Allepey express a few days back

This happened few days ago when I was doing my Engineering course. I was on my way to Palghat from Chennai. Since I could not get a reservation I had to travel by ordinary compartment. Surprisingly it was quite empty. I lay on the lower berth, my legs bent up, as another passenger was near the window seat. The train had passed Jolarpet and I slept mildly. After some time I woke up to see which station it was. The train had reached Salem. A woman was sitting opposite to me. She was middle aged, slightly plump with good boobs and buttocks. She was wearing a semi-transparent yellow saree. She seemed to be sleeping with her hand covering her eyes. When I looked at her closely, she was looking directly at me. I was a bit embarrassed and I looked away. When I looked back again she was looking at my body casually. I noticed that her husband was in the adjacent cabin. After some time she began to feel sleepy. She could not lean to the side as there was a man beside her. Slowly she spread a bed sheet and slept on the floor facing me. My legs were getting stiff. So I let one of my legs down near her breasts. I continued in that position for some time. By now all the passengers had fallen asleep. I moved my feet closer to her boobs. I could see her blouse through her semi-transparent saree. The shape of her boobs was visible through her saree. With one stroke I pressed directly on her boobs through her blouse. It was soft and full. I could feel her thin bra underneath. My crotch was beginning to grow warm.

As the train moved, I felt her breasts against my foot. They moved to and fro with the motion of the train. She didnt seem to bother about my foot. With my toe finger I could feel her nipples grow steady. My heart was pounding heavily already. I rubbed my toe finger on her nipples till they were really hard. I reached for the other nipple, but it seemed difficult to touch with my foot. She seemed to understand what I was doing. she leaned a bit more to my side so that I could touch her other nipple too .I could feel both her nipples steady. I had a nice steady erection by now. After some time I moved my toe to her crotch area. Through her saree I pressed her crotch. It seemed a soft fleshy mound. From her face I knew she was enjoying what I did, though her eyes were closed. Then I moved over to her upper thighs and pressed them slowly. The movement of the train added to the excitement. Her body was soft and fleshy. My heart was beginning to pound loudly. I moved my foot onto her soft belly. I gently massaged her belly while my toe finger felt her belly button. I finally reached her cunt portion. I pressed my toe finger firmly in her cunt portion. This was the first time I was feeling a womans cunt .I kept my toe pressed there for a long time.

Then I slowly let the pressure go. I pressed her clit once again. This continued on for some time. I was ‘fucking’ her through her saree with my toe finger. She lay still completely enjoying the movement. After that I moved back to her boobs. But this time I chose the center portion with a thin saree between her boobs and my toe. I could actually feel her soft full boobs with my toe fully resting on her boobs. I felt her cleavage with my toe. I felt her round fleshy boobs with my foot. I pressed my toe inside the opening of her blouse .I could feel her bra inside. I pushed my toe between her bra and her boobs. I moved my toe finger to and fro. She seemed to be aroused by the movement. She moved further to my side. With my toe finger I slowly pushed her bra down. My toe touched her nipple area thoroughly. I felt my member moving to and fro slightly inside my pants. She leaned over to my side completely. I massaged both her boobs thoroughly with my toes. By this time people were getting up slowly. I slowly removed my foot from her boobs. The train was nearing Palghat. When the train stopped, I took a final look at her. She lay still and I could see a bit of her cleavage and full boobs through her semi-transparent saree. Later on I had a heavenly masturbation thinking of her. Today I am married, but I still think of my first experience feeling a womans full body. If you liked this experience please mail your comments to