Extra Marital Love Making

Myself Dev from Delhi. Married with a beautiful wife and two kids. This is a story about me and my extra marital girlfriend after my marriage. After few years of my wedding I ran into lots of problems with my wife which drifted me away from her and I had to take refuge on internet for solace.

I met this woman Mehek from Mumbai and had two kids. Our affair started in next three months after we met first time. We met, we loved each other we had bed rocking love making and we were very happy. The sexual incident I am going to narrate was happened when I planned to travel to Mumbai on Mehek’s birthday.

Because of the geographical locations we used to meet twice a year when she used to come to Delhi to meet her parents and I used to go to Mumbai just to meet her. This time I decided to meet her on her birthday to celebrate it together. I reached a day before to Mumbai and checked in the hotel she already booked for me. As soon as I reached hotel, I sms-ed her and she came within next 20 mins and knocked my door.

It was already open she just pushed the door and I saw her lovely face peeping inside. Our eyes met and she stepped in and locked the door behind. I was already in bed lying in my shorts and vest. I got up and we hugged each other tight caressing each other’s back and head. Still holding her tight we looked in each other eyes and our lips met involuntarily resulting in a wild and hot kiss with our tongues sucking each other and sucking our saliva.

We bit each other lips and tongue so wild like there is no tomorrow. We broke the kiss in five min and she whispered in my ears, “ I missed you”. “I missed you too” I replied and led her to my bed holding her hand. We lay in each other arms softly kissing each other talking about the journey work and kids. She looked at her watch and she had only 1 hour left to go back home. I was disappointed and suggested for a quick session.

She was wearing a long blue flowered dress little below her knees which I started lifting slowly. My hands caressing her thighs and buttocks my fingers inserting in her panty lines and roaming in her ass crack and pussy lips. Our lips were still locked and she escaped an audible Ummmm from her mouth when my fingers traveled her wet pussy. Her panties were already soaked with her wetness and I started pulling them down her thighs.

While I finished pulling her panty over her feet, she removed her dress completely and now I could see her only in her white lacy bra. I stepped little far from bed and adored her beauty for a while. She closed her legs and called me in bed with her curled index finger. I removed my vest but suddenly she wanted to remove my shorts on her own. She slipped on the edge of the bed and kissed my already hard cock over my shorts.

She kissed my cock all over my short and slowly pulled them down along with my Jockey underwear. My six inches cock sprang out like snake demanding her attention. She held it in her hands caressing it gently up and down looking in my eyes she cupped my balls and squeezed them softly. She kissed my balls licking them and finally sucking each testicle in her mouth I was already feeling elated.

She ran her tongue right from my cock to the tip and engulfed the cock head in her mouth. She was moving her hot mouth on my shaft and I was holding her hair. I loved the sight how her lips go from tip to base and back to tip. She swirled her tongue on my cock head probing my pee hole, patting my dick on her flat tongue.

Gosh! I wanted to hold her naked body. I pushed her back on bed and settled myself between her opened legs. We engaged in a hot passionate kiss again. My tongue traveled from her ear to cheeks, lips and neck. I knew she would go crazy if I keep kissing her neck. Loud moans escaping her mouth while I kissed her entire neck.

She was still in her bra and I had to release those beautiful big meaty mounds. Her bra was gone in a fraction of second and my hot mouth was devouring her hard nipples and entire breasts. “Oh God suck them hard. Pinch my nipples. Bite them please”, she ordered. I was doing exactly what she told me to do.

Her breasts were wet with my saliva all over and I made them bright red with my vigorous sucking and biting. I moved down and probed her naval with my tongue tip. She was oozing with wetness and the white bed sheet was already wet with her dripping juices. I went crazy seeing her neatly shaven cunt and showered my kisses all over her pussy. Every kiss was resulted in Aah! Ooh! Umm! And I was surely enjoying that.

My hands slid below her ass cheeks and lifted them to my mouth. I ran my flat big tongue right from her ass hole to her clits. First thing I had to clean her pussy with my tongue which I slurped each drop coming from her love hole. Next thing I was eating her clits and she was crying with joy and pleasure holding my head pressing it hard on her pussy. I caught her clits in my teeth and flicked it with my tongue tip.

She was going crazy with my mouth’s brutal assault and she pushed me further down. I darted my tongue out and buried deep inside her honey pot. She squirmed and pushed her pussy on my mouth. Now I was fucking her with my tongue and her hips were moving on my mouth. I came back to her clits and replaced my tongue with my two fingers fucking her hole and I was chewing her clits.

I knew she was going to come but she stopped me there and pulled me up. “ I wanna come with you, please enter me” She took my cock and it had no problem going in world’s most sloppy cunt. We fucked like rabbits with my cock hit her deep inside and she raised her hips with every hit to meet my thrust. “Oh baby fuck me hard and come with me”. I was verbal too with “ Oh yes Sona, I am fucking you I love you so much I love you more than my life”

She replied with a hot kiss again with her breast crushed under my hairy chest. Soon she held her legs high and asked me fuck hard. I increased my pace and I was coming too. We both held each other tight and started coming hard. She cried” Oh god come with me Dev please I am coming”, I joined her orgasm saying “yes I am coming too sona, oh I am coming”

Next moment we were shouting hard coming together I shot my thick hot sperm in her wet hot count in again and again. For next five mins we did not move I was lying on top of her and she was caressing my back. We kissed hard again smiling at each other. My cock slid out from her pussy like a slippery noodle spilling lots of my cum on the bed sheet. “

Tomorrow please come on my tits!” I was happy to hear those words. She got up and dressed in a jiffy we kissed hard again and she left for home leaving me to masturbate at night alone thinking about our hot session. But I knew that her birthday is tomorrow and when she comes back next day I have to treat her like my queen. Next part I will describe in my next story. Till then please send me all your comments at / / I am still looking for a lovely women whom I can love and share my immense treasure of love with my woman.