She tested my patience

Dear ISS readers

I wonder always as to why did God create this wonderful creature called woman. Is she to be admired, is she to be worshipped, or is she to be treated as a man’s slave, or is she to be enjoyed every atom. This puzzle will continue always in me. Can someone enlighten me please ?

Any female living in Bangkok, please note I can be contacted at

The very sight of any desi female turns me on, especially when I am in an alien country starting to see my fellow citizens

It was a Friday morning, and there was a pop up in my yahoo messenger “Nandhini” wants to add you as friend. I was not sure, if this could turn out to be a prank or a genuine invitation. Anyways, I thought I would go the way fate decides to take me.

I went to my office as usual, and was wondering if my day would turn bright at all. There came a surprise suddenly in the noon, when she appeared online. We said a hi and talked for a while. Her voice sounded so tender and so I asked her for her age. Interestingly, she said she is just 22. I told her that I am 35 years old and married with two kids, and she said she has read my earlier postings, and was interested in a peculiar kind of relationship, which is described in the later part of this message.

She said she is from Trichy, and that she has come to her relative’s home in Bangkok on a 30 days trip. Her uncle works in a big MNC and her aunt as a part time teacher somewhere. She is idle at home from morning till 3 pm in the noon, and to kill time she was browsing the ISS site, and came to know that I am from Bangkok.

The tale goes like this..

She had a boy friend during her college days, who used to tease her a lot. She got into the habit of being seduced often, and was missing him ever since her college was over. She wanted to restart something here, as that is the only way she felt could keep her floating in cloud nine. She preferred this to happen in a country where no one could make out, and hence was keen to understand if I would be interested. Who would ever want to miss an opportunity like this. Though i instantly said a yes, I was anxious as to how she would look like. I told her to come to McDonalds located in a busy shopping mall. We met there, and she was convinced with my appearance. We took a taxi back to her home and had a quick shower.

She started putting her conditions one by one, The worst of which was that I should not indulge in an intercourse even if she demands. Is this a test for self control I asked myself ?. She allowed me to touch her only if I agreed to this condition. I had no choice, but to accept. I somehow had a faith that I could arouse her feelings, and hence said yes, though reluctantly.

She wanted me to run my fingers through her body, from her forehead to her legs, left to right, right to left, across, top to bottom, bottom to top etc. She was screaming in pleasure, and bending her body like a untamed serpent. I was getting bolder and bolder, and let my palm slide through her thighs, and her curves wherever they were seen. I have a crush for a woman’s neck and I planted a strong kiss by pushing her soft silky hair to fall on her bosom. Her soft and bare back was fully for me to graze. I kissed her for over 10 minutes in her heck and shoulder, and then played with my tongue in her ears – kissing and whispering romantically. She seemed to be in her ultimate of pleasures. She was just wanting me to do it for as long as I could withstand. Meanwhile, I am a human being too. My 6 inch dark tool was peeping to see if it could find a hole to hide. Poor boy was struggling to take shelter into a hole, but there was nothing much I could do to help him, except to let him dance freely.

I now came to her front side, and kissed on her throat. She wanted me to take both her nipples into my wide mouth at one time. I did it, and she was in her climax already. I asked her to see my dick and begged her if she can grant shelter to my dick, which has been starving for a long time. She said she will beat it if it raises its head once again, and wanted it to be put to sleep. I think she understands very little about a man, due to her little exposure to this kind of an act.

I was finding it difficult to control any further, and come what may, I decided to insert my long fingers into her bottom. She resisted, but in a few seconds she wanted me to put one more into it. My middle finger, and index finger were already soaked in her wetness. Without her asking, I put my ring finger now, and she burst. My hands were in a pool of hot water. I took it out and sucked my fingers one by one.

She rushed to the rest room and came back relaxed and satisfied. I told her thanks, and also told her not to trouble me any further. She asked me why ? I told that I don’t want my dick to curse me and make me earn a sin in life. She requested me to do the same for next few days, and after which she will gain some confidence. I was ok with this kind of a deal.

It was already 18 days of this relationship. I was feeling frustrated. She asked me if I would tell anyone about her if she did not oblige. I told her that it is a gentleman agreement and I would dare not break the promises, for the sake of pleasures. She said she likes this quality in me. It was her periods time for next few days. Once the 5th day was over, she said, she is all mine and wanted me to do whatever I wanted. I don’t have to tell you the rest, which is understood.

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