Nice & Wonderful One Night Stand

First off all I should thank all the ISS Readers for giving a good response for my first story (Chatting Lead to Sex) and it was so surprising to get lot of mails from both males and females. It was nice reading some mails and some people were asking for the email ID of the gal and telephone number. Infact to be honest, I did not realize, that there were lot of sex starved women in India, especially in Bangalore also.

I was more interested in reply to females and keep in touch with every one. After my first story, I might have fucked lot of women in Bangalore, with no age bar. To bring to the real story, I met this woman from Bangalore, whom I like the most and she was a divorced and working in an MNC Office on Bannerghatt Road in Bangalore.

I received a mail from Ms. Rekha (Name changed due to privacy). She asked me few questions and experience and how I met the previous woman Ms. Savitha (Chatting Lead to Sex lady) and we exchanged few emails and this went on for few months. In the beginning, we did not talk about our personal life or family. We exchanged our cell numbers after few months and later on we exchanged our photo’s too. One day as we were talking causally, she said, she was married and been divorced last year and to my surprise we were sailing in the same boat. She lived in a double room flat on Bannerghatt road, which was closer to her work.

Let me describe Ms. Rekha, she was 56″ having long black hairs and eyes, slightly heavier having figure 34-32-36. I came to know all this, when I met her and never dared to ask her before I met her. One weekend, we decided to meet up and have dinner and she fixed the date and time and I accepted it with out any hassle. We went to a nice restaurant, had a nice conversation and later on dropped her back home. Nothing much happened that day and to be honest, I was not in a hurry too; as I knew one day or the other day I am going to fuck her.

Couple of weeks passed, and one day she calls me up on Friday and asks for a movie. I agreed with out any hesitation and we were to meet at 05:00pm in front of the Forum, which as multiplex theatre. I reached there quarter to five and was waiting for Ms. Rekha. She came after 10 Mins and was surprised to see her in a saree. This was the first time seeing Rekha in a saree and she looked gorgeous. She had a pink color saree with a matching blouse. Greeted each other and decided to go for old movie, which there will be no long queue to get ticket or no people in the theater. We both knew that we were not interested to watch movie and we wanted more something exciting in the theater. As there was thin number of people in the theater, there were no seat numbers, so we decide to take a back row and corner seats. Couple of minutes later the movie started and 15-20 minutes nothing happened. Later on we both rested our arms on the arm rest and I could feel the softness of her arms. Blood started to rush every where, though slept with few numbers of women earlier, every woman is different and also the experience will be different. To my surprise, Ms. Rekha, she rests her head on my right shoulder. This brought me some courage to me and put my hand on her shoulder, as if to comfort her and held her for few minutes. She held my palms tight and a wave of current flowed within me. I guess she might have the same experience. I built up more courage and pulled towards me. We looked at each other and we smiled. She did not draw back but remained passive and stiff in my arms and I could feel her breathing hard. I knew at this time, I can go further and play around. I started to caress her face, ear lobe and her cheeks and she started to breather heavier. I took of my hands from her cheeks and took her face in both of my hands and looked at her. I lifted her chin to look at her face more closely; I bent and brought my lips near to hers. She offered her lips to me. I touched her lips with mine and she was smelling fresh and tasted like honey. Our lips met in a desperate and passionate kiss as if our whole life depended on it. We explored each others mouth by running our tongues inside and bit each others lips a few times in excitement. I dont know how long we continued like that but at one point we separated. We looked around that no one is watching us. By this time, my manhood was hard rock and looks like it was tearing my undies & trouser to come out. Once again, I took her in my arms and I slowly slid my left hand on her stomach and circled for few minutes and I could touch her navel. She had her head back on the seat and was struggling to sit on the seat. Slowly I moved my hands towards her breast and cupped her right breast on her blouse, she left a slight moan. I whispered in her ears “You have very nice pair of shapely boobs”. She might have smiled in the dark, but could not see her expression at that moment. I was roaming my palms all round her right breast and could feel her nipples erect. I gave a slight pinch on her erect nipple and could hear her slight moans. Just glanced her and could see her biting her lower lips, guess to avoid any loud moan from her. Suddenly her left hand dropped on my thighs and started to squeeze my thighs. I wanted to insert my hands into her blouse and bra and feel the soft skin of her breast. She suddenly held my hand and with drew it and whisper into my ear “let’s get out of here and go to my apartment”. I understood her intentions and we departed from the theater holding each other hands like a married couple. Neither of us had got our own vehicle, so we had to catch an auto. She instructed the auto driver to Bannerghatt Road and neither of had courage to speak or look each other. I broke the silence and asked, if I could take some food. She just nodded her head. We stopped in one of the restaurant and I rushed to get some parcel and proceed to her apartment. The journey was only 20 minutes, but it looked very long for me, I guess that was bcoz of the silence between us. We reached her apartment and security guard stood up, as soon he sees her. I just smiled back to him and went inside the lift and she pressed 3rd button. That’s how I came to know she lives in third floor. She used her key to get into her apartment and to be honest; she had a well decorated and furnished apartment. She invited me inside and asked me to relax on the sofa. That was the first time she broke her silence from theatre to her apartment. I just removed my socks and shoe and went inside and sat on the sofa. She smiled and said she will be back in 02 minutes. I was just glancing her hall around and she had beautiful paintings hanging on the wall. She brought 02 glass of orange juice and handed one glass to me. I said “you have lovely paintings”. She said I love paintings. She got up and brought an album and placed on my lap. As she placed the album on my lap, she touched my thigh, which brought current from my toe to head and she sat beside me and she started to open the album. She was good in painting as every page she was turning, I could find out. As few pages turned and could find out the painting of flowers & some nature. The next page turned by her was shocking to me. She had painting of a sex scene of a couple. Just like a Kamasutra scene out of a book. I just took a quick glance of it and looked at her. She to had a few seconds stares at me and started to turn to the next page and it was another painting of a sex scene in a different position. My manhood was arising by seeing this pictures and I could also hear her breathing heavy, as she was just sitting next to me. Turning to other pages of the album, I could only see the sex scenes of a couple in different positions and it was probably around ten pages, all the pages looked like the scenes from the Kamasutra photos. I slowly slid my hand and caught her hand and we looked at each other. She suddenly hugs me tight and I could hear her heavy breathing. I could feel her trembling against me. After a little while she said. “let’s have dinner. We unpacked the dinner parcel and had dinner. Not even a single word was spoken during dinner. After dinner we came back to the living room and sat beside each other and she switched on the TV. She started flicking channels and found there was nothing much interesting in the channels. To be honest, I was not at all interested to watch TV. My mind was thinking, what to speak and how to start our Kamasutra activities. Suddenly her voice broke and I came to the real world. She asked if I was interested to watch any movies on DVD. Half heartedly I just smiled back to her and said yes. She brought a DVD disk and inserted into the player and to my surprise at the beginning, it showed “This Movie is for Adult and above 18 Years Only”. I came to know that was a XX rated movie. She sat beside me and by this time I was more free and courage’s, I pulled her to my side and kept my hand on her shoulder. She kept her head on my shoulder and we were watching the movie. There were lot of kissing scenes and few times, we could see some gals topless. I could hear her breathing hard and I knew, this was the time to start the activities. Slowly I moved my hands down to her breast and slightly pressed it. She slightly moaned. She held her head up and looked at me. We stared for few seconds and brought my lips near to hers. She invited me by opening her lips slightly and that was it. We started to kiss, as if there is no tomorrow and we were kissing hard and biting each other lips. We kissed for a long time with more intimacy and our tongues started to explore each other mouths and we were exchanging the saliva. She broke the kiss and suddenly turns of the DVD & TV and pulls me to her bedroom. Though she was alone she had a double bed with a neat thin covering on the bed. We could not wait for too long. I hugged her very tight and started to kiss her from her forehead, her eyes, cheeks, ear lobe and neck. Once I kissed her ear lobe and her neck, she was breathing heavily and moaning. I dropped her pallu and could see her breast going up and down in her heavy breathing. I just caught hold of her left breast and slowly started to slightly press it and took my mouth and bit her right breast on her blouse. I stopped and had a look at her, she had her eyes closed and probably enjoying her own feelings. I lifted her and placed on her bed and came beside her. I once again started to kiss from forehead, her eyes, cheeks, ear lobe, and neck and came straight to her navel. She started to spin around like a snake. I bit slightly on her navel and worked out my way back to her breast. I started to unbutton her blouse one by one. Once the last button was done, I could see her black color bra, which was holding her sweet blossom tightly. Ohhh, what a scene, I could still hear her heavy breathing and I placed my hands on the breast, which was still held in her bra, I moved around the two breast and I was very eager to put those in to my mouth. She had the bra strap in the front and with one snap I unhooked her bra strap and my mouth started to water seeing her sweet blossoms. Just caressing her soft beasts once and placed my mouth on her right breast nipple and started massaging her left breast with my hand. She moaned, “Aaaaahhhh and opened her eyes. She was expecting that. She looked at me. Smiled at me and pulled me up. She pushed me over to her face and placed her lips on my lips. She kissed me deeply and myself returning. We pushed our toungues into others mouth and twisted inside. We caressed each others back. Love, passion and lust increasing rapidly. Slowly again I started massaging her breasts with my hands. She hugged me closer to her. Her voice was unsteady a little bit and I became aware of her heavy breathing. She was moaning. She drew me closer to her and hugged me. I kissed them fondly. She was excited. I caressed her nipples slowly and they became erect. I kissed her neck. I could feel her trembling against me. After a little while she said, “Please suck them hard, Suck my nipples. I sucked and fondled her lovely breasts. She moaned with pleasure as I teased her sensitive nipples with my tongue and when I gently fondled her breasts cupping them nicely in my hands.

Then I showered kisses on her breasts, shoulders and neck. She hugged me and moaned with excitement. Then she said, “Raj, take your shirt off too. It is not fair if only I have to take off my blouse and bra”. I was happy to hear that and immediately unbuttoned my shirt and threw it on the floor. Immediately, she hugged me and kissed me.

With one go, I loosened her saree and her petticoat and she lifted her hips and legs to make free of those two and I threw them to the floor, which landed on the floor near my shirt. We were more excited and both of us were breathing heavily. More than excited, we were now exploring each other bodies. She placed her hands to find out my hook of the belt and unbuttoned my belt and trouser button and unzipped my fly. Our both hands were exploring to the extent and in one go, she pulled my pant to my knees. I lifted my hip and helped her to pull my trouser to my toe. We both now were left over with only undies. I wanted both of us to be nude and suddenly I came down to the elastic of her panties and held it my teeth and started to pull down. She cooperated by lifting her hip and I pulled down to her toe and took it in my hand and brought near my nose and inhaled the aroma from her wet panty. It was really a pleasant smell coming out of her wet panty. She had closed her eyes and tried to cover her pussy in one hand. I held her hand back and brought my mouth near her pussy kissed her sweet and clean shaved pussy. I gave a kiss on her pussy once again and my hands were moving under her thighs. I came back beside her and held her hand and made her feel of my manhood. She suddenly pulled her hand. I once again took her hand and this time, I put her hand straight to my manhood through my undie. All this time she had her eyes closed and we never spoke for a long time and all what we were doing is hand work and mouth work. I do not know, where she built her courage and she pulled down my undie to my knee and held my manhood tightly. I took out my undie from my knee and threw it on the floor.

She started to slight hold tight and stroke my thick cock and I was in the seventh heaven now. I moved my mouth to her other breast and started sucking the nipple and she again moaned. Now I started massaging her Pussy lips while sucking at her breasts.

I started to move down my face to her pussy constantly kissing every part of her body. Now my face was near her pussy. I looked at her delightful juicy pussy. I lowered my mouth and kissed her swollen pussy lips. She clenched the pillow with her hands. Then I took out my tongue and started licking her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and she moaned loudly, “Ohhhhhhhh! Aaaaahhhh…”

Encouraged by her loud moaning I started licking her pussy eagerly and she was now almost screaming, “Ooooohhhhh! .. do it. Raj Ooh! Keep licking. Aaaaahhhh! Oh!ohhhh.”

I placed my hands on her breasts and started rubbing her nipples as I was licking her pussy with my tongue. She was now constantly moaning, “Oh!… Oh! … Aaaaaahhhh!…..”

Kept on licking her pussy. She placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face deep into her pussy. After sometime, I heard her saying, “Ooooohhh! Wonderful, dear Raj, I am enjoying what a tongue, Oh! keep going.. Lick my pussy .make love to me take my pussy, bite it.. Oh! I am cumming.. Yes! Ohhh! … Aaaahhhh!…..”

I saw her pussy walls contract. I knew she is climaxing, still I continued licking her pussy Then she screamed, “Ohhh! My darling you have made me Cum,, Your magic tongue making me Cuming , dear Raj ..Aaaahhhh!…. Oh! ! I am cummmmmmmmmming…”

And with that her sweet pussy juices flowed into my tongue. I kept on licking her pussy juice and licked every drop of the juice flowing from her beautiful pussy. Then I raised my face to have a look at her and she was now looking at me with her eyes half closed and smiling.

I asked her, if she wanted to taste my manhood?. She shyly shook her head to say yes. I was excited. “I said to her, just like I suck your nipples; you can take my cock in your mouth and suck it”. She probably knew what to do, she just pushed me and made me sit on the edge of the cot with my legs stretched down. She sat between my knees. My cock was standing hard like iron.

She raised her hand and grabbed my manhood from the base. She started stroking my cock gently for some time. Her face expressions clearly showed how much she likes cock sucking”. Then she brought her mouth near my cock, lowered her mouth and took the head of my cock in her mouth. She started sucking the head of my dick. I started moaning in pleasure.

After sometime, she started sucking whole length of my manhood and now I started moaning “Oh! Ahhh. I got more excited started pushing my cock into her mouth.

She began moving her mouth up and down the whole length of my thick cock and now and then was caressing the head of my cock with her tongue. She also started massaging my balls. I started moaning more loudly.

She now increased her pace and started moving her mouth up and down more rapidly on my manhood. I lost control and could not stand it longer. I started Cuming off in her mouth moaning”! Do it harder dear…Aaaaahhhh!…….Oh!….Aaaaahhhh!… .Oooohhhh!……..I am cummmminnnng…”

I held her head and pushed my cock entirely into her mouth and kept her pressed. I shot my load into her mouth. She was still sucking my cock and I was moaning. After sometime, she raised her face. She had swallowed all the semen my cock shot inside her mouth.

She stood up and came again over to my face and placed her lips on my lips, giving me the taste of my own cum. Again caressing of each other continued. I started kissing her nipples. Her nipples were now rock hard. I was now sucking at her wonderful breasts and she was caressing my hair on the back of my head. With my other hand I had started massaging her pussy.

My cock soon got erected. I turned my head towards her and looked at her. She looked back at me and gave a sexy smile. Then with my hands I started parting her legs and She responded eagerly and moaning softly.

Then I got up and placed my thick cock between her thighs. My cock head was brushing against her pussy and she was moaning softly. I kept on rubbing my cock against her wet pussy. She yelled at me and told, “Insert inside, Raj dear, fuck me right now. I need that badly”. Not seen a cock for a long time.

I stopped rubbing my cock. Then pushed my cock head in her wet pussy. I saw my thick cock swallowing by her pussy lips. The head of my cock was in her pussy. I pulled out little of my cock back and again gave a deep thrust and pushed my entire thick cock inside her cunt. She gave a slight moan. I kept my cock pressed for some time and then started fucking her. Then after few strokes she started moaning loudly.

I continued fucking her and kept on going deeper inside her cunt pushing my entire long cock inside. I said, “oh my dear ..Aaaahhhh!……Your wonderful, oh dear darling. Ooooohhhh!…….” She started moving her hips and ass up and down according to my speed & rhythm. The moaning was filled in her bedroom.

I kept on fucking her slowly and pushing my cock deeper into her cunt. I felt my balls collide with her cunt at the bottom portion.

I slowly increased the speed and she moaned with pleasure, “Aaaah!…… ohh.. wonderful! fuck me. Oh my wonderful lover, darling …Fuck me..Oooooh!……….Yes! Fuck me, go deepper, deeeeeper…Ooooooooh!………..Aaaaaaaaah!…………Oh! Yes!…….Aaaaa,ah.aha amma. I laughed listening to her words and continued fucking.

I could see her breasts bouncing up and down as I thrusted my cock into her cunt. I lowered my mouth and started sucking her right breast, and started squeezing her left nipple keeping that in between my finger and thumb. With my teeth I bit on her nipple softly and she moaned with pleasure, “Oh! do it, … Aaaaah!……..suck my nipples.. My wonderful darling… Oooooooh!… Suck my breasts….Aaaaaah!.. My dearest lover, fuck man, fuck…….Ooooooo,ah!”

I started fucking her harder and fast now, ramming my cock in and out of her cunt. She was moaning with pleasure and cried, “Yes! Yes!…….Fuck your horny Rekha …Ooooooh!……..Yes, wonderful what a pleasure ……..Aaaaaahh!……….! Fuck me deeper… Oh! Fuck me harder ..Ooooohhh!………! Raj, Raj.. Fuck me harder deeper oh real heaven, darling. Go deepeeeeeer…Aaaaaah!…….Oooooohhhh!……I am nearing climax. I am enjoying…Ooooooh!……cumming…”

I kept on fucking her harder. My cock was going all the way in and out of her cunt while my balls slapped against her cunt.

Suddenly, I could feel her cunt lips tighten around my cock. Her body became tensed and she screamed “I am..Oh!…….cumming..Oooooh! Thrust your dick in my cunt deeper….Oh!………..Oooooh!….. Fuck my cunt…Aaaaaah!……….Ooooh!………….I am cumming….. cumming……….cummmmmmmmmmming.”

I too on the verge of climax pushed my cock and fucked with great speed. Suddenly I felt like Cuming off. I too grunting and moaning, thrusted my entire cock inside her cunt and kept that pressed and shouted “Oh Rekha!……..I am Cumming ….Oooooh!…..Yes! I am cummmmmmming…”.

Then with her screaming moan and my loud moan both of us reached wonderful enjoyable climax. Myself pressing my hips hard in Rekha’ s front and she too lifted her buttocks and kept pressed in my front hard. My cock shooting loads of semen like jet inside her cunt. After some time we reached normalcy. I collapsed on her body and her hands embracing me kissing me on my fore head. Both of us were very tired and exhausted, hugged each other and remained like that for long time.

After that moment we talked for sometime still naked. We lie on bed for 15 min. talking to each other and than decided too go for a bath. We bathed and had one more oral session and came out. We had one more glass of orange juice and came to bed and lay beside each other, hugging each other and talking. We had another 02 rounds of sex and we were really exhausted and tiered and we did not know what time we went to sleep.

Morning, when I woke up it was around 08:00am, I had to go for work, so got dressed and she gave me a cup of coffee. I hugged & kissed her and thanked her for everything and left her home to catch an auto back to my place with all the sweet memories.

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