sisters best friend

She was a very beautiful girl and had matured a lot in the last two years. Of course I am talking about my sister’s best friend, Kriti. She always has been the girl of my dreams, why I dont really know. I went away for college and decided after two years of classes, I needed a break and moved back home. I often thought about myself being with Kriti in some way and she was many times, whom I fantasized about when masturbating. Returning, I found she was not a geeky young girl, but was now a young lady. Both my sister Sushma, and Kriti had recently celebrated their 24th birthdays. I am almost 28, average looking, but simple, I guess would be the best way to describe me. I have never been part of the “In” crowd and seem to be more of a loner. I have never been real good with girls and relationships, but have had a few experiences along the way. In the first few weeks that I was back home, Kriti was at our house a lot and I had many opportunities to watch her. I started becoming obsessed with her and found myself inventing reasons to be near the girls or pass by them from time to time to catch a glimpse of her. Last week I was snooping around my sisters room. I didnt hear the girls come home and had to hide in Sushmas closet. I hoped they wouldnt need anything from the closet and wouldnt be in her room long. They were giggling and were discussing their plans to meet some other friends at our local swimming pool. That is when I peaked out of the closet and found them undressing and putting on their swimsuits. What a body they both had! My dick grew hard immediately and was pressing hard against my jeans. After changing, the both hurried out the door. I got to thinking about the view and looked around her room for a good place to hide some video cameras.

I had the idea to hook up a couple of small wireless video units that I could watch on my computer, after my major was computer science. I ordered four remote camera units from a computer supply warehouse and as soon as they were delivered, set up three of them in Terras room and one in the upstairs bathroom. Then I made sure that they were all connected to my computer network. For hours I would watch them with my new spying system, and enjoyed all the times that they would be in states of undress.I did find it strange that even my own sister kinda got me excited, but she had a body that was very appealing too. I now was trying to make hints to Kriti that I did like her, but I dont think she caught on. I wanted to have her, no, needed to have her, but how?Later that same night I came home to find both girls watching movies and drinking. They were well on their way to being drunk when I came in and they both thought I was going to yell at them for drinking. I told them that it was ok, as long as I could join them as I had a bad day at work.I kept them drinking and we were having fun. My sister passed out and I continued to make my moves on Kriti. I asked her why she didnt have a boyfriend and she said because she never found any guys that impressed her. The more that we talked, the more I found out about her. She was a lot like myself, a quiet and somewhat shy girl with my sister as her only real friend. I took my chance and leaned over and kissed her softly. She just looked at me and then we both started laughing. I kissed her again. Our lips were locked and I let my hand feel her breast on the outside of her top. Her eyes widened and then glanced away as she let out a soft moan as I played with her hardening nipple. I moved my hand to her other breast and continued to pleasure her. We repositioned ourselves on the couch and I slid my hand under her shirt and went back to playing with her wonderful soft breasts. I started to kiss her neck she shivered when my lips touched her earlobe as I nibbled softly. Again she moaned softly, enjoying the feelings her body were experiencing.

I slowly moved my hand down her body and softly ran my fingers on the outside of her shorts, across her mound. Her body tensed as she let out a little whimper. I started to rub her pussy through the fabric of her shorts and could feel that they were moist. I worked my fingers up the edge of her shorts and panties till I touched her wet moist pussy for the first time. After rubbing her for a while a pulled away from her and slid her shorts and panties off, as she took her top off. I admired her gorgeous body.I kissed her softly and then quickly moved my mouth down her body, stopping at each breast and continued down her tummy stopping at her pussy. Her body tensed again as my tongue touched her there for the first time. Her breathing began getting deeper and I could tell she was close to climaxing for the first time.I continued to tease her clit, sucking slightly and licking it with tongue till she let out a squeal and her body tightened up as she came. I quickly licked the juices from her, taking in the scent of her sex. As she was recovering, I slid off my pants and boxers and went back to kissing her and playing with her tits, and continued to stimulate her pussy with my fingers. I then moved on top of her rubbing my rock hard cock on the outside of her wet mound. She moaned and I slowly let it enter into her opening. She looked up, realizing what was happening and said that she wasnt sure if she wanted to go this far. I was too late; I needed to have her and couldnt stop now. I pushed in again going a little bit farther and pulled back again. She looked up at me and I could tell she was reluctant, not wanting to continue, but I could not stop myself.

I pushed my hard cock forward and buried it into her pussy. I started working my shaft in and out and soon her body was pushing back against mine, trying to find a rhythm. Her body wanted it even if she didnt and I kept up the tempo. She felt so good. Her tight pussy was like a velvet glove on my cock. I felt the familiar feeling of my own release coming and buried my cock deep into her as my seed poured out, flooding her womb. We both fell asleep, exhausted. I woke up and found myself next to her, and my cock was hard again. I started to fondle her pussy and before long it was wet again. I slipped my cock back into her and was getting a good rhythm up when she woke up. Abhishek, what are you doing, Kriti cried out. Making you my women I replied. I kept pumping my cock in and out of her hole and knew that I wasnt going to last long. Kriti moaned and then said to stop. I might get pregnant if you dont stop. She didnt remember last night. Again it was too late and I started to cum deep within her. She didnt talk to me for a few weeks and I didnt see her around our house much for a while. Then, she came to me one night and asked if I could make love to her again. What could I say, of course I replied. We have been together ever since for behind the scene fucking. We did go out on a real date, but she is afraid Sushma would not approve of her “dating” me. Time will tell. Do send me your comments at / /, ladies of all ages interested in a discreet relationship can also write to me at this mail id.