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Hi I am Neel, 22 yrs old boy from Mumbai City. I want to share my experience of fucking two college girls of my locality. Both are just 20 yrs, studying 15th STD. First one is Reena, studying commerce and other is Purnima, studying science. Now studying in same college but in different classes. Reena is my neighbor, she lives with her granny as she is very old and her son is abroad. Reena is a very good friend of mine. She is cute, naughty girl and does not mind to talk dirty things with me. She is very interested in boys. She wears skin tight salwars, T shirts, and small shorts some time showing even glimpses of her panty. I was very careful in talking to her. Every evening we use to chat together. Any sweet teen female want to enjoy fun and pleasure or even aunty want to enjoy full fun and pleasure pl mail or im me at lovelyboy235[at]gmail[dot]com..One day on a summer holiday I as I was bored at home I went to her house to chat with her. I was amazed to see her door open and I slowly went inside. I could see no one in the hall and I went towards her bedroom as I opened the door I could hear moaning sounds. I was surprised to see Reena was sitting on her bed spreading her legs wide and with her head moving in all direction. As I looked carefully I saw her shorts and her panty lying on the floor I got more interested and went near the bed. She was in her own world. As I moved closer I saw she was fingering her cunt and a carrot lying in front of her. She never came to know my presence as she had closed her eyes while fingering. I was a bit afraid to touch her, but I knew it was the right time to get my desire fulfilled and slowly moved my hands towards her shoulder as I kept my hands on her she was shocked and turned towards me. She was dumb found seeing me. I smiled at her and asked her shall I help you in your work but she never uttered a word. I sat beside her and put my hand on her thighs and slowly moving towards her love hole. She was just like a statue all while. Her pussy was fully wet, I slowly rubbed my finger against those tender pussy lips she moaned but did not object me. Now I was convinced that she liked it and started to rub vigorously.

She was moaning loudly. I stopped rubbing my finger to her pussy lips and held her close to my body. When she returned to normal I asked her where is granny she told me that she was out for a function and return at evening. I now held my palms on her small lemon sized boobs over her shirt and asked does she liked my rubbing her pussy lips, she just smiled and saw down. I then started to unbutton her shirt. I removed her shirt an d threw it away. She was wearing a white bra. I removed her bra also she was just watching me doing these things and giving soft moans. Reena was fully nude and feeling shy. I moved my hands on her little lemons and began to knead them. They were really small as lemons. I said to her that she had small but cute little boobs. She was moaning loudly. I then licked her one breast while kneading other. I started with licking, then kissing, and then biting. Now she felt pain of me biting her boobs and the little dry grape shaped nipple. She moaned loudly. I changed to other breast and continued my work. Now I slowly moved my hand between her legs from behind and started to rub her pussy lips. Licking, biting, kneading, fingering all at the same time she was out of her senses. Then I moved down towards the love pot spread her legs and kissed those pink virgin lips of her. It was my first experience.

Then I began to lick them I was really enjoying it, so was she. My licks turned violent and I began to bite those lips and deep inside them. She was twisting like a snake caught to its tail. Her moans reached the peak and I could taste salty thick white honey flowing from her vagina, I licked it completely dry. I started licking her creamy vaginal lips forcing my tongue on to her inner flesh. She was becoming wetter By the minute, flooding my mouth. Reenas moaning and sighing moved onto a higher pitch. I told her to turn around and suck my cock in a 69 position. Reena agreed readily and swallowed the whole length of my pulsating cock in her warm and wet mouth once again. It was sensational. I felt my cum boiling in my testicles. She gurgled and pressed her face against my hard cock. I started lapping her pussy with greater favor and she in turn started giving me the blow-job of my life. Both of us were panting like animals. Chewing her dark pinkish pussy was a great turn-on and with a great shudder I released my hot load on her pretty face. She also came at that very moment. My cum was splattered all over Reenas face and she swallowed the whole lot and also licked my cock clean. Relieved for the time being at least, I pulled Reenas beautiful naked body towards me and buried my head between her magnificent boobs. She whispered in my ear, ” Dear, I want you to fuck me. On hearing this invitation, my cock once again started to gain momentum. I started with gentle kisses on her juicy soft lips. Her hands were sliding all over my body and she started scratching my back with her long nails. Her erect nipples were thrust into my chest. I took her tongue in my mouth and started sucking it. She returned the gesture. Slowly my hands moved down as well and I cupped my hands on her quivery and naked ass cheeks. Any sweet teen female want to enjoy fun and pleasure or even aunty want to enjoy full fun and pleasure pl mail or im me at lovelyboy235[at]gmail[dot]com

I parted her big soft buttocks and felt for her hole. It was shut tight but my finger managed to enter the hot spot. It needed some lubrication. I turned her around; spread her buttocks, exposing her ass hole. I began licking her butt hole like a hungry dog. She was shivering in excitement. Then I started licking the area surrounding her asshole also. I inserted one finger inside her asshole. Proper lubrication of my saliva ensured smooth entry. Reena was moaning with pleasure. When one finger started to move easily, I lubricated another one and made it two at one go. A little sigh from Reena was the only resistance to an otherwise perfect entry of my dual-finger tool. Now the moment of truth arrived. She asked me to fuck her soon & I wanted the same. I placed a pillow below her ass & slowly inserted my protected tool into her dripping cunt. She suddenly screamed aaa a aaah hh hhhhhhhhh….noooo as it was pretty tight. Even I felt the pain, but started pushing in slowly. Her screams continued & I was still for a minute with my lund in her cunt, waiting for her cunt to expand to my cocks size. Then I started fucking her slowly & it was paining for me as her cunt was tight, as she had no sex for the past few years.

After a few slow initial movements, she asked me to be faster & I picked up my speed. She started screaming fuck….me fast & haaaaaaaaarrder. For the next 10 mins, I was at my peak speed & she came continuously twice. I could see some kind of satisfaction on her face & even I was ready to shoot. But I continued with the same pace & by now she had come thrice & was immensly satisfied by the pleasure that I had given her. When I found hard to hold anymore, I took my fully loaded cock out of her cunt, removed the condom & forced my cock into her mouth. She took it heartily & I came like a volcano in her mouth. She drank most of it & a little was dripping out of her mouth. I liked this first fuck of mine very much. Both of us lay exhausted for a few minutes & then she voluntarily started sucking my cock which she had done never before. She was a quick learner & had become a! N expert cock sucker in no time. I came again after about 15 mins of hot sucking & this time I shot loads of sperms all over her body. Then I ran my hand down the crack of her ass and rubbed her cunt lips from behind.

She was so wet already, my fingers slid right in her pussy, she started to move away but I pulled her back to me, running my hand up her stomach over her tits, pinching her nipples. “Thats just the way I want it, baby,” I whispered. “I dont want to hurt my little Reena with my big dick!” Moving my hand from her pussy, I pressed my rod into her rump and started grinding against her, she started moaning, grinding her ass back against me. “Was this what you were thinking about in class today?” “Yes,” she moaned. Reena felt the huge knobs determined pressure, and she held her breath as the labial circle yielded, stretching and expanding around the meaty glands that slid into her ass more easily than either of us had anticipated. She released her breath in a little gasp of delight. I watched her lovely face contort in a mixture of strain and pleasure. I forced my cock deeper inside the throbbing channel, grunting with the ecstasy of the wriggling muscles that gripped my shaft. “Can you take it all, baby?” I whispered. I was having to really add the pressure to drive my cock into that tight hole. Reena had fingered her way through the hymen ages ago. But it was still tight in that hot snatch. Tight and slippery.

Her arms drew me down onto her pointed tits and her ass worked eagerly, screwing the jaws of her cunt upward about his lengthy joint. I added another inch to the four already stretching her shuddering vagina and my chest moved against the strutted fingers of her breasts. I curled my hands about her shoulders, buttocks tensing as still another inch drove into the slippery orifice. I groaned, lifting my ass to drag the swollen shaft back through the undulating grip of her ass. The massaging of her labial lips made her hips jerk and wiggle in helpless response, the motion adding to the pleasure of my partial withdrawal. Her nails dug into his broad back, demanding and urgent. I started pumping her now, thrusting up her ass, squeezing her tits. She was moaning out”Im cumming. Im Cumming.. Fuck me harder.” I kept on thrusting, jamming my dick up her ass, she started bucking wildly. Reena grunted each time the prick speared her belly, her ass pushing up to insure the maximum depth of that agonizingly delicious penetration. She felt the juice-smeared balls slide against her anus, and her buttocks clenched as if seeking to trap those sperm-laden nuts. As the prick slid outward, flexing the muscles in an instinctive rippling that made me groan with ecstasy and fuck her even harder. My ass hammering fiercely between her quivering thighs. This time I shot deep in her ass”I cant hold it!” My prick raced in and out of the clutching jaws with increasing speed.

She fucked me back, eyes bulging with wonder at the increasingly powerful sensations that washed through her spasming cunt. Her mouth gaped, lips drawn back in a strained grimace of ecstasy, and her tongue flitted about in the red oval as if directing the twisting hunching of her quivering hips. She wiggled her ass in a vicious circle as she felt his prick, stretching her cunt with its suddenly increased girth, jerk savagely against the straining vaginal walls.A few strokes later I was cumming..”you like it hard. Hard up your twat”…”yes..fuck me move your fucking ass. Hot and wet, my cum bolted in her anus, bathing the hungry cervix and slithering through the greedy back opening.

Spurt after spurt washed over the expanded tissues, forced back along the passageway until it trickled sluggishly around the thick cock and down her taut perinea plane. Each wave of semen sent a powerful tremor through her well-packed ass, a tremor of overwhelming pleasure that set her heels to drumming against my tensed buttocks and her ass grinding furiously to milk the maximum from his hilted prick. Clutching my shuddering body, she bucked her ass up to siphon the last drop of milky sperm, whimpering with the intensity of her climax. I pulled my cock from Reenas still-pulsating snatch, pushing Myself upward until I hovered over. “Ohhh Reena baby,” I whispered breathlessly, “I should have popped that little ass a long time ago. How I fucked Purnima along with Reena I will tell you in my next story which began the next day after my bath Any sweet teen female want to enjoy fun and pleasure or even aunty want to enjoy full fun and pleasure pl mail or im me at lovelyboy235[at]gmail[dot]comI was coming out from the bath with only a towel as I entered bedroom my towel slipped and was all naked in front of a gazing Purnima, my dick was in semi erect state growing rapidly. She did not close her eyes; I can still remember that look on her face. She said nothing and immediately took my dick in her hand and then in her mouth. This was moment of dis belief for me, but was enjoying it all the same. She was a real pro at it. I lifted her up and started removing her T-shirt, she whispered lets go in the toilet as Reena might come, I agreed. I was hot and so was Purnima, we went in and I nearly tore her T-shirt, she was wearing a strapless bra and she looked a goddess. I was very quick in disrobing her bra and her firm breasts stood right in front of me with pointed nipples asking me to eat them.

Her size was 34D, 25, 35. I engaged in eating her nipples immediately while she was moaning. I then took her and gave a long and passionate kiss on her mouth, our tongues playing with each other. My hand was busy fondling her breasts and one hand was busy with her round firm ass. I took off her Skirt and she was in her thongs, a sexy thong at that. I removed the last piece of clothing on her body and there she was all naked in front of me, she had her bush well trimmed and she looked a sex bomb. I turned her around to get a better look of her entire self and I kissed her back, licked all the way down to her ass cheeks and her smooth silky legs. I came up and kissed her love tunnel, she jerked a little and then I made her sit on the commode and I started licking her pussy, she was making all sorts of noises by now and I bit her clit and gave her lot of pleasure. She came twice and then she begged me to enter her. I finally decided to enter her, but not without protection, so had to get my condoms from the room. I made her sit there and went to get the condom pack. When I got out of the toilet, Reena was standing right on my face and asking me what the fuck have you two been doing in there, come out right now. Purnima was all naked and so was I, we both got out and Reena was speechless.

She looked at me and planted a violent kiss on my lips and she was very wild I tell you; she nearly broke teeth or two with that. She said you assholes wanted to have all the fun alone. She stripped out of her gown and tell you what she was a stunning number. She was wearing nothing but a panty; her breasts were smaller than that of Purnima we kissed for a long time while Purnima was giving a stare. A scene to watch. I put one finger into Reenas ass and she jumped saying what was I doing and I asked her to relax and enjoy the show. After I got done with Purnima it was Reenas turn, I got her on all fours and penetrated her from behind, she was tight, much tighter than Purnima. She was yelling and abusing me by now and I enjoyed that to the core. Reena and I came almost at the same time and then I decided to get into Purnimas asshole .It was real tight and I had difficulty getting in, but after a while I did and this time without a Condon and I came into her asshole. We were all so tired now and we slept in the bed all naked one above the other. Sometime in the morning I could feel someone kissing my dick and it was Purnima again, she wanted to do it in the toilet, I took her there and we had another round. Then we three had a shower where again I ate Reena as if there was no tomorrow. It was 1 in the afternoon; we had our food and continued for rest of the day .

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