Savita Bhabhi Episode 21 : A Wifes Confession

Our sexy bhabhi Savita and her new friend Shobha were shopping for clothes in the mall.

“Doesnt this dress look adorable, Shobha?” Savita had found a particularly sexy dress and asked Shobha for her opinion while trying on a pink salwar.

“Its good bhabhi, but why dont you try this one instead?” Shobha handed Savita another dress.

“How does this one look?” asked Savita after considering it.

“It looks great, much better than the last one!”

Meanwhile the salesman at the shop was looking at bhabhi with a small smile on his face.

“I wonder if the girl with bhabhi knows what a slut her friend is? The time I fucked this bhabhi was the best sex Ive ever had! And I remember watching her fuck that man in the changing room that time. I shot my cum all over the TV watching her suck on his cock and drinking his cum.” the salesman thought while he helped the girls with their shopping.

Savita handed the dress to the salesman who was lost in his own thoughts thinking about making love to the hot bhabhi again. Savita asked him to pack the dress and Savita and Shobha paid for the clothes and left the store.

“Whew…Now that the shoppings over.” said Savita as she and Shobha left the shop “Why dont we have lunch at the restaurant here?”

“Good idea bhabhi.” replied Shobha who was already exhausted from the shopping.

“One palak paneer and one dal fry please.”

The waiter was pleased to be service this table as he could ogle the two hot women without being conspicuous. They ordered the meal and Shobha mentioned to Savita about the salesman that was staring at them at the store.

“Bhabhi, did you see the way that salesman was staring you at the lingerie store?”-“It looked like he was undressing you with his eyes!!!”

“Oh him! He once came to our home to sell some bras.” “and I can tell you he did a lot more than just undress me that time!” said Savita with a knowing smile.

“Really Bhabhi, Tell me the whole story.” Shobha said surprised.

“Well, He once came to my house with a bra that was too small for me and I had to make him measure my breasts properly so he could get the right size next time. He really enjoyed taking the measurements”

“I gave him a lesson in customer satisfaction and tipped him for the excellent service he gave me.” Savita continued.

“Bhabhi!!! You actually had sex with him.” said Shobha who was surprised to hear this. “Wow, when I met you the first time I couldnt guess you were such a slutty person.”

“Ill take that as a compliment! But you should have seen me during my college days. There wasnt a single guy in college who didnt have a crush on me.” said Savita who was pleased with the remark.

“Yes, I can imagine that.” Shobha was still shocked at this revelation.

Savita continued with her story “Yes, most of the guys just wanted to get into bed with me and I was more than happy to oblige. I even had sex with my Maths professor!”

“He gave me 5 marks for every blowjob I gave him and 10 for every fuck. I ended up getting a 100 on every exam.”

“Then were you always like this bhabhi? Even after marriage!” asked Shobha.

“Oh No! I had decided to settle down after marriage.”

“But youve seen how Ashok is. Hes hardly at home anytime and he doesnt have sex with me that often. I was very unhappy with my marriage in the beginning.” Shobha could see a sad look on Savitas face as she continued.

“Really! So what made you cheat on your husband for the first time?” Shobha prodded.

Savita then started the story of her first affair after marriage. “Its a long story…”

and began telling Shobha about her life just after her marriage

“Ashok is a very quiet sort of person and he couldnt keep me satisfied at all. Even after 6 months of marriage hed had sex with me just 3-4 times. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make Ashok more interested in me. It was 6 months after our marriage.”

Savitas Bedroom

Savita stood in front of the mirror trying on a particularly hot outfit. “I think Ill wear something really erotic tonight.”

“One look at me in this outfit and Ashok wont be able to resist me at all.” thought Savita as she modeled the outfit in front of the mirror and smiled mischievously.

Thinking of finally getting some sex tonight had made her quite horny and Savita couldnt resist fingering herself right then and there.

“Mmmm, its been so long since Ive had a cock inside me.” -“Im getting aroused just by thinking about tonight.” Savita started fingering herself with one hand inside her panties and the other massaging her breast. However the sound of the dinner getting ready in the kitchen brought her back to her senses.

At dinnertime when Ashok brought his friend home, Savita was surprised to see that it was none other than Rohit, Savitas good friend from college. Rohit however was more surprised to find out that his friends wife turned out to be the hottest girl in college on whom he had a secret crush.

“What a coincidence! How do you guys know each other?” asked Ashok.

“Rohit was one of my best friends in college; but we lost touch after college was over.”

“Humph, I wanted to be more than just her friend in college.” thought Rohit while staring at Savita. “I had a big crush on her but never asked her out.”

During dinner both Savita and Rohit werent paying much attention to the food laid out in front of them or Ashoks constant talk about his office work.

“I wish Rohit leaves soon. Otherwise Ashok will go to bed if it gets late.” thought Savita

Meanwhile Rohit was relieving one of his old fantasies about Savita. Rohit dreamt on how hed love to suckle on Savitas nipples and give her tits a fuck that they deserved.

“Shes looking even more beautiful than before…”-“And her breasts have gotten even bigger…Id love to suck them!” he thought. “Id fuck her so hard that shed be begging me to cum inside her.”

They were both brought out of their thoughts by a phone call from Ashok office. Ashok said he had to leave due to some urgent work at the office. That meant leaving his sexy wife alone with Rohit, but being Ashok he really didnt care.

After dinner both Savita and Rohit chatted about their college days but Rohit noticed that Savita was distracted and a little gloomy.

“Savita! Are you ok? Is something the problem?”

Savita tried to hide her anger at first but Rohit was an old friend and she decided she could share her troubles with him.

“Its Ashok!!!”-“He always gives preference to his job over me.”

Rohit comforted her a little but he began to see that all was not well in this marriage.

“Hes very dedicated at office towards his work. Hes a model employee” he told her.

“But if I had such a pretty wife waiting for me at home, Id never ignore her.”

Savita was pleased to hear the compliment Rohit paid her and started telling him more and more about her lonely married life. She told him about her plan to seduce Ashok that night and this makes Rohit see an opportunity in front of him to fulfill his dreams of fucking Savita.

“I know Ashok. Hes a real bore. He wont get seduced so easily.” He told Savita “and Im not sure you still have it in you to do it.”

This statement from Rohit got Savita all riled up.

“Oh really! Do you remember how many boy-friends I had in college?” “I could get any boy I wanted back then!”

At which Rohit replied “But its been a long time since then.”

With a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, he summoned up all his courage and suggested an idea.

“Why dont you give me a peek at what youre wearing? Then I can judge and tell.”….

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Does Savita go ahead and give Rohit a look at her goodies? Does Rohit get to fulfill his lifetime fantasy? How long will Ashok be at office?

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Savita Bhabhi Episode 21 : A Wifes Confession