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I always browse erotic content. I once found a site where i met a married lady of age 28, wife of engineer and mom of a kid. We exchanged pics. She was a homely looking wife with sexy boobs and body. The moment i saw her i wanted her. I was virgin at that time.

We decided to kill others sex urge as she was not satisfied by her hubby ( thanx to him ). We met at a temple nearby. we chatted for few hrs. I suddenly put my palm inside her blouse without get notice by anybody. She too reacted by pressing my dick.

We did like that for some. She said ” Dai eppoda panalam ” I said ” Nee sollu” . She said “Nalla amukara da. nan un thing a kadicha enna panava” . I said “nan un pundaya kadipen “. she said ” appo vara friday vanthu kadi”. She gave her address.

Till friday i had phone sex with her. I already read kamasutra. So im well versed in positions. The DAY came. I came to her house. There nobody was there. She was wearing only saree. Mind guys oly saree. Nothing else.

She closed the door and hugged me. I started to press her boobs hard and french kissed her. She said ” dai bedroom ku va.” “enga venam”

I carried her to the bed room and started stripping her. She too stripped me. Both were nude. I started oral sex by sucking her nipples. She was moaning like anything and saying my name. I shifted to another boobs. Then i came down.

Wow she had a nice bush. I entered the bush and i sucked her pussy. I licked he lot. Water came from her pussy. I dranked it and I appled the same in her nippled and ducked her tits again.

All the time she was moaning like a bitch. I applied jam inside her pussy and licked nicely. She said ” dai podhum. matter pannu da. pls da kollada. en purushan ippo vandhutu van seekiram pannu” . I said wait darling. She pushed me and came on me and gave a perfect blow job.

I was bout to enter pussy. But the phone rang which declared that her hubby on the way. She immediatly sucked my cock like anything and she commanded for 69 position. She asked me to leave as she feared of her hubby. I left her house without losing my virginity.

After that we had many orel sex. She said Im giving nice pleasure in oral sex than physical intercouse by her hubby.

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