Hot sensual massage

Hi all the readers of hot stories. I will first of all like to thank all the females and males also who gave there feed back and enjoyed reading my story. This story is about my sex encounter with a hot, mature, sexy lady Anita (not real name) please do write and comment about how you liked this escapade and all horny ladies if interested in getting real hot sensuous massage before i lick and suck your cunt and make u ride on my 8 inch big hard juicy dick can mail me on / / so here i am back again with a new hot story which happened after i wrote about my story (sex with my office colleague) i got lot of mails from lot of ladies but one of the ladies (Anita) and me started exchanging mails after that. I was very pleased to know that she liked and enjoyed my story. We started exchanging mails with hi hellos and than with more hot stuff and one fine day exchanged our phone numbers and than started our chit chat about all the things. She was real hot and sometimes when we had phone sex she used to be out of control and all the voices of ummm and ummphhs used to make me real hot and horny. One fine day that is 13th of march i got call from her and she asked me if we can meet. 13th unlucky date but lucky for me (lucky) as is my name. We decided to meet at one of the hotels in pune and i was there at exact 3 pm. I never wanted to loose the opportunity to meet a hot lady like anita. Guys you cant believe what hot female she was. She was wearing black saree and that complimented her complexion. She was 36 – 28 – 36 looking real sex goddess and with such a nice smile she came near me and we hugged each other and planted a kiss on cheeks as we were lost lovers and meeting after long time. I didn’t wanted to leave her but due to public place we had to. We ordered for coffee and some snacks and started talking about our lives our spouses and kids and whatever we could and than our talk went to our sex talks and she admitted that i made her real horny and hot while i spoke to her on phone and as today her hubby was not at home so she decided to meet me. According to her this was the first time she was meeting any other guy. We finished our coffee and i asked her if she would like to come to my flat as no one was staying there and to my good luck she agreed and we went to my place. As soon as we entered and closed the door behind us we two were again in each others arms holding each other in tight hug and kissing each other our tongues exploring each others mouth and saliva being exchanged.

I took her in my arms and carried her to my bed and after making her comfortable i came on her and again we got lost in each other. I never wanted to hurry and wanted to enjoy this real hot lady, so decide that i wont go in hurry and decided to give her sensual massage. She agreed and said whatever i like we will do. Friends i slowly slowly took her saree off her beautiful curvy body. Now she was in her blouse and petticoat and she asked me to take off my clothes and than she will allow me to take her rest of clothes. I agreed and she helped me out of my clothes and was amazed to see mine tool. Now i started removing her clothes one by one and kissin and suckin and lickin on the parts which were without clothes. She was enjoying it to the extent and once she was in her birth dress like me we hugged and kissed and licked and sucked and than i excused myself and went and got oil bottle and asked her to lie down facing bed. What a hot arse she was having how i controlled myself god knows and i started giving her massage started with her foot and than goin up slowly slowly and when i reached her inner thighs her breath and her ummms and ummmphs were so loud that i got frightened that some neighbour would come to enquire what is going on. She realized after i asked her to control and she now put bed sheet corner in her mouth and was biting it. I started to massage her inner thighs and in-between i used to kiss her back her bums and gave her little bites on her waist and legs. Her love juices were flowing like river and the there was wet spot on bed sheet. She asked me to stop massaging and fuck her as she is unable to control. But as i told u i wanted to enjoy with this hottty so i continued with my sensual strokes and in between started to finger her well lubricated hot pussy and i kept on teasing her for some time with inserting my finger and she came twice till this time than i started with a tongue fuck and started licking her clit real hard and with deep strokes and she came all over my face. Now i went to her back and massaged her there and than on shoulders and than i asked her to turn around so that i can apply oil on her front side.

She was totally relaxed by now and as she turned around i started by kissing her and pressing her boobs and twitching her nipples and than sucking them real hard. Than i came to her tummy and started massaging her and in-between with long strokes i started playing with her cunt and inserted my finger deep in her love hole. She was unable to control now and she asked me to fuck her. I took my dick to her mouth and asked her to give real good suck to it and massage it and she gave me a wonderful blowjob can’t describe it in words. You wont believe it was for the first time in her marriage of 10 yrs she sucked a cock and got her cunt finger fucked or tongue fucked. Now i started with holding her legs high and placing a fat pillow under her bums and with teasing her pussy by rubbing my hard juicy dick on her cunt lips and tha in one stroke i entered her wet hot juicy pussy. Now she started matching my strokes. We both came together and our mixed juices started flowing from her cunt in loads and loads. Both of us got real tired after this shot and rested holding each other and than after an hour when she touched and held my dick and started massaging it. My dick started to regain its youth and wanted to fuck her real hard i asked her to come in doggy style and entered her juicy love hole from behind and pumped her real hard. We enjoyed that day for around 5 hours and now am waiting for her husband to again go on tour which he is going on 22nd. This time am going fuck her nice hottt arse. Let me know how you liked this story and feel free to contact me.