Sex with friend at Pune

Hi everyone i dont hav any experience of writing stories but

ill tell you a real story of my life.

Im tinku from pune 20/m while doing my classes of I got a friend sneha.

As a best friend of her she introduced me to ruhi

Ruhi was also studying the same but she was having

external admission with pune university.

and she did not join any class and because of that i

Used to help her in her studies.

She used to come to my home regularly for studies.

after getting close to eachother one day she asked

me about my girlfriend and stuffs.

but i dint hav any girlfriend

After that she asked me have you ever watched any

bluefilm. I was shocked but i said the truth i said yes

And she left for her place. I was thinking about her for

the whole day n i got her call at 9 at night

At that time she asked me have u ever fucked any girl.

i said no and i’m virgin . After that we talked for an hour and decided to meet at my place at 08:30 next

morning because no one was there at my home.

Next morning she came at the right time guys she was looking like an angel.

she was in punjabi suit

I welcomed her and in return she hugged me

N said i can’t live without you and i love you a lot . I said

I love you too. She kissed me and asked me could

You please show me any porn movie i said sure and

While watching the same she was getting horny and

She kept her head and on my lap and was searching

for my dick by her lips my dick is5’’ long but at that

time it’s more than that she opened my jeans

zip and took my dick in her mouth and gave me a

Great blow job and had my cum in her mouth.

I opened her clothes she was in her baby pink bra and panty

Which was looking awesome on her a kissed all

over her body i mean head to toe sucking

I opened her bra n sucked her boobs

After that i opened her panty

She was having pink hairless pussy

When i was sucking she was moaning

Like pleaseeeeeeeeeee

Suck it more aahhhhhhhhhh

Aahhhhhhhh more n more deeper

Please aahhhhhhhhh

And she got her orgasm

And she hugged my tightly

After cleaning ourselves we had pizzas n coke

Once again our session started and we were in 69

Position she was doing everything like a professional

Cause she watched the bluefilm just an hour before

We drunk each other’s cum

And after that we smooched

Each other and hugged

After that she asked me for fucking session

I was ready for a fucking because it’s my first fuck

And her too

I tried to insert my penis in ruhi’s pussy but its too tight

After that she asked me do it slowly

Once again i inserted my rod in ruhi this time its in

Because she sucked my cock before

Inserting in her but she’s havin pain she said take it out i’ll dieeeeeeeeee

Pleaseeeeeeeee takkkkkkke it outtttttttt

But i convinced her it’ll give her pleasure after some strokes n she agreed

I fucked her for 15 minutes and she was moaning like oohhhhhh fuck me harddddddddd

Pleaseeeeeeeeeee sweetheart fuckkkkkkkkkk me aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And my cum in her pussy cause she’ in her safe period.

We were sleeping in naked position in each other’s arms

For 5 hours in between that we had two great fuckkkkk

In evening we went to university campus after roaming near main building she took me to a dark area

Near the main building and we had a good kissing and sucking session there.

But nowadays i’m upset cause she’s dating someone other.