BPO guy fucked me

Hello friends. I was never interested in sex until I started working. I found that all those who were working with me were couples. Most of the girls working with me used to date with men in our office. I was at first really shocked to see this. But later when my friend Shahidha shared her experiences with me. I am Meenakshi working in BPO, I have completed my graduation and started working. After hearing my friends experience I too felt like having sex. I had my college mate Ritesh who was a very smart and has dated a lot of girls. He has also asked my date but I have ignored it during our college days. He often comes to meet some of the girls in my office. One day when he was waiting I just went to him and had a conversation with him. It was a surprise for him as I used to avoid him during my college days. I got his mobile number and started sending him sms regularly. One day he sent me a message asking what I would give him on his birthday. I replied that I will give him myself. He called me after he read the message and asked me whether I was serious about this. I thought I would never get a better chance and said yes. The next day he called me and asked me to take permission and come. He said he wanted to speak to me. At around 11 o clock I took permission and got out of the office. Shyam was waiting down for me.

We both got into his car and went to his home. It was around 11:45 when we reached there. He then asked me was I really serious about the message. I said I cant wait for a longtime and I am readily available now. He just woke up from the chair came close to me. He hugged me tight and kissed my lips. I couldn’t believe what was happening and I felt like current passing all over my body. He took me on his arms and threw me on his bed. He removed his clothes and I saw his cock was stiff, long and erect. He laid upon me and kissed me tight on my forehead, then my lips, my neck and he went down. He slowly removed my blouse hooks and took my breast out and started sucking. I was in heaven at that time. I cursed myself for not accepting his proposal before. My nipples became hard and erect. I wasn’t aware of any positions but he very well adjusted my position to give me maximum pleasure I can get. He was sucking hard. And then asked me whether he can take off all my clothes. I asked him to do it and he removed all my clothes and there I was lying naked. First time in front of a man. He spread apart my legs and bit my cleavage and then started tongue fucking. Cream poured out of my vagina, he tasted it and then started chewing my vagina. I was moaning in pleasure. Then he inserted his dick and started fucking me hard.

This went on for around 10 minutes. Then his hot cream ejected out and was pouring out inside my vagina. I could feel the flow. We didn’t stop it he then inserted it in my back and offered a few more shots. He then made me sit on the edge of the bed and stood before me and asked me to suck his penis. I said that I would have been unhappy if he didn’t offer me that. His cock ran in till my throat. He started moving and I sucked it hard and after few minutes he started shivering and caught my head and was shaking my head hard. He was moaning and suddenly again the hot cream ejected out. Yummy. Mmmm. Cant explain the taste and pleasure I had. We both laid on the bed hugging and kissing each other for another half hour. The time was 3 o’clock and I got up from the bed and had bath. Shyam also joined me in the bathroom. Then by around 3:45 he dropped me back to the office. This happened regularly there after during the weekends. After that I had also dated with three men in my office. I would like to hear your comments and also your experiences. To contact Ritesh u can mail him at