Vidhi in Cinema hall

Hi, this is Vishal again. I am male mid 20, vidhi bhabhi my bhabhi she is 26, 5’2”. Nowadays we are enjoying sex a lot. We do try all sort of things to keep our wild sex life wilder. Rahul is our house owner’s son. He is 19 only studying in college. He is vidhi bhabhi ’s great time pass. Nowadays he has become like our family member. He is almost everywhere in our matter. We don’t mind his shararat. Most of time he loves to hang with vidhi bhabhi & vidhi bhabhi stopped put on underwear in front of him. He gives lot more time tome also. We go out together, drink, do party & he helps me getting young nasty chicks from his college. I described vidhi bhabhi ’s look well before. New thing I can say she put on few pounds & it added more juice in her looks. This is a story where I was not present personally throughout. Vidhi bhabhi narrated me this. It would be around 6.30am, vidhi bhabhi & I lied on bed. Vidhi bhabhi was wearing a hip cut black panty & a black short lingerie. I was in shorts only. We heard a knock on door. It was Rahul. I opened the door. Without saying anything he came inside, went to our bedroom. Good Morning. Vidhi bhabhi wished him with mouthful smile. She was covered with a blanket. He pulled the blanket out from her body. Still few things are there. She said seductively while squeezing her own boobs. He pulled her holding her both feet. Vidhi bhabhi moaned. He immediately took out her underwear vidhi bhabhi spread her legs for him. He then did nothing, lied beside her on his back. What happened? She asked. He didn’t reply. Vidhi bhabhi turned to her side lifted her leg on his belly said, something has happened. Have you been selected in cricket team? Vidhi bhabhi asked him turning her face to him. He didn’t reply. What happened? She asked again. I am not selected. He replied with disappointment. Sudip did it intentionally.

Sala jealous. He added. Sudip, I don’t know why the hell you knocked him that day but now things are settled between you naa? Do I know Sudip? Vidhi bhabhi was worried too. Yes you saw him on our college fest. He was sitting beside you when we were in auditorium. He replied. Mm. Rahul, he was wearing yellow shirt that day, isn’t it? Vidhi bhabhi asked again. I forgot yaar. He shouted. Yes, Sudip wore yellow shirt. He was flirting with me. Vidhi bhabhi continued. Yes that was Sudip & vidhi bhabhi you too were flirting. Rahul became little jealous thinking of that day. Don’t get upset, I think I can help you. She said smilingly. How? He got some hope. I am sure that street smart boy will definitely like to see me once more. Can you bring him today? No do call him & ask him to join us for movie. She suggested. Rahul was silent & thinking deep. Don’t think too much. Saying this she pulled him on her body. Vidhi bhabhi went to bathroom & Rahul went to his flat. He came back by an hour. Vidhi bhabhi was having breakfast that time. Rahul came with mobile. He called Sudip & talked some general issue for five minutes. Then Rahul kept on his speaker phone & said, tonight I am going for a movie along with vidhi bhabhi . Vidhi bhabhi is your bhabhi naa? Sudip was excited. Take me too, please. He requested. No she mayn’t like it. Rahul said. Nothing will happen yaar. I will do anything for you just take me. He was very much interested. That day you took her early otherwise I would have brought her to my room. He said playfully. Hey, she isn’t like that. Yaar, forget it. I know her since months, she never do anything like that. Rahul informed him. Perfect randy hai saali. Tujhe pasand nehi karti hogi, ek baar tu mila hum chodke hi chorenge. He said in very excited tone. Ok I will ask her & let you know. Rahul informed. Kuch maat bol, main pauch jaunga. Aur soon main ek baar baat karta hoon tera selection leke. Then they cut line. Rahul was happy as their plan was being successful. He clung on her again. It would be around 6.00pm. I came back home. Their show was from 7.30. Vidhi bhabhi was ready, she put on one black tight skirt which would be two three inch short from her knee & a black wide shouldered, sleeveless tight top which was much up from her navel keeping her belly almost exposed. She put on black matching necklace & earring too. She wore dark make up & lipstick. She put on one red short shirt on it & kept buttons open. Vishal, will you drop me at hall? She asked. I looked at her while thinking what to say. I am not wearing any under wear; it won’t be safe taking cab. She whispered. Won’t be safe for you or for all those young boys. I replied laughingly. She too laughed. I dropped her few meter far from hall. They selected a most bogus film where hardly any people go. Hall wasn’t that good too. I dropped her. Don’t worry, if I do late at night. She switched off her cell & threw it inside the car. I drove away. She found them waiting near main gate. There was no crowd at all. Only few people were there. The film was poor & that was night show in winter. She greeted them. Sudip is a student of final year, would be around 5’10”tall, fair, masculine & little raw face with long hair. He can’t be considered a goody, goody kind. Sudip measured her top to bottom. His eyes stopped just over her feet to imagine what could be stored under her skirt. Her gracious thighs were rich enough to lock any pair of eyes. Then his eyes traveled to her crotch measuring wideness of her buttock & again locked on her belly button. Her juicy deep pink navel made him hungry instantly. Then he ran his eyes over her braless boobs which weren’t much exposed but her shape was truly dick raising. He looked at her cleavage. They greeted each other. After long time. He said. Yea, how are you? Vidhi bhabhi asked. Am I looking too odd? She asked. Not at all. Sudip replied. Have you got the ticket? Vidhi bhabhi asked Rahul. It is available. Saying this Rahul started going towards counter. Take money. Vidhi bhabhi shouted. I do have. Sudip called him before he reach there. Rahul, can we book cabin? He asked. Why? Vidhi bhabhi asked. We will have privacy there. Sudip replied little shaking. It will be better. Saying Rahul went away. Seeing her dress Sudip was enough confident that this night he could slip between her legs. I am speechless seeing you. Sudip broke the silence. Vidhi bhabhi smiled looking at his eyes.

He was running his eyes on her body frequently. Rahul came back. They were having around 10 minutes so decided o have coffee. They went to a stall inside the hall. Other people were also enjoying her glorious skin & angel like body. No doubt she was the only woman each & everyone was eyeing. Vidhi bhabhi was confidently handling this kind of situation. She preferred to be little conservative there. Three four guys too were there in that stall looking at her inviting body. Bhitar le jaake dono milke chodega. One guy passed comments. Mere saath hota toh idhar hi chodte. Another guy said. Rahul became silent but Sudip thought to punish them. He started shouting on them. He immediately found one soft hand held his wrist. That was vidhi bhabhi . Sudip, leave it. Vidhi bhabhi whispered very seductively. That group was also in fighting mood & Sudip was too. Finally vidhi bhabhi & Rahul with the help of security stopped them. Ticket checker took them towards cabin. They bought some snacks. Vidhi bhabhi was getting horny while passing through narrow space towards cabin. While vidhi bhabhi was getting in, she found Sudip’s hand brushed her arm softly. She just looked at him& smiled. Ticket checker also checked her assets very thoroughly. They got inside. Madam kuch chahiye toh bolye ga. He said while leaving. Sure. Vidhi bhabhi replied. Inside cabin there was two sofa. Vidhi bhabhi sat at back one. Sudip & Rahul were waiting to sit on the same.

Vidhi bhabhi asked them to sit on front one. They did so. Vidhi bhabhi was silent inside. Rahul & Sudip were talking to each other & looking back frequently. Is everything ok? Sudip asked. Vidhi bhabhi nodded. They started having cheeps. Film started. After ten minutes vidhi bhabhi said, Rahul I made a blunder. What? Rahul asked. Both of them looked back. I didn’t leave the key for Vishal. He can’t get in. I have to go home. Vidhi bhabhi said in tensed voice. They became confused for a while. Can I go & drop it there? I will come back in an hour. Rahul suggested. He understood what vidhi bhabhi meant. You will miss the film. Vidhi bhabhi said. No problem. I will watch it on DVD. Vidhi bhabhi handed him over her key. Sudip was highly excited in that situation. Rahul left. Then it was silent for few minutes. Sudip looked back & said, I think Rahul will come soon. Its ok, I came in hurry so forgot. Vidhi bhabhi replied. What time does your hubby come back? He wanted to continue talking. I think he has already reached. Vidhi bhabhi replied looking at her wrist watch. Then Sudip offered her chips. I heard this picture is not so good. He said again. He turned his face back & looked at her big seductive eyes & lustful lips. Vidhi bhabhi too looked at his eyes. He then ran his eyes down. Vidhi bhabhi smiled & lifted her ass & slipped little forward. Then she crossed her legs. He thoroughly enjoyed her body movement. Vidhi bhabhi then showing him slightly lifted her skirt to get her thighs revealing. He noticed that too. Vidhi bhabhi , I am coming. Saying this he went out vidhi bhabhi locked the cabin door from inside. He came back in five minutes. Rahul speaks lot about you. He said looking at her crotch.

What? He says you people are good friend. I think he is in love with you. Vidhi bhabhi laughed & asked, has he said this? No. He replied. He is very lucky. Sudip added. Vidhi bhabhi smiled. He forgot about movie, turned his face back completely & talking to her continuously. Vidhi bhabhi looked at him & then leaned forward & took out her shirt slowly giving him all eyeful view. He grasped his breath & locked his eyes over her delicate, firm, big luscious boobs. Oh god, you have got a nice pair. He couldn’t resist anymore. Thanks. Vidhi bhabhi uttered seductively looking at his eyes. He couldn’t take out his eyes from her mounts. Vidhi bhabhi straightened her spine to give him better view. I don’t think Rahul is so stupid that he didn’t enjoy this lustful body. He whispered. Ha ha ha.vidhi bhabhi laughed like a whore. That means he lied. Ha ha. Vidhi bhabhi again laughed. She was definitely getting wet. She was dying to jump on his chest & tear his shirt. Can I sit beside you? He asked taking his head far close to her. Vidhi bhabhi nodded looking at his eyes. He instantly got up & came beside her. He took out his jacket standing facing her. Vidhi bhabhi looked him top to bottom while he was doing a short demo. He handed over his jacket to vidhi bhabhi & she took it from his hand very confidently & put it on her lap. He then slowly bent over her & looking deep into her lustful, drowsy eyes he hold her arm & pushed her inside. Vidhi bhabhi slipped & gave him space. He sat beside her. He was wearing a half sleeve shirt. They were speechless for few seconds. His arm was touching her bare arm. Then he started rubbing his arm slowly on her. Vidhi bhabhi understood it & looked at his eyes smilingly. She didn’t say anything just turned towards screen. He understood this bitch will spread her legs soon. He leaned towards her slightly. This time his arm was touching her well. Vidhi bhabhi then crossed her hands on her boobs, offering him better place to squeeze. He looked at her & slowly pushed his elbow on her waist. He started rubbing well. Their breathing became faster & heavy. Both of them were being restless. They Were looking at each other frequently. He started doing little harder. Sudip then crossed his hands like vidhi bhabhi & he pushed his fingers between her armpits & touched the soft base of her mount from side. Mmmmm. Vidhi bhabhi moaned in low volume. He heard that. He pushed his hand far inside & touched her flesh. Vidhi bhabhi became little protective. She pushed his hand with her elbow & slipped few inch far. He was not in condition to control. He wrapped his hand over her back, grabbed her both armpit & pulled her close. He found no resistance. He slides his hand & grabbed her melon. He cupped her boob. Vidhi bhabhi tried to concentrate on movie but she couldn’t as his touch was highly sensuous. Her blood flow became faster. Sudip looked at her face. He didn’t find any expression then started slowly squeezing. He cupped her total size & started pumping. Vidhi bhabhi started breathing heavily. He could feel her soft boob was being harder & erected. Her nipples were pushing her thin fabric forcefully. He slowly pulled his hand little up to feel her bare flesh. He needed to move few centimeter only to get his place. Her top was very low revealed her half mount from top. He licked it well. He was looking at her face to check her reaction. Vidhi bhabhi started moaning & breathing heavily with his every pump. Mm nnnn nn. Vidhi bhabhi ’s arm was showing little resistant till then but now it was very ease. He felt his move was working. He started squeezing harder. Vidhi bhabhi spread her legs & her thigh met his thigh. He then pushed his thigh on her. Vidhi bhabhi threw her head back on head rest. She kept her eyes closed & was moaning only like a bitch. He slowly started pulling her top down from her mounts. He was definitely taking care of her exposed skin before. Vidhi bhabhi looked at his eyes invitingly & whispered, Rahul may come at any time. He didn’t give ear & started pumping harder. Vidhi bhabhi opened her mouth in excitement just before his mouth.

She started panting a little & moaning, He found her sexy appealing juicy mouth is dripping before his mouth. He could feel her hot breath was showering him. He looked at it & slowly digs his tongue inside it, then slowly sucked her lips one by one passionately. Their tongue played for a while. Sudip holding her top on her waist pulled up & took out from her head. Vidhi bhabhi immediately pulled his jacket from her lap covered her chest. She locked it with her armpit. He looked at her gorgeous body lustfully. He couldn’t trust that he could undress such a angelic body so fast. Sudip thought something. He then leaned on her & took her shirt from her other side. He offered it to vidhi bhabhi . Vidhi bhabhi hold that & replaced jacket with that thin fabric. He holds her one hand & wrapped it on his shoulder. Mm vidhi bhabhi moaned. Vidhi bhabhi ’s one hand was still on her chest holding shirt firmly. He then bent on her ran his tongue on her hand which was holding shirt. He licked that well. Vidhi bhabhi slowly lost her stiffness & loose her grip. He then with his tongue pulled the shirt out from her chest out her total volume & started licking. Vidhi bhabhi then again turned her face keeping her mouth open & whispered seductively, don’t do. He found her lips very close to him again. He took out his tongue & ran it over her chin, lips & nose. Their tongue met for fraction of second. Then He bent on her boobs & wrapping his hand on her back He pulled her body & started sucking her boob. He was doing very passionately & slowly became harder. He took her in his mouth as much as possible, occasionally licking nipples also. They heard a knock on door. Rahul has come. Vidhi bhabhi said.. This isn’t Rahul. Saying this without giving any time to vidhi bhabhi to get herself arrange he opened the door found that staff was standing. He handed over something to Sudip. That staff saw her topless for a fraction of second. Vidhi bhabhi Immediately covered herself with shirt. He put that in his pocket. Madam ko kuch chahiye? Thanda ya garam. Staff said. Thanda laa sakte ho garam toh ab hum denge. Sudip replied laughingly. Vidhi bhabhi was sitting keeping her one arm wrapped on his back. Staff went away & Sudip locked the door again. What is that? Vidhi bhabhi asked. Her one boob was still out getting vigorous pump. Nothing. He replied laughingly. Then immediately Sudip’s phone rang. It was Rahul. He said he couldn’t come because of some emergency. He then talked to vidhi bhabhi . He asked, is everything ok? Vidhi bhabhi gladly told Rahul, she is fine & not to worry. She also said, Sudip will drop her at home. Rahul & I were waiting inside our car just outside of that hall. He then tried to pull her shirt out from her chest. But vidhi bhabhi was holding tightly. He then took out her boobs & started squeezing. You haven’t shown me what that is. He then lifted her one thigh on him, pulled her skirt up to her buttock & started squeezing her thigh. He then again held her both boobs with his both hand & squeezed. Show me. Vidhi bhabhi shouted again. He took out one sachet from his pocket & threw on her face. It then fall on her lap. Vidhi bhabhi took it & saw. Oh god. You asked him to bring condom. Vidhi bhabhi cried. So what? He answered. I will go. Saying this she got up & started walking out. While she was just in front of him, he grabbed her skirt on her thighs with both hand & pulled up to her waist. He slipped his tongue between her ass cheeks. He was shocked & couldn’t believe. He did that again to confirm. His tongue was meeting her cunt lips & ass. You were prepared. He whispered. He then pressed her ass on the headrest of front sofa. Vidhi bhabhi bent on that. He started squeezing her ass cheeks vigorously.

He slapped hard on each cheek. He sucked her ass cheeks vigorously then pushed his tongue inside her cunt & started fucking. He licked her clit too. Vidhi bhabhi was helplessly moaning mmmm aaaaaaahh yes. She then brought her one hand back & held his head & pulled inside. Sudip understood that bitch was needs more pain. He took her cunt lips in his mouth & sucked hard. I knew you are a whore. This morning I told Rahul. Yes I am. Now eat me yes yes she was dying in ecstasy. Then he inserted his one finger in her pussy & started fucking. Vidhi bhabhi with other hand squeezing her own boobs while moaning wild. Yeahh yea aaaah yes. Suck my ass. She was under his complete control. She started pushing her ass on his face. Vidhi bhabhi fucked his mouth harder turning her face back. She was grinding wild & moaning. Her soft tight butt stuck to his face. She was completely naked. Only her skirt was clung on her waist. They heard another knock on door. Sudip spread his hand back & unlocked while his other hand & tongue were busy fucking her ass & cunt. Vidhi bhabhi got no time to arrange herself this time also. Staff saw them in action. Vidhi bhabhi immediately pushed Sudip & pulled her skirt down. She then immediately sat on Sudip’s lap to hide her nudity. Bhitar aao, udhar rakh ke jao. Sudip said to him. He came inside & kept those bottles at the corner. His eyes were deliberately checking her hot, well sucked body. Vidhi bhabhi didn’t look at him. She crossed her hands over her naked boobs but hardly had it covered her huge voluptuous size. Madam ko aur kuch chahiye? He asked standing beside him. Sudip hugged her & said, madam kojo chahiye mil raha hai, aab tum jao. He then bent on Sudip & whispered, madam ki chut bari aachi hai. Vidhi bhabhi heard that. Sudip laughed & started licking her bare back. You are right. Aaj phaar denge. Sudip said, aggressively. Aap lok iske bagal wale cabin pe aa sakte hai, isse bara hai,. Gadda bhi mota hai sofa ki. Le ke aaiye madam ko, main khol ta hoon. Staff suggested them. Want to go. Sudip whispered. Aaj sab cabin khali hai, darne ki koi baat Nahi. That staff assured. This is Ok. Vidhi bhabhi murmured. Hum lok idhar thik hai. Sudip replied. Isse bahut accha hai, sofa mein mariye, jamin mein sulake mariye, chahe diwar pe satake mariye, sab kuch kar sakte hai. Then both of them wanted to give a try. Sudip go & check it first. She asked him. Ok. Saying this Sudip left with Staff. Vidhi bhabhi locked the door from inside. She didn’t bother to put on her dress. After few minutes she heard a knock & opened after putting that shirt on her boobs. Where is he? Vidhi bhabhi asked that staff seeing him alone. Baitha hai. He replied seeing her gracious milky white exposed thighs. He then signaled towards next door. She peeked outside from the door, found no one. She took all the things from the room & went to next cabin. Sudip was sitting there. Seeing her he instantly pulled her shirt from her chest making her topless there. Sudip. Vidhi bhabhi moaned. She crossed her hands again. Vidhi bhabhi was standing. That staff stood beside her & started saying, sofa mein problem ho toh ek gadda jamin pe dalke mast se chodiye madam ko. He looked at her eyes & said with very nasty expression. Is mein bhi maan nehi bhare toh madam ko is diwar pe satake gnaar chodiye. He said again. Vidhi bhabhi looked at that wall where he wanted her to be fucked. Tum yeah sab karte ho kya? Sudip asked that naughtily. Choda toh bahut par aisa gnaar nehi choda. He replied looking at her crotch. Ab tum jao nehi toh hum bhi nehi chod payenge. Sudip said. He was still standing. Sudip & vidhi bhabhi both looked at him as they were in hurry. Main ja raha hoon, aaplok kijye. He said but standing there. He won’t go. Saying this he pulled her beside. He turned her face holding her chin & buried his tongue in her mouth. Vidhi bhabhi started sucking him. She opened her eys & found he was still there. Vidhi bhabhi became naughty then. She got up from his lap & stood facing him. Her hands were still crossed over her boobs. She released her mounts. She then squeezed her own boobs showing him her inch & inch well. She then threw her hair back & pushed her crotch on Sudip’s face. She then lifted her skirt & buried his tongue deep into her cunt.

He lifted her one leg on sofa, buried his two fingers in her cunt then he started sucking her clit. Vidhi bhabhi hold her cunt lips with both hands & spread. As the staff kept the door open, the room was lighted well. She started grinding wild. Aaahh aaah mmmm eat my cunt yes, fuck me fuck me hard, hard. She was vigorously rubbing her clit on his thick tongue. Aap darwaza bandh kiziye. Vidhi bhabhi ordered him. Koi nehi aaye ga madam, aap masti lijiye. Vidhi bhabhi then bent & unbuttoned Sudip’s shirt, took that out. She bent & licked his bare chest, nipples & ran his tongue down. Sudip felt fire coming down to his belly. He pulled her beside him & again pulled her head on his erected dick. Vidhi bhabhi turned her face after rubbing her face on his erect rock hard rod over trouser. I don’t do this. I don’t trust you bitch, nothing is impossible for a whore like you do it saying this he slapped her boob hard. Vidhi bhabhi immediately slapped his face harder. He did same his finger made a mark on his delicate firm skin. Vidhi bhabhi slapped him with her full palm in return. They stopped fighting & exchanged highly sensuous look while breathing heavily. Sudip then spread her thighs & pushed his two fingers in her cunt & started finger fucking vigorously. He did so wild vidhi bhabhi felt too much pain. She lifted her ass high & high. He increased speed of his fingers. Finally vidhi bhabhi with both hands pushed his hand far. Sudip got up & stood facing her. He pushed his crotch on her face & rubbed it over her chin, cheeks, and nose. Do it. He whispered. Vidhi bhabhi didn’t respond. Suck me honey, yes yes my shark is too good for your mouth come on suck me. He seductively pleaded while breathing heavily. They were in complete fire. Vidhi bhabhi looked at his crotch rubbing & pinching on her face. She pushed him from her face. It hurt him enough. He slapped her face this time. Vidhi bhabhi cried. He then unfastened his belt & in no time he pushed his jeans & jockey down. He then vigorously rubbed his shaft on her mouth. He inserted his fingers in her mouth opened it & pushed his 8” thick rod in her mouth. It disappeared inside. She giggled & placed her both hand on his lower abs & rubbed slowly. She became breathless as her mouth was completely filled. He felt a current flowing through his body. Then vidhi bhabhi looked at his eyes & smiled. She took out his dick from her mouth & took out her tongue & licked the tip of his rod. She liked the test & size. Her mouthful smile said that. She then slowly picked his dick in her both hand & kept straight pointed to her mouth. She then gladly started sucking. Although she gave him good oral but he was not satisfied, holding her head he fucked her mouth well enough. Two three times he buried his full size. That staff was still seeing their lovemaking. Vidhi bhabhi didn’t mind that. She did this kind of show number of times. Sudip then signaled the staff to go & he left. Soon that was half time. Before they get them arrange they heard a knock on door. All lights were on in the hall. They sat naked beside each other. I have never seen such a fuck like you. You are tasty. He whispered. Vidhi bhabhi smiled & turned towards him & they sucked each other’s tongue. They opened the door. That staff was again there. Hey tumko kya chahiye yaar. Bhitar aake baith jao. Sudip shouted on him & vidhi bhabhi licked her lips showing that poor staff. Sudip usko bolo aur ek packet condom lane. Vidhi bhabhi said laughingly while licking his nipple with her lips. Itna kya jarurat hai? Itne main toh hum bhi madam ko chod denge. Staff said. Ha ha ha vidhi bhabhi laughed teasingly. He too became nasty. Vidhi bhabhi got up & showed them her fucking dick raising body to them in light.

She took the bottles of cold drinks & both of them took sips & kept on a side. Vidhi bhabhi took a condom out while showing her full ass to that staff & put it on Sudip’s dick bending on his crotch. She shook it few times. It was still rock hard. Vidhi bhabhi then lifted her one leg on the hand rest of that sofa, she turned her face & looked at that staff’s eyes. She grinded her butt showed him every angel of her breathtaking delicate nasty ass looked at staff. She stroked few in air for him. He understood soon this lady is too dirty to deal with. He smiled & left. Vidhi bhabhi holding his arm pulled him to front seat. He sat on that. Then she sat on his dick facing screen. His lifted her hips, hold his shaft & guided towards her love tunnel. It disappeared in her love tunnel. Vidhi bhabhi took him fully inside. Aaaaa. She moaned leaving a deep breath. His balls smashed on her ass cheeks. She then took her hands back & placed her palm on his chest & started fucking slowly. Sudip gripped her waist & kept his body ease for her comfort. He hold vidhi bhabhi tightly. Vidhi bhabhi gave him good long stroke slapping his buttock with her ass, slowly increased her speed. Her full body started bouncing. Her boobs were jumping like anything. The thick soft, silk like skin of her thighs & ass also shook. Aahhh ahhha aaaahh vidhi bhabhi started moaning but not so wild. They didn’t continue much longer. He pushed vidhi bhabhi . Then she got up & kissed his lips bending on him. He slipped his ass forward. She pulled her skirt again on her waist. Sudip got the shaded view of her cunt towards screen. & she lifted her right leg up side showing him her delicate juicy cunt well she sat on him. Sudip pulled her ass up holding it from sides & brought her cunt just top of his mouth & sucked for few seconds & then released. He took her ass top on his dick. This time they didn’t need to dig it. His dick automatically found tunnel. Ohhhhhh. Vidhi bhabhi cried as his Dick entered fast. She then with both hand grabbed his head & leaned completely on him & started grinding on his dick. She was giving long stroke one after one. Sudip hugged her. Her boobs were bouncing in front of his face. He tried few times to grab those melons with his mouth. He succeeded too. Ouch ouch aaahh vidhi bhabhi fucked him truly hard while moaning in ecstasy. She was taking his full size in & his balls slapping her ass cheeks hard making sound. They continued longer this time. He then tightly grabbed her ass. Vidhi bhabhi leaning on his shoulder started sucking his ear, neck & biting his shoulder. She couldn’t move. He then started fucking her stiff body. He was lifting his ass vigorously, sometimes taking her butt a feet up. They kissed each other with passion. Both of them were breathless. Aahh fuck me fuck me aaahhh give your fucking dick yes, harder, harder harder aaaahhhh, give it to me yea, yea give me harder She screamed high & high. He too was groaning. Aaahhh ahhhhh. Fuck me in ass. She whispered in his ear. He slipped his mid finger in her ass & dig. Vidhi bhabhi again started fucking him harder. They both came instantly. They tightly hugged each other. Vidhi bhabhi delicately moved her ass to give him prolong orgasm. He too helped her licking her ear & nipples. They collapsed. Vidhi bhabhi got up from his lap & shaking her butt she came to back seat & lied on that sofa. Sudip, OH She screamed. You liked that? She asked while breathing heavily. Delicious, I can die without any grievance. Would you love to fuck me once more before dying? She asked deliberately. He got up & stood naked in front her lustful angelic body. She Lifted her both legs up towards ceiling & shouted a modified dialogue from a English movie, fuck me like there is no tomorrow. He was hard again instantly . He jumped on her. Bring one condom you idiot.

She said laughingly while hugging him & sucking his lips.. His dick was pinching her pussy mount. He stroked hard. Oh god. Vidhi bhabhi cried releasing her grip & spreading her legs & hands wide. Ha ha ha. Sudip laughed. Sorry, I couldn’t realize it would go straight in. He tried to pull his bare dick from her cunt. Aaahhh stop stop. Let it be. It feels good. Vidhi bhabhi cried looking at ceiling. He looked at her drowsy eyes. It was full of love & exhaustion. He pulled her one leg up & wrapped on his waist & ass. He started thrusting while sucking her melons madly. Wao. Fuck me harder aah haah. She hugged his face tightly on her boobs. Both of them enjoying. They were moaning & laughing too. He made those melons complete wet with his saliva. After fucking nearly for 7-8 minutes he stopped & looking at her eyes placed his thatch tongue on her open mouth. Vidhi bhabhi sucked it & said, I love those guys who doesn’t spend time wearing condom. You are a whore. Vidhi bhabhi laughed & truly laughed like whore. He was silent for a second & thought to fuck her like a whore. He got up immediately & knelt down between her legs. He started sucking her cunt vigorously. Vidhi bhabhi slipped her one hand under her head & pushed her head up & looked at him in action. With other hand she was licking her own cunt & stroking her ass on his mouth. He did it for sometime then holding her hand he pulled her. Vidhi bhabhi stood facing him. Tum kya humne diwar mein sata ke chod na chateho. Vidhi bhabhi said teasingly. All her words were making him more & more wild. He slapped her ass hard. Vidhi bhabhi screamed & then looked at his eyes with her open mouth. He took out his tongue & vidhi bhabhi sucked it like bitch. He slapped her ass again. . Vidhi bhabhi laughed ha ha ha. He slapped once more aaahhhh. She laughed again. He then holding her waist pulled her then pushed her shoulder. She fall on front sofa. Immediately she lifted her both legs. Sudip came to her front & slipped his two fingers in her cunt & Started fucking her vigorously. Aaahhh aahh She screamed wild. He then spitted on her chut & fucked her brain out. She screamed so high that staff came to check what was happening. They fucked till the film end in almost every position. They dressed & came out holding each other’s hand from cabin. That staff was standing on that passage. He smiled seeing vidhi bhabhi . Vidhi bhabhi smiled seeing him & gave him the sachet of condoms. He looked at vidhi bhabhi doubtfully. Vidhi bhabhi smiled & came out shaking her ass. All other people were checking them out. Vidhi bhabhi & Sudip both got into his Scorpio & drove away. They stopped near a stall & had some food. They didn’t do anymore & straight came to our residence. When vidhi bhabhi was coming out of her. He tried o kiss her. Vidhi bhabhi just got out went to his side. She stood beside him. I am expecting a good night kiss. He said. Not now, may be some other day I would love to kiss your dick once again. She uttered. Why not now? He whispered. I don’t think I left any sperm in you. She uttered licking her lips He then looked at the lane. It was empty. He checked well & found no one. Hey what do you want to do? I am scared. Vidhi bhabhi said laughingly. He then came out of his car. Lifted her with both hands & took her to other side & threw in the car. Vidhi bhabhi opened the door for him. He then again sat & drove away. He took her to a safe lane & had her for another hour taking her to back seat. When she dropped her she was not in position to walk straight. Can we meet again. Next week I am going for a trip to a forest alone with my hubby. Hope Rahul will join me. Vidhi bhabhi whispered while smashing her lips on his lips. Why not me? He asked. That’s up to Rahul, convince him. She replied & came back. When vidhi bhabhi came, I & Rahul were already at home. She went towards Rahul & gave a peck on his cheeks & thanked him. Her body was filled with smell of their juices. Vidhi bhabhi smiled & collapsed on couch. Mail me if you truly want to know what happened next week. Also let me know your suggestion.