in the sidewards position. I pretended to cover my cock with my hand. She said ‘Its OK sir. Dont feel shy. Then I removed my hand and gave her a good show.

She asked me if I could put my pant back. I told her I would try. But I said ‘Anyway, you be here only. In case, I am not able to adjust, you can help. She said ‘Sure Sir. I got up from the bench and tried to stand. But I was not able to put my foot down. She told the pain would reduce in 5 or 10 minutes. I was semi-nude in front of her. I made no attempt to hide it. I could see that she was enjoying the early morning show. Since I could not stand properly, I asked her if she could pull my underwear and pant up. She bent down.

Her face was at my cock level. I pretended that I had lost my balance and inclined towards her and held the door for support. My cock pressed on her beautiful mouth. My pre-cum was on her lips. She got up suddenly and my cock brushed her face across. I apologized to her and put my hand on her lips to remove my cum. She took my finger into her mouth suddenly. She was so beautiful sucking my finger.

I sat down on the bed with my cock pointing towards her. She knelt before me and kissed it. Then she licked the head of the cock. And she licked my balls. I bent down and kissed her forehead. She slowly took the whole of my cock inside her beautiful mouth. Her juicy lips were operating on my cock. She seemed to be an expert in this. I lost my control and exploded in her mouth. Then she released my cock. It was still shooting on her face and she was enjoying it.

I pulled her up and placed her besides me in the bed. I licked her cheeks, eyes and lips to clean her off my cum. Then I opened her mouth and insered my tongue inside. She licked my tongue with hers. Then I told her I wanted to see her buttocks as a revenge to her seeing mine.

She lied on the bed and with her backside facing me. I raised her sari and petticoat together. She was not wearing a panty. Her thighs were smooth and polished. Her ass was firm and round and smooth. I licked it for a while and turned her back to see her neatly trimmed pussy. I put my face down and smelled that area. And I licked it like a dog. I made her cum and drank her juices.

It was almost 6o clock. She adjusted herself and helped me adjust myself too. Then she went out to get an auto for me. She told shed have the night-duty again next week. I told her my leg would be fine by that time and we can have sex comfortably. She didnt agree to that. However, I am sure I can make her beg me to fuck her.

But, thats going to be another story.