Fun with friend at consultany in banglore

Hi readers my name is Raj currently I am searching for a job in banglore coming to the story i went to interview there i met a girl named pushpa she was very short and slim with perfect figure i finished my interview and waited for her then she came and i asked her about the result and she got the job i was disappointed because i did not got then i felt very happy for her words and nature then i asked her mobile number first she rejected and i blasted a joke and made her laugh then we exchange our numbers and i left from there. Later one day i was surprised for her call and she invited me for dinner to her home then i went and we had some bla blah… Then i left after that we became close and when ever she is free she used to cal me but one day its evening their parents also not there in home and started to rain heavily then i stuck down there only and we had dinner together then she offered me her bed room and she slept in her parents bed room after some time she came back and wake up me and telling me she was scared of thunders and asked me to sleep with her when i went there i was surprised to see king size bed and i slept very happily all of a sudden power was gone she was so scared and came near to me and hugged me very tightly and she is 4.6 and i am 5.10 so every time she looks like small kid only to me then because of her hug .

I was tempted and more over she was so small she felt my hard on immediately and hold my cock with her small hands and shivering because climate then i pulled her little bit up and murmured in her ears u need hot then she told yes! Then i lifted her up and removed her all dress then i gave my cock and asked her to play with that then she gave a naughty smile and started to play then i ejaculated on her then i kissed that baby all over along with my semen then i asked to open her legs i was surprised to see .Her pussy also very small like her then i applied some lubricant and placed two soft pillows under her small butt then i open her legs very widely and to her surprise i pushed my dick very hardly inside her while kissing then i felt very happy at the same time i dint stopped kissing her then tears rolled from her eyes i felt its pained her and then slowly i started to pump her while kissing only then she slowly started to feel my strokes then i left her cherry lips and she was moaning very sweetly then i increased my speed then she started to moan very loudly but none can hear because its thundering a lot at outside then i ejaculated on her face and we changed to 69 position and whole night she had very big lolly pop and i had very small hole at night but i made it big by the morning by drilling whole night for searching of a heaven .hi if u like my story pls send me comments i really appreciate them and can get more incidents from me which happened earlier than this or for friend ship contact me on / /