Lucky with friends girl friend

Hi ISS readers, this is rocky. I am back with another real life incident which I will cherish all my life. It was after our final year m.b.b.s. we had been to Mumbai to write entrance exam for further studies. There was a couple in our batch, shilpa and her boy friend sagar. I was attracted to shilpa from the first day of our college, she was 23, had terrific figure of 37-26-38, flat tummy, killing eyes ( which i loved most in her ) and juicy lips. She had darker complexion, we would call her dusky babe of our batch. Before i could gather courage to propose her, sagar proposed and she accepted. I would always envy him for this. My exam centre and shilpas centre was same after exams we had to return by after noon train. After writing exams, i asked shilpa to wait for me so that we both could leave together for railway station. Exam was over by 11, train was at 3. I asked lets just roam around and go to bandra chaupati. Sagar had some other centre he had told that he will come to station by himself. Meanwhile i was all alone with shilpa, the day i had been dreaming for. I took her to bandra in local train, the train was crowded and she told that she ll come in ladies compartment and i am not allowed there. I told that she is allowed in general compartment and she smiled. Train was crowded, she had to stand close to me, i could smell her breath, she was too close to me. I thought this could be the day to bed her.

We got down at station and took auto for chaupati. We saw some couples just strolling away walking hand in hand. She was little disturbed to see couples smooching, ( it was all new for her to see sex in public ). We just sat there, i held her hand and said that sagar is lucky guy to have you, she tried to take off her hand, i said that u are my first love and looked into her eyes. I asked to tell frankly, did she ever any feeling for me. She admitted she had a crush on me. I went to buy some mangoes for her, i gave it to her and she started eating. I said shilpa, ur eyes are very intense i love them, she said thanks. I said can i put my hand around ur shoulders and grinned. She said ok but only for some time. I put my hand over her arms and pulled her and said i want to taste mangoes. She said she wont give and she wants to eat everything. I said i m speaking about ur busts which are like mangoes. She was little angry. Meanwhile her phone rang, it was her boy friend. I took the phone that his girl friend is very bad and not giving me mangoes. She took the phone and i said see he has agreed now i can eat my mangoes and took my hand near her boobs, she resisted but kept quiet as she was on phone and did nt want her boy friend to know about it. I started pressing it and swaying and pinching her nipples, she moaned. She told her boy friend that some thing bit her leg that s why she s making sound……. I was excited i was pressing this lovely girl in broad day light. She said to stop. I said i have nt tasted it yet.she said shut up, not in this broad day light. I kissed her eyes and smooched her and said wen u l allow to eat it. She said lets c.

We boarded the train and were suppposed to reach next day morning to mangalore. At around 1 in the midnight, shilpa came to me and said dont u want ur mangoes. I was excited. I said i want to…… She said then she wants my banana to eat. I said wat?. She replied ur dick buddu and strolled her hands in the blanket to my man hood. She started to squeeze it right there and it started to respond. I asked her to follow me to toilet after some time. I reached ther and was wondering on my luck. She came after 5 mins, it seemed like eternity. I closed the door and said u r hot and kissed her beautiful eyes. I put my hands around her waist and started to eat her juicy lips and bit it, she had lipstick which i ate. I really loved the taste of her lipstick. I kept smooching her, she said doesnt i want mangoes. I said how i can forget that, and dug my face into her full breasts and bit it on her clothes, she said not to bite her clothes, i put my hand in her top and wow…… There was no bra. …. I said y no bra. She said to make an easy access for me. I started suckin her breast and other breast in my hand. Slowly i removed her top and saw her amazing, firm boobs and i guided her hand on my dick. She unzipped me and said its great. I was sucking her breasts and said she wants to tast my banana. I winked at her and asked her to go ahead. She started to lick it and pushed its foreskin back and started to suck it. I asked if its better than her boy friends. She said he is one duffer and has never indulged in this kind of things. I was happy to hear that. I came out in her mouth. All this time i was squeezing her tight boobs. She told that we can not do more than this here and said to wear clothes. We parted after smooching each other. Later i fucked her in her own house. That story i l post later. Please send ur comments on