Hot Sex with my friends wife

Hi! Readers I’m Vineeth from Hyderabad back again. I was really glad to get a good response to my previous experience. This is another real experience I want to share with you guys. My friend Srinivas wife Priya occurred a couple of years ago. She was about 28 yrs old married to my friend, who is business man. After so many months of his marriage he met me accidently and he told me to come to his house. I told ok and left to his house. He welcomed inside the house & told me sit in sofa. After some time one beautiful lady came out of the Kitchen. I cant believe it. She is gorgeous. I cant take off my eyes on here. From that day onwards I have kept touch with them.

We became so close that sometimes she would call me & flirt with me as if she is kidding around with me. I took in my stride thinking that she needed some emotional pathway to vent her frustration out. I was also flirting with her & going through the motion to make sure she feels ok. Sometimes after the call, I used to think about her & wondered whether she is innocent or has any ulterior motive.

One fine morning she called me on my cell that really shook me from the ground. She said that I need to come to their place immediately to ensure that my friend & their daughter are leaving to their village, when I went to her house my friend and his daughter are ready to leave, my friend told me to take care of his wife I told its ok I will take care. Since my friend felt that she is a disturbance for him & wanted him to be in village to his parents place until his mother would recover. She was really upset about this & said that she is not willing to go to the village & that my friend will drop her & come back within a week. She requested me to talk to my friend & convince him not to do the same.

I was flabbergasted at the way things were shaping up & called up my friend. I tried my best to convince him to see our viewpoint but to no avail. Finally, it was decided & I went to their house & picked them up & dropped them at the bus stop. After they left Priya & myself were going back on my bike. That’s when she hugged me & started crying over my shoulder. She was really missing her baby. I felt sympathetic towards her & consoled her to the best of my ability.

Surprisingly, in that moment of consolation, I could smell her hair & I was feeling ecstatic. I controlled my feelings & went on doing my job. We went to our house & parked my bike. I didn’t talk to her much through out the journey; she was also in a very pensive mood. Priya is a sweet lady, she has 35-25-38 figure, very fair & beautiful and sharp features. She is very attractive to look at & had a dimple in her cheek whenever she smiled. It was really fascinating for me since most of the time we used to talk about things that were particular to the case. I didn’t notice her physical faculties that much. Especially, her night gown was a killer, there was no way I could guesstimate her figures with that gown. We went to their apartment & I told her that i’ll meet her tomorrow afternoon. She put on a forlorn face & asked if I could spend some time with her.

I acceded to her request & we both went into the apartment. For the first half-an-hour it was uneventful, we talked about some unrelated topic. She got up from the couch & said she needs to change & she’ll cook something for both of us. I liked the idea since she was an awesome cook. She went into the kitchen & I switched on the TV and after 10 min. She let out a shriek. I rushed into the kitchen to find out what was amiss. I asked her what happened & she told me that there was a roach behind the kitchenette.

She changed herself into a pink colored chiffon saree, which I didn’t realize until I saw her in the kitchen. I told her not to worry & i’ll take care of it & asked her where she last saw the roach. She pointed out at the back of the kitchenette. I tried removing the kitchenette, which was heavy beyond my expectations & she offered help to move it aside. During the move our bodies touched & she gave me a weird smile. I could see the folds in her abdomen & could see her silhouette from the side. It really made my cock to stretch itself. I tried to control myself & focused on the job in hand. We bumped each other again, this time her pallu fell down, she gave me a sly look & looking at her tits was too much for me. I was pressing crotch against the kitchenette to conceal the erection. I was wearing sweats & it was more visible now.

I guess it was so obvious, she put her hand right where my crotch is pressing against the kitchenette & started pulling it. I figured she is really up to something & immediately moved away from there. She didn’t care about her pallu & asked me where I was going. While talking to me she was directly looking at my crotch & had a sexy smile on her face. To instigate her further, I moved my hand on my cock & adjusted the position of my balls. To this she reacted by opening her mouth & sticking her tongue out.

Now I realized she is really hot for me. I told her that we need to swap our positions around the kitchenette to do a better job. She obediently accepted my order. While she was crossing me, I pushed my crotch into her soft ass cheeks. She stopped suddenly & said “is this good enough? “. I said, sure why not, this is perfect & we both laughed. While laughing I held her waist with one hand & placed my hand on her shoulder. She said move the kitchenette.

Not me I said, how about we do both simultaneously. I was growing wild & crazy with her soft ass cheeks rubbing on my cock. She said “first take care of the roach & then i’ll take care of you” I said “ the roach is right here in between us, will take care of that”. She laughed & said, “I know that roach, it’s really driving me nuts”. As she was saying this, I started rubbing my cock on her ass & massaging her waist & slowly moving up to her breasts. She let out a whispering moan & said “this is a nice roach! Mmmmm! You are driving me crazy Vineeth!” “Well, that’s my intention too!” I said. She turned around with closed eyes & I seeing the opportunity dig my cock into her crotch.

She said “my! My! Are we hot today or what?” I told her this is just a beginning of ecstasy for us. I planted a kiss on her pouted lips. She responded ever slowly by opening her lips & allowing me to enter her. I pinned her to the kitchenette & took her in my arms & kissed her deeply. She responded very well. The greatest thing she did while we were kissing was, she opened to crotch & allowed mine to get closer to her & pushed her towards. I know I’m a good kisser, many girls told me before about my talent. I teased her by first inserting my tongue in her mouth & then slowly moved it out. She took the bait & held my tongue with her teeth softly & was massaging my hair & pulled my head towards her. I pulled my tongue out & her tongue followed mine into my mouth & I started sucking it. She was letting out low decibel moans to seduce me further. Then I sucked her lower lip & entered her again with my tongue. She was happy with my kissing capabilities & said, “Boy! You are a real good kisser!” I answered her “wait until I eat your pussy, then you’ll know the power of my tongue”. She replied, “how about… I can’t wait, oh! Come on Vineeth! Take me now… right now!”

I lifted her by her waist, while kissing her & took her to the bedroom. I gently put her on the mattress & made her lie down on the mattress & I went on top of her. I slowly started kissing her cheeks, neck & then came down to her tits. Her pallu was already gone & I started squeezing her boobs slowly. She muttered something that got lost in the translation & I ripped open her blouse & the hooks went flying. It was too much for her & she looked at me wide-eyed & said “I’m all yours dear! Take your time” I smiled at her & unhooked the bra. The two mango-shaped breasts came lose & I started kneading them & slowly moved to her navel.

She arched her back to give me more of herself & fell down on the mattress. I was tickling her navel with my tongue & she was wriggling in my grip. I held her by her boobs & pinned her down. I removed her saree folds with my teeth, which must have tickled her & she laughed. I removed her saree & petticoat. I think the best part of sex is in stripping your partner. I like it every time. Ladies, please keep in mind! I’ll unwrap you like a precious gift slowly, gently, teasingly.

I removed her g-string with my fingers & saw her pussy very wet & hot. Fortunately for me, her pussy was clean shaven. I like clean shaven cunts. They are more fun to eat. I quickly undressed myself & looking at my cock, she was excited & let out a yelp. I knelt down in front of her & she willingly spread her legs for me. I slowly inserted my middle finger into her cunt. She let out a low groan & instantly found her g-spot on the top wall of her hot ‘n wet pussy.

I started scratching it very slowly & she started wriggling & calling out my name with oohhs & aaaaahhhhs! I placed my tongue on her red swollen clit & started nibbling it. I started increasing the speed of my activity, she was responding the same way. Now I had complete control over her. She was my girl now. She came 3 times in 10 minutes. If any ladies are reading this, you got to give a chance to do this to you. You’ll love me for the rest of your life. Trust me on this. I’m really very good at this.

She was so tired at the end of it, she needed a break. I looked at her with a pitiable face & requested her to give me a blowjob. She kissed me & asked me to lie down. I obeyed her & then she gave a fantastic blowjob. She started at the tip of my cock & slowly slid her tongue to the bottom of the shaft & on to my balls. It was rapturous. I raised my head & looked at her & she winked at me & said, “Do you like it?” I sure do Priya was my reply. After some 5 min, I asked her to ride me. She was new to these positions. My friend was monotonous with just the missionary position.

She rode me for 10 minutes & she came one more time. I was massaging her breasts & giving a rubdown of her abdomen & ass-cheeks. By this time, she was so wet, my cock was sliding out of her cunt every time she takes a long stroke. She was throbbing. I got up, lifted her up while my dick was in her pussy & laid her on the mattress & we went missionary style. I was like a bullet train, going so fast with small strokes. She was like unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! & after 4-5 min. Of super fast fucking, I came in her. I was almost out of breath & she looked at me with a satisfied face.

I fucked her for at least 3 times that night & for the rest of the week at least 3 times a day. After that I fucked her in kitchen once when my friend was taking his bath. Any girls, unsatisfied aunties, want a good fuck please email me at / / I promise ill show u good time & I will promise that I will maintain 100% secrecy.