Aunt From Hyderabad


This is Vicky from hyd working in a MNC. Would like to share my true exp which i had last month with my neighbor aunt. We are bachelors and few of the flats in the apartment have families staying.. So, we have many aunts too. I used to stare at one aunt about 30 years. Though she is 30+, she maintains her body and looks as if 25 girl. She is an avg body type but really sexy and hot in her looks.When I look at her boobs,my cock gets hot and erects.I feel like hug her from back and kiss her throat, press her boobs from behind her shoulders. Slowly with time, she observed that am staring her. She also used to look at me. And one day, i gave a smile to which she got back.. From then, i got the confidence that am going to have her soon..

Then one day, when she went out to market nearby, i just followed.. Shared a smile and she too got back.. then i started saying “Hi” and then we started normal talks..She asked me where am working and my parents and all.Then i asked directly if i can have her mobile number so that we can talk freely later. She gave her number and asked to call only in day times when her husband is gone to office. We used to talk daily for a week or so. Slowly got nice understanding and even went for sex talks over phone.. When we are alone in our flats, we used to get wild and talk lot sex and used to Cum ourselves. we use to have lot of phone sex and i use to help her masturbate over the phone .And one day, i asked if we can meet for real sex. She is really frightened as she is very homely type and never imagined such things. She just got with me as it is just in phone and is satisfying her well.

And finally the day came after she is convinced and trusted me that i will care and not disturb her personal life.I care her privacy. Having desire is no wrong.. It outbursts when things are not going well with our spouse. So, i respect her as a friend and satisfy her desire as a partner. She said that she is ready and we shall meet someday soon. Then i got the nice opportunity of using my friends flat one day. She too felt happy that it will be really safe.

I took leave on the day and she too got well prepared for it.. Se said that we need to start by 11 am and return by 5 pm. i thought, it is really enough to satisfy my dream girl(aunt). And i went to the nearby place and waited for her.. Later i took her on my bike to my friends flat. It is the first time i felt her touch when on the bike.. really felt hot and my dick got hard just with her casual touch.. Wondering how the real touch would be, we came to my friends flat.

As soon as entering the flat, i just locked the door and without a minimal talk. took her into my hands and gave a loaf lip kiss for 10 mins.. Its really hot and thirst desire where our tongues were moving from one end to another..we both really enjoyed the event which happened without any plan all suddenly. Later we had some water and went straight into the event as to not waste any time. We went into the bedroom and she sat beautifully, homely and sexily before me as this is the first time with other guy.I lifted her face and started to kiss her again on her warm lips, she responded with opening her lips to enter my tongue and at the same time I am pressing her boobs, pinching her nipples. We broke our kiss I hungrily started removing her saree pallu and blouse in no time tore open her blouse, she is not wearing any bra so her boobs flashed on me and i started sucking her boobs wildly and she asked me to bite them hard and pull them with my teeth i did so. She was moaning in pleasure and mentioned me to do whatever you want with my body it’s for you only from now on after my husband.Then i rubbed her pussy with my fingers and in anticipation she put her head behind with closed eyes and running her fingers on my hair i slowly went down and licked her thighs and leg and licked it she was enjoying it then i went on to her pussy and sucked her pussy all of a sudden while she is standing she almost shouted in pleasure but she control and mentioned my husband has not even touched my pussy but you a young lover sucking them you are real sweet i love it. Then i said i want to lick her ass she said she has not experienced oral before i mentioned she will enjoy i was bringing in my xxx movie watching experience. I opened her ass crack and started licking her pussy and ass.then i mentioned i want her to lay on bed and want to taste her wetness.

She obeyed me and went and lay on bed and opened her legs.and i immediately went in between her legs and started sucking her pussy. She said suck them hard, i started sucking her entire pussy with my lips and inserting my tongue on to her pussy she was wet and her salt juices of her pussy began to flow then i inserted my fingers into her pussy and was licking her pussy simultaneously she was rolling her head left and right in pleasure and she mentioned that she was going to cum. I mentioned i want to taste her honey and i began to finger her pussy and lick and suck her pussy faster she cum in my face and i sucked her wet orgasm from her pussy.Now its my turn so she stared to remove my boxers and put her warm hand on my hard dick, shock waves passed in me and she is moving her hand to and fro..i am in a heaven and she took gulped my whole dick in her mouth and started to suck it like a lolly pop. She had told me earlier that she like it give blow jobs and she liked it very much . After minutes i was unable to control and i was heaven and felt by balls contracting down there. I told her i am cumming so that she could remove it from her mouth but she continued sucking it and at last i could not hold and loaded all my juice in her mouth and to my surprise she drank it til the last drop. She cleaned my tip of my dick by rolling her tongue over it. I thanked her and said “ it was a wonderful experience”.

Later i showed her an sex movie in the computer which is in the same room.. It is the first time that she saw such things and she is very exciting and joyful to see it.. I just put my dick in her mouth while she was watching the moving.. Getting more excited, she sucked again so well and it got hard in no time..We both are very hot and ready for a real fuck. She came on me and put her legs both sides of my legs and caught my dick with one hand and putting it into her widen pussy, by spreading her pussy lips with another hand. ….what a scene it is? I cannot explain this, and enjoying the situation. My dick is slowly moving into her hot and wet pussy. She is moving slowly up and down. My erected long cock is completely entered into her pussy. She is giving me good strokes. She is enjoying the fuck by closing her eyes and giving me her fast movements. she moved down and asked me to come on her. She separated her legs widely and asked me to come between her legs and putting my dick into her widen pussy. It went inside of her wet pussy slowly and completely. I am taking right part now and moving in and out of her wet pussy. She is moaning “Vicky…….do like that…..Your cock is drilling me to the end…… is touching my womb….I am feeling this happiness now only…….what the strokes you are giving me……..I cannot forget this happiness…..never got fucked like this…please.. Vicky………..fuck me vigorously and increase the speed of your strokes…..” I am mad and increased my speed as per her request. After fucking her for 20 minutes, she told me that she is cuming. She came like a flood and her love juice is flowing from her pussy and drenched my dick. I also ejaculated and poured my cock juice into her wet pussy. I saw that the juice is overflowing along with her love juice from her widen pussy. She hugged me tightly and we were in the same position for another 15 minutes.. Later, we moved from the bed went to bathroom. She is pissing in front of me and the scene is very fantastic. I also pissed in front of her. I pissed on her boobs and pussy, as she requested me. She cleaned my dick by sucking it and applied soap and cleaned with water. In turn I also cleaned her pussy with soap and water. I also sucked her cleaned pussy with my tongue. Then we both are hot again and fucked in the bath room. Later, we slept for an hour hugging each other nakedly to feel our emotions and feel more as nice friends than just for sex sake..

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