Friend Does A Favour 2

The story continues in hubbys words………….

Vikrant admired my wifes firm milky breasts with their rose colored nipples quivering. He took a moment to savour the sight of a married womans open thigh waiting for him. Shilpa was running a hand on her breasts and sighing sexy. I played with myself.

“Now Abhya your wife is going to get thoroughly fucked, when I am in her she will agree that she is a madi and will remain so…. a man can make a woman his and keep her and now your wife is my keep,” Vikrant said and stroekd her thighs spreading themeven further. Shilpas puchchi was glistening with the hint of her juices and she pressed her thighs together when Vikrant rubbed their cherry lips. Abhay took her hand and placed it on his throbbing lund. Sighing Shilpa began to rub it.

“And when I am through fucking her you are going to carryb her back to your home knowing fully well that she was fucked like a bitch” he said.Shilpa sighed once mroe and began rubbing his dick. Her bangles were jangling madly.

Vikrant spread Shilpas legs out flat and sat between them on his knees. Then he kneaded her buttocks and raised them slightly so that her pussy was directly touching his lund. Then grunting he started to mvoe back and forth rubbing his huge cock on my wifes cunt and trying to insert it. His hands were on her breasts kneading them and he was flcicking her nipples between his forefingers.

“Come on talk dirt Shilpa your husband won;t mind”

“Bhavaji lawakar ya war…. aai ga sahan hot nahi ata(please mount me I can;t wait)” she sighed and presed his hands. I had alrready stopped playing with my tiny member.

“Alo paha ghe ghe” he grunted and gave a thrust.Shilpa cried and buried her nails in his back.Vikrant lifted her buttocks in air and gave another thrust.Now I could see from behind his balls hanging as his monstrous cock was buried to the hilt inside my wifes tiny tight hole. He sat on knees and lifted her up. Shilpa raised her petticoat in air and straddled him. Then willingly she impaled herself on her tool.

Shilpa was facing me while riding Vikrant;s lund and her looks conveyed everything to me. She seemed to be telling me that this is how a woman should be satisified and she had a right to this. I had no arguments on that. She crossed her ankles behind his back and her anklest and bangles were jingling with each stroke. Vikrant was sucking her nipples alternately and kneading her ass cheeks brutally.

“Bhavaji kara ajun ahhh ajun ghala” (Brother in law please do me push deeper) shilpa cried and threw her head back. Vikrant withot breaking contact placehd her on the mattress again and started to fuck her shile supporting himself on elbows.

“AAi ga mele aho ahahahh” She was crying out loud not caring if anyone will hear. Vikrant continued fucking her hard for another 10 minutes and then he lay on her obviously a little tied. Shilpa crossed her ankles behind his back and pressed his ehad between her milky breasts. They started to mvoe slowly and then again buitl up speed. I was watching agpe mouthed sicne I had seen a woman getting fucked for such a long time for the first time in my life.

“ghe saali ghe ajun…” Vikrant was changing his positions constatnly so that theere was always engagement from Shilpas side. After some time he broke contect for a minute and amde Shilpa sat on all fours and started to fuck her form behind like a dog. Shilpa was facing me and I could see her eyes closed in ecastacy, her face and body dripping with sweat and the constant jangling of her bnagles as a giant ram continued to batter her puchchi continously.

Finally almost after 40 minutes of this battering, Vikarnt held her breasts and with a huge thrust and a dirty abuse to shilpa buried his cock inside. Shilpa cried out loud and turned her face for a kiss as Vikrant started moving and I knew he was discharging his semen in wifes tight pussy. He went on ejacyulatig for almost 3 minutes till the time my wifes thighs and backside was also showered with his cum. Then Vikarant got up and walked towards me. He wrapped himself in a towel and told Shilpa to be ready for more fucking. He ordered me to go out and get beer for us. shilpa was lying on her stomach a look that can only come from a thorough fukcing on her face. Happily I left the hosue.