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Tthis is sahil here i have this experience with my friend her name is later on i send this story in a mail to her than we had sex again in a hotel in delhi read the story and respond me at my id / / hi darling in this mail i will tell you what i saw that night that day first of all we met at your place than we went for some shopping we did it in delhi than in the noon we had our lunch together than after having lunch we went for a movie than while watching movie i hold your hand in my hands than i kissed your hand after a while you too gave me a kiss on my hand than i touched your lips i kissed on your lips you too gave me a long kiss on my lips i was very much excited that time when you kissed me than after movie we went at my room there first of all we changed our clothes than u went in kitchen to prepare tea for both of us as u went into kitchen i went behind you n i catch you from behind and i kissed you on your neck than i turned you towards me and i hold you d face and i kissed on your lips your lips were almost wet we hugged each other there for a long time than i picked u in my arms and went in my bedroom there we laid side by side on bed and i hugged you tightly u know you were wearing jeans and pink top and i was also wearing black jeans first of all i kissed you on your lips for a long time it was a long

Smooch than i put my hand on your pink top above your breast and felt the heat there it was very hot n big jaise hi maine apki top par touch kiya u hugged me tightly and i pressed your boobs above your pink top than i put off my shirt and trouser and i started to open button of your top u removed your top slowly and i was looking at your black bra that was very exciting and inviting than i kissed your boobs once above your black bra than aap mere upar let gaye aur maine apki jeans ke button ko open kiya n zip ko slide kiya dheere dheere apne apni aur meri trouser utar di you were in black bra n panty u were looking very sexy darling than i came upon you and removed your bra too than i touched your big boobs and pressed them softly it was very sexy feeling darling than i sucked your boobs for long time and long very much than i slowly put my hand above your panty and touched your pussy there your panty was wet already there than i put my hand inside your panty and touched your pussy sweetly oohh it was nice feeling yaar than u slowly removed your panty and i too removed my underwear hum dono ek doosre ki bahin mein lete hue the hum ek doosre ko kiss kar rahe the i kissed on your boobs ur neck ur arms ur belly ur stomach and ur pussy i put my tongue in ur pussy a bit n tasted the sweet water u than kissed on my part once n tasted it phir hum dono ek doosre ke upar aa gaye aur maine apke boobs ko press kiya aur lips par kiss karte hue apki vagina mein apna panis dal diya aur phir humne sex kiya than uske bad humne teen bar aise hi sex kiya aur phir ek sath nahaye aur phir ek sath sau gaye