Ponnammas Second Husband

This story happened to me around 10 years back, when I was 18 years old. My name is Kumar and lived in a village at that time. I am the youngest son in my family. My parents were farmers. I had two elder brothers and two elder sisters. All were settled and married by the time the story happened.

I was doing +2. My village was located near Kerala border. An aunty, named Ponnamma, lived near to my house. She was around 35 years old, mild tanned, plumpy and had voluptous figures. Her breast size was 40 DD and she never used to wear bras (as this was the typical style of village women).

When she was doing house work, her pallu gets shifted and her breasts will be clearly visible. She never bothered to cover her saree pallu. She had bulgy waist with around three folds on her waist sides. Sometimes, she will push her underskirt below the navel and her belly will be clearly visible. Her navel was around one-inch wide hole. She had birthmarks below her navel as well.

She lived with her husband named Rasu. Her husband was around 55 years old, very lean figured and always wear banian and lungi.Ponnamma prepares home-made food items and Rasu will sell them in nearby villages. Mostly he will be out of town for two days in a week.

They moved to our neighbourhood around 15 years back (as newly married by then). I heard that Ponnamma conceived and delivered babies for around 8 times, but none of the babies survived after their birth. My Mom told she was an unlucky woman on having a child (at that time, she did not know that I am the one who is going to give her a healthy baby).

As I was the last one in my family, my parents didnt care me much during my childhood days. I used to spend most of the day times in Ponnammas house (and return to my home in the night). She loved and cared me a lot, as she did not have any children. I used to call her as “Akka” (meaning elder sister). I did not have any sex intent till the moment this story had happened. Her husband also treated me as his friend and take me out for any movies during my school holidays.

When I was 18 years, my parents met with an accident and they both died. After their death, my elder brothers and sisters were very particular on selling the family properties and take their shares. No one showed any interest on bringing me up. They gave me around two thousand rupees and asked to leave the house.

I was totally shocked by their words. Ponnamma and Rasu joined this debate and scolded my brothers. Ponnamma asked me whether I am okay to live with them in their house. She assured that she will take care of me. I didnt have any option other than agreeing.

I took all my belongings and moved on to Ponnammas house on the same day. Ponnammas house was not so big, with having one hall, one bed room and kitchen. Bathrooms are outside the house. She gave me the bed room to keep my things and for my use. I felt very tired and went to sleep earlier (around 9 PM).

At 11PM, I suddenly got awake and could see Ponnamma and Rasu are having a conversation in the kitchen. Rasu was scratching his head and asked “Ponnamma, it has been a very long time since we had sex. How about having a fuck tonight? Look at my erections”. Ponnamma got little angry. “Hey, dont be silly. Our house is a small one and everything is visible from anywhere. If Kumar gets up from his sleep during our sex, it will be embarassment in front of him. So, let us not do any dirty things for now”.

Rasu was again and again requesting her to agree for sex that night and Ponnamma was strongly refusing. Then, Rasu told “Okay, Ponnamma. Got one last idea. How about having him as your second husband? Let us have kandarva marriage tonight with you and him. Let him live with us as your second husband. I am totally okay for this marriage. I had fucked you since our marriage and did not yield you a successful child. Sometimes, second marriage could get you a surviving baby. He could have sex with you tonight itself (as his first night), followed by me having a second fuck with you. What do you think on this?”.

Ponnamma was smiling and said “See, I have no objections in living as wife to you and Kumar and giving birth to a baby to Kumar. Current situation is not the right time to take up these things to Kumar. He may get more shocked. One thing for sure is, I dont want him to get upset at any cost. I want him to be always happy and smiling”.

So far, I did not have any intent to have sex with Ponnamma. The moment I heard these words from her mouth, my hearts started pounding and my dick startd to erect. Rasu told “Why should we debate like this? I will wake him up and get his opinion as well”.

He was moving out of kitchen and entered into the bed room. On seeing this, I got shocked and dont know what to do. I pretended as if I am asleep. Rasu switched on the light and woke me up. I got up and I could see Rasu was inside the bedroom and Ponnamma was on the entrance of the bedroom.

She was trying to catch hold of him from speaking any further. Rasu told, “Kumar, Sorry for disturbing you in this night. We had a discussion about you” and started explaining all those things about kandarva marriage between me and Ponnamma.

Ponnamma was waiting for my response. I asked “Akka, you are very senior to me by age. Can I marry you? And, What is kandarva marriage and how is this different from regular marriage?”.

Ponnamma replied “Kumar, dont worry about age difference. Marriage is all about physique and minds. Still after marriage, you can call me as Akka or Ponnamma, whichevery way you want. As your wife, I will also satisfy all your needs. Kandarva marriage is a kind of temporary marriage. You could be my husband till you want. If you do not like to continue as my husband, you could always step out of the relationship and look out for your wife. Now, tell me, are you okay for this second marriage?”.

I thought it is fair enough. Moreover, I could suck Ponnammas breasts and fuck her whenever I want. I accepted this second marriage with Ponnamma, in front of her first husband Rasu (what a strange thing!). On seeing my acceptance, Ponnamma became very happy. She came near me and gave me a kiss on my cheek and hugged me. I could feel her large breasts on my chest. Rasu brought a simple mangalsuthra and asked me to tie on Ponnamma. My marriage happened strangely on the late night.

After the marriage, Ponnamma took me into the kitchen and served some sweets. Rasu asked “Ponnamma, We are now two husbands to you. Let us celebrate this with both of us having sex with you tonight”. Ponnamma told “No, Kumar is the new husband. I would leave it to his choice.If Kumar wants to have sex with me alone, then youve to wait outside till he completes his fuck”.

Rasu was eagerly waiting for my response. I told, “Akka, I will first fuck you till I get tired and let Rasu fuck you once I am completely done. I dont know much depth about sex. Rasu, are you okay to advise me during my first fuck with Ponnamma?”.

Rasu was little upset, but he cheered himself and said “Okay, Kumar. Ponnamma has a voluptous body. I will play with remaining areas when youre fucking her. Let us not waste any more time.Ponnamma, remove the saree. Kumar would be more interested to see your big melons. Ponnammas breasts had a great story. Her boobs have been secreting breast milk for the last fifteen years because of her continuous child delivery.I used to empty her breast milk till one year back. Once I was diagnosed as diabetic, I stopped drinking her breast milk. You try tasting her breast milk. Youd love it and never stop drinking it”.

On hearing this, my already erected penis got tempered. Ponnamma started removing her saree. Her breasts were large, like two large coconuts, but sightly sagging. I put my right hand on her left boobs (still, she was wearing the blouse), started to horn and squeeze. Its such a big breast. I could not hold it with my one hand. I kept both my hands to hold one breast and started pressing gently. I moved my right hand over her left breast with my left hold holding the bottom part of that breast. I could feel little projections (nipple) at the center of her breast.

With my three fingers (index, thumb and middle finger), I mildly pinched her nipple for 5-6 times. Then, I moved my right hand little down to the bulging portion of her breast and started pressing the lower portion of her breast. It was very soft. I slowly increased my pressure and keep pressing for 10-15 times.Now, I saw her nipple got erected over the blouse. I moved my right hand over the nipple and started tweaking it (like the way lemons are squeezed to make the juice). I felt some wetness in my hand. Its her breast milk, that started oozing because my press and stained her blouse as a wet patch.

I moved both my hands to her right breast and did the same thing. Her right blouse also got wet now with her breast milk. By now, Ponnamma completely removed her saree and noticed her blouse and told “Hey, Kumar made me to wet the blouse”. Rasu told “Ponnamma. remove your blouse, Let him suck your milk. How long that breasts have the milk as unused?”. I started kissing her boobs all along on her blouse. I could smell her breast milk, when my nose was touching her nipples. I moved my cheek all along her breasts. As the blouse material is thin, I could feel the softness of her breasts.

Ponnamma started removing her blouse hooks. There were four blouse hooks. While I was kissing and massaging her breasts, she unhooked the first hook. This made some amount of her clevage to get widened. When she unhooks the second and third hooks, I could see almost her full breasts. I moved my cheek into the clevage and started kissing her bare breasts. She was trying to remove the last and fourth hook. Because of her large breast size and blouse being exactly fitting on her boobs, she was not able to unhook it very easily.

She slightly bent up, lifted her entire breasts with her wrists (as her hands were trying to unhook the last one) and tried to unhook the final one. While doing this, my face also got lifted along with her breasts. Finally, she unhooked the last one and opened the blouse. My heart was almost stopped beating. Her breasts were like big water melons. It was sagging a little bit because of its weight and her age. Her nipple was around two-inch wide and very dark. Her nipple was folded inside (that is, with no erections) and surrounding area of the nippe was very soft and shining.

I cupped her breasts and started to move my lips over the breasts. I started kissing her boobs, nipple and areola. I was squeezing the boobs and moved my mouth on her nipples. I opened my mouth wide and tried to swallow the entire nipple and areola portion, but I was able to take only three-fourth of her areola. I attempted it one more time with widely opening my mouth. I succeeded this time and I was able to swallow her entire nipple and areola areas. Her nipple was fully into my mouth and was scratching my inside upper jaw. I slowly started sucking her nipple by moving my cheeks. I do not get any milk from her nipple.

I moved my tongue over her nipple, as if trying to remove something that has blocked her nipple from providing the milk. Still milk did not come from her breasts. Ponnamma was laughing by my act and said “Kumar, either you suck my nipple harder or press my nipple harder from the sideways.Then only, milk will start flowing into your mouth”. On hearing this, Rasu lifted his head from sucking her navel and told “Ponnamma, you should apply honey on your nipples. This will make him to suck harder to taste the honey and will get the free flow of milk. Honey bottle is on your left side. Please take and apply it on your nipples” and continued sucking her navel.

I sucked harder and at the same time, squeezed her right boobs. The first squirt of milk flowed into my mouth. Ponnammas body had a mild jerk. I moved my tongue to feel the taste of milk, but not able to get the taste. I continuously started sucking and milk started to flow into my mouth. When I suck harder, milk was squirting inside my mouth in 2-3 directions. After sucking for 2-3 minutes, I could feel the taste of breast milk. It was having average sweet and little salty taste as well. I started enjoying sucking her breast milk. Ponnamma took the honey and started applying on her left breast and nipple. When I was continuously sucking her right nipple for 30 minutes, the speed of milk flow started decreasing. My penis was heavily erected now.

I lifted my head from her right breast. I could see Ponnamma is really enjoying my sucks. I do not see Rasu near us. He brought one stool inside the kitchen. He asked me “How long you will stand and suck Ponnammas breasts? For sure, they will be having a lot of milk. I have never emptied them so far in these 15 years. You sit on this stool and enjoy sucking her boobs. Normally, Ponnamma used to stand for long hours in the kitchen. So, she will not need any stool for her to sit. Okay, Ponnamma?”. Ponnamma was telling “No problem. Let Kumar sit on the stool and enjoy sucking my breasts. I think, he sucked half of my milk in the right breast. He seems to be the milk lover. I think, I need to take some garlic masalas from tomorrow, as garlic will make me to secret more milk for him”.

Rasu removed her underskirts as well and made Ponnamma to stand nude now infront of us. I sat on the stool and cupped her left breast. I moved my mouth on her left breast and started sucking it. It was very sweet, because of (applied) honey on the nipple. With my left hand, I started massaging her right breast. And at the same time, I was holding her left breast with my right hand and sucking her left breast. Milk was flowing like anything into my mouth.

Since the left breast was little farther from where I sit on stool, the left breast slips from my mouth at some times. On seeing this, Ponnamma held her left breast with her left arm and helped me to enjoy the suck. Now, my mouth is firmly placed on her left breast. I started sucking her milk continuously for 20 minutes with my other hand playing on her right breast. Rasu was watching my sucking moves and told “Come on, Kumar, sex does not end with milk sucking only. There are other things as well. Suck her milk whike you fuck her as well. I was waiting to see your next action, but it seems you are still not convinced on leaving the breast sucking”.

Ponnamma told “Rasu, leave him like this. This is the first time hes fucking a lady. He is amazed by the beauty of my boobs. Let him enjoy till the extreme he wants. Hes also my husband and I also have to satisfy him. I think, Kumar might need another 3-4 hours to fuck me fully. So, better you can take sleep for next 3 hours and come back. If hes done, then come and fuck me as the last shot for the night”. Rasu told “You may be right. I will be here for few more minutes and then I will leave for the 3-hours break and come back”.

I heard all these conversations. I did not take my head from Ponnammas left breast. I continued sucking the milk from her left breast. During this, I also continued to squeeze her right breast and milk spilled out from her right breast. I was continuing my play on her right breast. Lots of milk has dripped out from her right breast and was becoming waste (or not drunken by anyone).

Ponnamma yelled at me, “Kumar, Dont waste the milk. Mildly press my right breast and play. This will avoid milk leak and wastage. If Rasu is healthy enough, he would have definitely joined you in drinking this milk jugs”. Rau told “Ponnamma, Dont be harsh on him. He will realize this shortly and will handle the breasts accordingly. To make this night more intersting, I will apply honey on your stomach and vagina. This will make Kumar to move forward and give you a good fuck”. On saying this, he started applying honey on her stomach (including navel, folds, birthmarks etc) and vagina.

Ponnammas words triggered me to some extent. I do not want to stop jetting out the milk from her right breast (at the same time, sucking milk from her left breast). I continued that play of wasting the milk. Ponnamma was silent this time. Once Rasu applied the honey on her stomach and vagina, took the honey bottle to her right breast and started applying honey. I also soaked my hands into the honey bottle and started applying the honey on both her breasts. During all these acts, I am still sucking the breast milk from her left breast.

While playing with her breasts, I was feeling like some liquid is dripping from my penis. I got shocked and took my head from her breasts and started seeing my pants (till now, I did not remove my pants and Rasu either). Ponnamma asked “What happened?”. I told “Akka, I felt like some liquid dripped from my penis”. Rasu was laughing heavily “See, Ponnamma. This guy has ejaculated his load in his pants”. Ponnamma scolded him “Stop this, Rasu. It might be the early ejaculation (or) may be the lubricating liquid (from the penis) to prepare for the fuck. I could still see his erections. So, mostly it should be the lubricating liquid. Let us see what has happened to him”.

I removed my shirt, pant and underwear. My penis was still at erected position and could see one or two drops of liquid oozed from my penis head. Ponnamma took that liquid in her fingers and tried to see how viscous its. Then she told “Kumar, its not ejaculation. Its the lubricating liquid for the fuck. Youre getting ready for the fuck. Nothing to worry. My vagina is also waiting for your cock. Let us move forward. You could drink my milk, while you fuck me (or) even after the fuck as well. What do you think? If you agree, let me lay down in the kitchen for the fuck”. I also felt that I could play with her boobs at any time. So, I decided to move forward and try her other areas.

I made Ponnamma to lay down in the kitchen. I kissed and licked her stomach, navel and hip folds. I bite on her stomach and soft muscles above her navel. I kissed the birthmarks below her navel. In the initial look, her birthmarks seems to be not very attractive (as this birthmarks are nothing but the elongated skin during child pregnancy). It was little rough and uneven and disturbed the look of her lower abdomen. It looked like vertical lines towards her vagina.

When I started kissing and licking her skin marks, Ponnamma enjoyed and started combing my hairs with her fingers.I moved my head into her navel and inserted my tongue into the navel. I was sucking her navel and biting her belly muscles. Ponnamma did not stop me from doing any of these acts. I smooched her stomach for 5 minutes and moved down to her vagina. I loved the smell of vagina. Short and Sligtly trimmed pubic hairs were on her vagina.

I touched both the lips of vagina with my thumb and index fingers. Then, I inserted my right index finger between the vaginal lips. I could feel the wetness of her cunt. Ponnamma was telling “Come on, Kumar. Climb on me and insert your penis into my vagina. Do it quick. I need you now”. I also felt of fucking her now. By this time, Rasu had left the kitchen and had gone to the bedroom.

I inserted my penis into her vagina. Oh, God !!! Its really a heaven. I could feel the warmness of her cunt. I slowly started to give strokes on her vagina. I felt its giving more and more pleasure, when the stroke speed increases. I was increasing the stroke speed. Ponnamma told “Kumar, Dont hurry. You first insert your full penis into my vagina and feel the whole depth. Then, pull out your penis to a reasonable distance and push it inside again and ensure that your penis head hits my vagina end. If you want, I could be on top of you and you could be under me. By this, while I was giving you the stroke, you could play with my breasts as well”.

This sounded a better idea to me. I laid down and Ponnamma came on top of me. She folded her hairs onto her head, so that, it will not fall down during our sexual action. Ponnamma sat on top of me and held my penis with her left hand. She was trying to exactly position my penis into her vagina. I see the milk pots are hanging and dangling and nipples are again bent inside (while I was sucking the nipples, it was protruded and erected like a small finger).

I held her breasts on my hands and started to pinch her nipples. Now the nipples slowly started to erect. And, at the same time, Ponnamma exactly inserted her vagina into my penis. She was jumping up and down into my penis. I was playing with her one breast and sucking milk from another breast (by lifting my head to a small distance). Her boobs were dangling up and down heavily. I could not continuously hold her breasts. When I applied pressure on her breasts, milk was jetting on to my face.

I dont feel much pleasure in keeping Ponnamma up on me (it may be because of her widened vagina from continuous deliveries). I pushed her down and climbed up on her and started stroking on her vagina (like the way it was earlier). Ponnamma did not say anything and was fully cooperating for this action. I slowly increased my stroke speed and pushed my penis till her vagina end. I could feel a lot of pleasure in this, I kept doing this stroking for twenty minutes. I could hear the moan of Ponnamma. She was moaning “Come on Kumar, Keep going. Dont stop”.

I started sweating heavily. I kept increasing the stroke speed and thrust pressure. Ponnamma was lifting her back (while I was stroking) to make the fuck more pleasure for both of us. When I was pushing my penis into her vagina, she widened her legs for allowing me to enter into her vagina. When my penis reached near her vaginal end in the stroke, she closed her thighs as if trying to lock and hold my penis inside. This gave me great pleasure. I never had this much of pleasure in this world.

I was fucking her vagina like this for 10 more minutes. I felt more joy in doing this and suddenly I felt some liquid could leak out at any moment from my penis. I dont want to stop this pleasure and I wanted to continue this fucking for few more minutes. So, I wanted to change my attention to different things. I thought about my parents death. This made my stroke speed to get reduced.

Till then, Ponnamma was moaning and was enjoying my strokes. She stopped her moan and asked “What happened, Kumar? Why do you slow down? Keep going. Within a minute or two, you will explode your load within me”. I told “Akka, I want this pleasure for some more time. So, I changed my attention to different things. This made to slow down my speed”.

She laughed and told “I thought, you do not know anything about sex. But, it seems you have good knowledge on sex. Keep fucking me now and come to an end. To increase your erection and stroke speed, play with my breasts and suck the milk, while youre stroking This will meet your interest on playing with my breasts and my interest on having your penis within me”.

I started playing with her breasts, bite her nipple, suck her milk and started increasing the stroke speed in her vagina. I was fucking her for another 30 minutes. Suddently I felt heavy pleasure on my penis head and ejaculated the load of sperms into her vagina. Because of the peak pleasure, even after ejaulation leakage, I still stroked into her vagina and continued fucking for one more minute.

Finally, I stopped my hip movement and took my penis out of her vagina. Ponnamma was very happy and told “This was the first time in my life I had a great and good fuck and that too for a longer duration for about one hour. Take a break. I will bring some snack items. Once youre energized, fuck me one more time, if you wish”. She told and got up to get the snacks. My erected penis slowly come to normal size. I took a towel and wiped off my penis.

Ponnamma was fully nude and taking some snacks from the kitchen boxes. I got up and went near her. She was smiling at me. I held her breasts and started kissing them. She told “Kumar, you did not fully empty my breast milk. You take them all now. This would energize you a lot”. I started sucking the breast milk heavily. When I was sucking the milk, I could hear my sucking sound. Ponnamma told “Dont hurry. All this milk are for you. Drink them as much as you want”.

When I was sucking her milk, Rasu entered into kitchen and asked whether he could start his innings. Ponnamma asked “Kumar, are you done for the night (or) do you want a second shot after a short break now? What is your call?”. I told “Akka. I think, I could fuck you for 4-5 more times tonight. Itd be too late for Rasu uncle to wait and fuck you after that. Let him fuck you tomorrow early morning”.

Rasu told “Okay, Kumar. Let me sleep now. Once youre done, wake me up. I will take up the second round with Ponnamma. I am okay if the timing is late night today or early morning tomorrow”. He left the place. I fucked Ponnamma akka for 5 times on that night. Rasu uncle fucked her only in the early morning. I enjoyed fucking Ponnamma. After few months, Ponnamma got conceived and delivered a beautiful baby. I am still continuing to be her second husband.