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She too was totally in to it when suddenly she remember that this is wrong for her as she is married and I am her boss and pushed me and started to go. But there was not stopping me. I caught hold her from her hair and pulled her towards me. Caught her from back and started kissing her neck and ears. She was Soaking wet and looked more beautiful and sexier than ever before in the white nightie exposing her huge breasts, tight pink nipples and to my utter surprise her shaven sweet pussy. At this time my dicks erection was at its peak about 7 inch. I started feeling her breasts with one hand and her pussy from the other but in between was the nighty. She was begging me to stop and of no use. As the air-con was at full speed the room was freezing and she was shivering. I was kissing licking and feeling all over her body while she was pleading me to leave her as she was married and she does not want to cheat her husband. But I was to no stopping. I threw her on my bed and moved towards her catching her legs so that she don’t run. I slowly moved my hands upwards but this time from inside the nightie and felt the shaven pussy. My dick went more hard. Along with my hands I also moved the nightie upwards and with time removed it and to my surprise when was not wearing anything underneath thus making her fully nude like me. She was Shivering with cold… So I told her come let me give you some warmth and immediately gave her a tight hug. It was so tight that not even air could pass in between. I then began to kiss her lips with my tongue in her mouth and exploring it. Soon her resistance was over and she too started having the pleasure. Then I went little lower and had her one Breast in my mouth and I was sucking and biting it like a hungry dog while rubbing and pinching the other. She was moaning with

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