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She got excited & said “Then what r u waiting for,this body is yo! Ur slave now.”We then held each other tightly in the arms & began to kiss passionately.We kissed for 10-15 minutes then she said,”Ajay,make me Naked,Suck my tits they are hard,Give me ur cock.”I then pulled off her saree & blouse & there she was,Standing naked in front of me.I squeezed her boobs & she cried in pleasure.She unzipped my pants & took off my underwear.She began to lick my underwear & said,”It tastes so good Ajay”I said,Come on Anita,Suck my dick”She began sucking it & i was in heaven.She said”Oh Ajay,ur dick is bigger than ur brothers cock,It tastes so good, I have been waiting so long for it.She began sucking it wildly.I said”Anita how come i am gonna lick ur ass”She said,”I m ganna sit on ur mouth”We both went to bed.I was licking her wet cunt & she was playing with my dick.We were in position 69.After sometime she said,”Come on,do the real thing,Give me a nice shot in the ass,Fuck me hard with ur monster cock.”I said “Can u handle it”She replied “I want to get the things wild,I want to get out of control,Theres a condom in the drawer,put it & give me pleasure.”She was talking like a slut.I did what she said & slid my cock inside her pussy.She was pumping up & down my cock.She was screaming wildly.She was screaming”OH my goodness,ur cock is so big,Its making my experience a really painful one,I want it more,Fuck me harder,Make me scream with pain.”I started fucking her even more faster.She was screaming”Ohhhhhhh……..yesss, more i want more pain,i want more pleasure,Ajay u sure know how to get a woman wild,Come on give me more pain,i want pleasure,tear my pussy away,I want ur cock inside my pussy Harder…….faster,fuck me. After sometime I said,”Anita,I am gonna cum,Suck my dick”She went up quickly,thrown the condom away & said,”Cum on my face Ajay,I want ur vitamins inside me”I spit my cum on her face.She licked my dick clean.

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