My Neighbor Aunty Part III

Hi friends, This is Yandel. The story is about my neighbor during my studies. She is Anita (names changed) and was my neighbor’s wife. Her husband Vinayan was my family friend and was a traveling businessman. Anitha, 29yrs old, She has a rich body,fair ,thick lips,heavy boobs and butts..anyone would love to fuck her for life. I used to go there during weekends and when I get time.

She was very much attracted to me in the beginning , I got to know this by her actions. She wantedly rubbed her ass cheeks on my thighs or rubbed her hands on my dick as she passed by, as if it was not intentional. One Saturday afternoon I went there after lunch. When nobody was there other than Anitha. I couldn’t see anyone in the sit out. The door was open as I pushed it, it opened. I went inside called for someone..

Then she asked me to come in as she was cleaning the room. I went to the room and what I saw was Anitha in a nighty pulled up to her thighs was standing on a stool cleaning the ceiling fan. She had amazingly beautiful thighs.. I was staring at them and she understood my intentions.. She asked to help her get down and as I moved forward she just jumped on me hugging me tight,. Her boobs pressed against my face and bare thighs rubbing my crotch.

We both were standing in that room hugging each other. I told her that someone may come in. She said all were gone for a marriage. She said she likes me a lot. And she started kissing my lips. Hugging me tight., was not giving her what she wanted ,that’s what I could make out from her actions. She asked me to wait as she wanted to take a bath.. She had a fantasy.. She wanted to take bath as I watched her..

She went to the gate. Locked it to make sure that none comes in. and released their dog from its small cage. Then she locked the front door. And removed her nighty. There she stood in front of me wearing a bra and a panty. Imagine a sexy tall fair girl nude . Wow I went mad.. She was a sexy bitch.. She came back and started licking and sucking my lips again… rubbing my dick over my pants.

She asked me to remove my pants and t shirt ,I did that as she watched me.. I was in my briefs with a big bulge in the front. She pressed me hard on my dick and asked me to follow. We both entered the bathroom.. She came to me and removed my underwear revealing my dick.. She kissed my dick on the end and held it to pull me to her. She removed her bra…. She asked me whether I would like to see her pee in front of me…

I said id like to. She said she loved peeing when I watched. She asked me to lie down.. And she sat close to my face to pee.. And she asked me to rub her pussy hole as she peed. .. I slowly rubbed her whole and she peed slowly. Her pee dripped through my hand.. And she suddenly stopped. She asked me whether I would like to pee on her boobs….. I was shocked.. She was a pee sex maniac..

I said id love to.. She lied down flat on the ground.. And asked me to pee on her.. I peed on her face her boobs her pussy.. She was bathing.. Even I got mesmerized my this.. She then pulled me down and started peeing on my face. And then rubbed her pussy on my face… I loved the hot spicy shower on my face… try it its really amazing..then she licked my cock clean ….

Then we had a nice bath in shower with olay bath gel I applied on her the gel and she did the same on me… its fragrance was beautiful… after path we rubbed each other with the towel and we both walked bare naked to the bed room. There was a tv and a dvd player.. In a corner and she inserted a dvd to the player.. It was about extreme squirting.. She asked me whether I have seen girls ejaculating before…

I had never seen so much of fluid coming out of a girls pussy… those girls In the movie where showering water from their pussy all over.. Guys drinking it. And what not.. That dvd was too sexy.. We too lie in the bed completely naked…. She asked me to lick her cunt as she sat on my face.. She said she will come in my mouth… and if I drink it all she will do the same for me.. I took the challenge.

And ran my tongue in and out of her hole as she moved madly on my face.. I licked her ass and pee hole and sucked her clit…she moves in between and starts sucking my lips.. Spitting on my lips and licking it like a slut…. Again rubs pussy on my face.. I fingered and tongue fucked her. After some time she started moaning heavily… she asked me to finger her pussy in a different fashion as keeping one palm on her bottom belly and pressing it and two fingers inserted in to her hole facing palm upwards… and rubbing the inner upper part of the pussy including clit..

I did it harder and harder and she was yelling.. That was the squirting technique she held my hair and pushed me deep in to her pussy… she asked to open my mouth and engulf her pussy hole.. I did that and she pumped a bucket full of fluid in to my mouth… it was not pee… it was something different and I loved drinking it.. I kept on licking deeper and deeper asking her for more.. She ejaculated more and she just fell tired….

I wiped her pussy clean and licked it again slowly to soothe her.. She felt very satisfied.. Then she wanted to pee again and wanted me to go with her… I said I wanted to cum before that… she took my dick deep in her mouth and begging me to come in her mouth she spitted on the cock and sucked it to her throat.. It was unbelievable.. I was in heaven … she was sucking every drop from my pre-cum…. She asked me to turn around and spread my legs.

She went between my thighs and started spitting in my ass crack and licking there hard… She was eating my ass she then came to my balls and sucked them saliva dripping from her mouth she ate my cock literally. She stood up inserted my dick in her pussy and started fucking… she was so fast that I barely could see my cock between her strokes.. She was riding on me. She was faster and faster… and when I was about to burst out she pulled out..

Then put it in her mouth and started sucking again….she asked me to hold her head strongly and fuck her mouth like fucking her pussy without any mercy. I fucked hard and hard in to her mouth and I burst a bucket full of cum in to her throat… I couldn’t see a drop out her mouth she just swallowed and licked every drop out of my dick. She kept on licking my cock as if she is hungry. Then she asked me to accompany her for her pee magic..

She put my cock in her mouth and asked me to pee.. I was embarrassed first,, but she started begging and I slowly started peeing.. She spitted some out and drank some.. She asked me to pee all over her body.. Her boobs and pussy….she then pulled me down and sat on my face and peed all over my face… I too gulped half of it… I don’t know what I was doing but at that point I felt so sexy doing all that… after our pee bath we both took a gel bath again.. And came out back to our bed.. Then we were in a lovers mood where we caressed each others secret parts and sucked and licked.. And spent the whole day..Hope you enjoyed it and send in your replies at / /