Hi folks I am back with the uncompleted story of Me and My Priya-1. After finishing our 2 session we both hit the bed and were lying down naked I could see Namratha the daughter of Priya was putting her fingers in her pussy and trying to arouse her self. I did not know what had hit me and Priya. WE just dozed off .Suddenly I could feel something near my mouth and I just took my hand and tried to shoo it away thinking it to be a mosquito but it was more than that. I could feel something more and slowly opened my eyes and there I saw Namratha thrusting her pussy into my mouth since she was already exited by seeing me and Priya in our marathon act. Since I was half sleepy I caught hold of her and went into 69position and started to lick her pussy. I started to kiss the libia manorial and then went to the clitoris that part of the pussy which gives ladies or girls only pleasure. The moment I began eating the clitoris I could see Namaratha getting wild and shaking her whole body. In the mean time I had seen her taking my dick and inserting it in her mouth. My dick had become fully erect and she was sucking my dick inside out. I could feel myself getting hot. Then the speed of my sucking increased and by now Namratha started to moan aahhaahhhh…..oooohhhhh…….ouchouch……

I knew that she too was enjoying my sucking her pussy and she told me to go deep inside and suck it tightly. I followed her instruction and went deep inside. I could feel the heat from inside and I removed my mouth and inserted my fingers and started to finger fuck her. She screamed in pain as her hymen was intact. But I tore the hymen and she started to cry in pain. I informed her that the pain will subside in no time. Now her she started to moan once again ooohhh….aahaa……..ouch…….. do it more I am really enjoying it. Please don’t leave me like this. I then put one more finger and increased my speed. Now she was shaking her body and even tried to turn but I caught hold of her tightly and than again put my mouth and she too began to increase the speed of my dick sucking. I knew that both of us were about to cum anytime and we hugged each other tightly and my cum went like a tracer bullet into her mouth. As my the dick was deep inside she took the entire cum and ate it. I too took the hot molten lava which was flowing from her hot pussy into my mouth. It was extremely tasty since she was young and virgin. Now both were tired and hit the bed. By now I could see Priya sleeping. As she was naked I put a comforter on her and both myself and Namratha hugged each other and started to lip kiss each other. I put my tongue inside her and she was really enjoying sucking it. The she put her tongue inside my mouth and both of us really had a good time smooching each other. We were lying down on the bed and now Namratha took my dick in her hand and slowly started to caress it. I took her left breast and started to suck the nipples.

Then I took the right breast and began to suck it. She again started to moan in low tone. Ooooohhhh………. So nice .I am really enjoying the time of my life. Then she came on top of me and put both her boobs inside my mouth. Since they were not very big I could easily hold them and with one of my hand started to caress her pussy once again. After this she turned herself and now her pussy was near my mouth and her mouth was near my dick. It was already erect and I really began to eat her pussy once again. I had never tasted such a young female in my life. Even her mother Priya’s cunt was not so tasty as Namratha’s. I put my tongue deep inside and began to tongue fuck her. She too was riding my dick by taking it inside and out of her mouth. After doing this for 5-10 minutes I told her I want to fuck her doggy style. She came to the edge of the bed and raised her ass. It was small and good to look at but not like her mother’s Priya whose ass I wanted to fuck but some how I could not do it as she had gone to sleep. I inserted my dick into the hole of Namratha and she moaned loudly ooooooo,,,aahahaha do it slowly I want it for more time. I kept doing it slowly alternately removing it and putting it inside. She was shouting don’t remove it and then I too decided not to take it outside since she might loose the interest. I now began to increase my rhythm of my fucking and she too was moving her ass in both the sides. I pressed her ass with both my hand and she just jerked. When I increased my speed she shouted loudly fuck me hard….. fuck me hard……come on fuck me hard. I am really enjoying it. I have never been fucked so hard. I now began pounding her and could hear the sound of my navel area banging her ass hard and she was screaming wildly.

Come on increase the tempo and cum inside me. I could feel that her hot juices were beginning to flow down my dick but without bothering I was still fucking her hard. Now I knew that I could cum anytime and I told her about it and she told me to cum inside but I was worried about her pregnancy but she told me that it is a safe period for her as she could get her menses anytime within the next 2days. I was happy to hear this and I cummed deep inside her. I could feel that a spray of bullets entering her and she too was happy. I remained in the same position for some more time and both of hit the bed hard and were lying down in that position for 20 minutes. I told Namratha that come it is 1 am and we should go to sleep but she wanted one more round. I told her that I am very tired since this is the 4th time I have cummed and my dick will not be able to take it any more but she refused and came on top of me with her pussy open and put it into my mouth. I had no alternative but slowly began to suck her pussy by first biting the labia minoria which is the outer party of the vagina. Then I took her clitoris and began to suck it. Then slowly I began biting it. She was really enjoying it as she once again started to moan loudly. Huh aah huh aah huh aah,,,,,,,,,, The I inserted one of my fingers deep inside her and now she was really feeling very horny and wanted me to fuck her hard but I waited for my time. She increased the speed of caressing my dick and it was now rock solid. Even though I had a dick size of 6” only but for both mother and daughter it was ok and they enjoyed it. Now she took my dick inside her mouth and began sucking the penis head. Then she was slowly biting it and my enjoyment started to grow as her way of doing it was totally different than her mother Priya. By now my dick had half entered her mouth and I was sucking her pussy hard. It really tasted great once again. I felt like putting my full mouth into her pussy and eat the entire thing but I knew that is not possible. Now she had reached orgasm and her hot lava flowed into my mouth and really it tasted very good. Now I had too reached my climax and told her to lie down and removed by dick from her mouth and inserted it into her already wet pussy. The entrance was so wet that my dick easily entered it and I started to pound it hard. Namaratha once again began to scream ooohhhh,,,,,ouch……..very nice,

Please do it fast. By now I was almost reaching breaking point as this was my 5th cumming session and I was getting tired and irritated but then Namratha would not allow me to go and I banged her so hard that she screamed in pain. My dick was so deep inside and by body was banging her hard but back of my mind I knew she was enjoying more than me and finally I shouted to her that I am about to cum and without wasting more time I hugged her tightly by the waist and cummed my entire load inside her. Held on for few more minutes and both of us hit the bed in exhaustion. I never knew that life will be so good with me since I had gone to lay Priya but in return gift I got her daughter Namratha. Both of us went to the wash room and cleaned ourself and then went to sleep naked. After that what happened u will have to wait for my next story which I will publish shortly.

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