Real Life Behind Shining Part V

Hi to ISS readers I am bit late for my story as I was out of city. Sorry for that For new one I am Sarapa i am 39 years old very white as snow round face long neck big eyes and nice lips I have 38.28.38 and very beautiful feet now goes straight to story as I told to Ramu that maids will not come for next 3 days he became very happy and hold me in his arms and kissed me on my lips I pushed him away and said Ramu sabar karoo bohat time hay abhi jaao bath loo or bahar say pizza lay aao main bhi bath lainay jaa rahi hoom he smiled and went and

I came to bathroom I shaved my pubic and put new red nail polish and after a hot shower I took a see through nighty till my knees no bra or panty I saw myself in mirror in black nighty my white body was shining I came to living room I know Ramu will be back after an hour as pizza she is in another area I was thinking of last night when I got joy of my life and thinking of our life we are very respectful madams in society but what we are inside our hubbies and fathers are busy in money making and leave there beautiful madam for drivers and servants they don’t know the body needs?

They know it but they think the money can close the mouths by my childhood I saw my mother with daddy’s friend but daddy don’t mind if that relation increase his wealth or boost his business what the respectful we are I was in deep thoughts when I heard door opening and Ramu came in with pizzas and he looked at me his eyes were full of lust and he said sarapa aap bohat hi sexy lag rahi hain achha achha bhook lagee hay pehlay khana woh bola ok khanay kay baad main aik movie layaa hoon woh daikhan gay Kon see movies hay he sain in naughty style waisee hay jaisay maain or aap saree raat kartey rahay hain ohhhhhh porn

But he don’t understand and went to dining room and I was behind him and we took dinner in pin drop silent and then he went to make coffee as I take coffee after my din and I came to drawing room and took that cd and put in DVD player as I was sure it was a hard core in starting 2 African guys were playing with a young blond and were busy kissing and caressing her breast she was totally naked guys were in there jeans and t- shirts one guys was sucking her pussy and other was kissing she opened his jeans and put down together with his underwear and there was a bamboo like cock about 10 inches long

And very thick and she looks a bit scary to that that was hard he pushed to her mouth and she hardly was able to take his big mushroom in her mouth other guy was licking her pussy and his finger was in her ass she was moaning and then came Ramu and gave me cup of coffee and sits on floor and put my feet in his lap and massaging them and watching movies then he said sarapa ji kitna bara hay iss kallay kaa hummmmmm aap ko achaa lag rahaa hay I said Ramu aaj ki raat mere hay main apne marzee karoon gee woh bola jaisay aap ki khushee and took my right foot to

His mouth and kissed and started to lick aap ki nailpolish aap kay sufaid paaon per kitnee sundar laag rahi hay and he started to lick my foot overall he was biting my heel my sole and fingers I closed my eyes and was enjoying and suddenly with a big moan I opened my eyes and I saw that 2 guys were fucking her both holes she was crying in pain and I was unknown when Ramu opened my legs his hands were massaging my inner thighs his eyes were closed and he was licking my feet I put my hand on his hairs

And he opened his eyes I asked him Ramu film nahi daikhnee nahi sarapa aap say zayada khoobsorat woh larkee to nahi hoo saktee and kissed my knee Ramu tum mujhay masat kar rahay hoo he pulled my both legs and my hips were on edge of sofa and he was licking my thighs I closed my eyes and was enjoying he licked my both thighs for 15 mins then he pushed my knees towards my breast and opened my legs and saw my fresh shaved pussy and said Sarapa ji aap ki choot say zayada sundar choot main nay na daikhee hay na hi daikhon gaa

And kissed my already hard clit Oooohhh Ramu and hi took my clit in his mouth and started suck very hard same time his finger was on my back door rubbing my ass I was in heaven he was biting my clit and i was moving my hips and pushing to his mouth he was trying to push his finger in my ass hole that was hurting ramu yahan maat karo dard hoo raha hay but he was busy and finally he pushed his half finger in my ass I cried in pain as hole not lubricated now he was licking right on my love hole my body was shivering I was my hips very fast oohhhh

Ramu main jharnay walli hoon mere choot kaa panee aa raha hay and with a big hip push i came on his mouth and was drinking all my juices I was breathing very heavy my eyes were closed he licked and sucked al juices and my pussy was bit dry then he got up and removed my nighty and was standing in front of my face I got the signal and started to open his pant and pushed to his ankles and he removed it and I pulled down his underwear and his cock came out like a spring fully erected and he pulled my face gently and I opened my mouth

And his purple cock head went in my mouth and I was sucking now I looked in his eyes he was moaning and he sarapa aap jab lund choostee to mujhay bohat mazaa miltaa hay hummmmm I cant answer him as he pushed his whole long cock in my mouth I was sucking his cock hard and with one hand rubbing his milk sacs he was rubbing my nipples after 10 mins of sucking I said to him Ramu sofay per lait jaao now he was laying on his back I came near his face put my leg on sofa back and brought my pussy to his mouth and said Ramu mere choot koo chooso and he pushed his tongue in my pussy hole and with one hand pressing my nipples in mins

I was wet again and i sat on his tummy and pushed my hips to his cock and then opened my legs and now his cock was touching my pussy with one hand I took hold of his cock and pressed my pussy on and his big cock head went in as I was very well lubricated and this time not pain full and I pushed and pushed and his whole cock went inside me I bent and he started to suck my lips I was moving up and down and slowly I got speed we both were moaning ahhhh sarapa aaj too aap ki choot lkund ko chod rahi hay haan ramu aaj main tum ko choodon gee and I was rotating my hips and was tighten

My pussy muscles around his to make him moan ohhhhhh kaya kar rahi hoo sarapa or karoouuhhh and now he was pushing his hips very fast we both were fucking room was full with sex smell and moans in 15 mins i came twice he whispered in my ear Sarapa mera lund peechay say nahi loo gee ji chahtaa hay mera pura lund tumaree gand main ho ramu bohat dard hoo gaa woh bola nahi creme lagga kar aaram say karoon gaa ok ramu sach to yeh hay kaay mera bhi dill chah rahaa hay magar tumra lung bohat mota or lambaa hay daroo maat sarapa and with that he

Pushed me on sofa and brought a bottle of cream from bed room and said to me sofay per baith jaao and then he pulled me my hips were in the air he was on floor pushed my legs to ward my chest open legs and with one finger applied cream on my hole and then inside he pushed 2 finfures uuuhhhhh ramu dard hoo rahaa hay he put a lot of cream inside my ass hole and a lot on his cock and put my legs on his shoulders and bent now his cock was touching my pussy then he adjusted himself and now his cock was touching my ass he took

My lips in his mouth and with one hand he pushed his cock in my ass his head slipped inside and I was nearly dead with pain I cant cry as I was lips locked I was trying to push him away but cant and he was giving powerful pushed and in 5 or 6 pushes he was fully in my ass and he was fucking and fucking he was giving very powerful pushed I was dying but he was merciless and after some long mins i started to enjoy as pain was vanished he got it and left my lips uhhrrrraaauuu tum bohat bereham hoo he smiled and said sarapa agar main ahista ahista karta to zayada dard hoota aab mazaa bhi to millay gaa

And weigh that he lifted me in his arms my legs were around his hips and arms in his neck now he was fucking me in standing and that shows his body strength he was fucking my ass very hard and now I was also moving my hips to be with his thrusts and after 20 mins standing fucking he let me on for in doggy and fucked hard very hard and same time rubbing my clit pressing my breast I can 5 times I was feeling very tired but he was not and aft 50 mins continue fucking he sprayed all his thick milk in ass and that three fucked my both hole everywhere in the, kitchen bed room, bathroom even on roof top and what happened after in next part any story by female is welcome at / /