Hot stories from a Tamilian in Bangkok

Hi I am Kishore, male aged 36 yrs now in this city of angels for the last 3 years.. any Indian female feeling lonely, and requires a discreet company can get your ultimate relief by contacting me. I can be reached at / / Even though I am married with two kids, and leading a happy life, my mind behaves naughty when in comes to question to sex. My desires are unlimited, and fantasies a plenty. As an ardent fan of ISS, I have gathered some courage to write some of my hot experiences which happened in my personal life, and I am sure this would interest you. Three years back, I came across a female of my age who introduced herself as Oviya, in Chennai chat room. She said she is a woman working in a insurance company, and that she talks to people about insurance policies. I enquired about the premiums and monthly payments to be paid, and later asked for her phone number. she said she would give, if I am regular on chat.. I forgot her totally for almost a week, and then sent some off liners to let her know that I thought of her. this made her feel comfortable, and she shared her number with me..

the very first conversation sent shivers down my body, as she had a very sexy voice. when I appreciated her telling that she has a melodious voice, she then said, that her hubby does not like it much. I told her that she must have been a singer instead of a insurance agent, and she told me to stop flattering her. I thought enough for the day. As a chat freak, I decided to send her SMSs and see if she replies. I decided that I should flirt on SMSs and therefore sent her some naughty jokes, and waited for her response. After sending the first one, I said sorry , I did it by mistake and she said its all right as its only a joke. I asked if she minds me sending a few more, and she asked me to go on. that opened our door. I requested her to meet me once, to see me and she glad fully obliged. Our eyes met, our chemistry worked, and in a few minutes, I began to feel her slowly. We started with foreplay which went on for over 30 minutes. we thought we should not go physical at that moment, as we both were still strangers in many aspects. A lot of caressing, cajoling and smooches was all that we had the first day we mutually agreed that we would not share this with either of our families, and this would be considered a gentle man agreement and secrecy maintained. Followed by this incident, we had one more occasion to meet each other in privacy this time we had a lot of oral plays and fingering which took her to all time glory, even without having an intercourse. The next meeting was the best, which I shall explain to you in my next email. any Indian lady in Bangkok, interested in a discreet pleasure may please write to me, and I shall be very glad to call you. I am sure you will not regret your decision, if you call me write to me at / /