Life With Girls Part II

Hi All.. I am a regular reader of ISS for the past three years. And i enjoy all the stories and real life happenings that are being posted in this site. It is a very good site to satisfy ousrelves.

Now coming to my incident(s). I am guy, 22 years of age from the state of Tamil Nadu leading a happy bachelors life and working. I was brought up in a very good family. Both my parents are working and i have a younger brother. I did my schooling in a very good reputed school from my city, my Engineering in a top college in state and am decently paid for my work now. Let me come straight to my “Life with Girls”

It all started in my 7th standard, when i started feeling horny, watching porn movies in TV, Masturbating. But since my school was a boys school, I didn’t have girls contact till my 12th standard when i went for extra coaching classes. That is the year I started reading girls. How they want boys to be. What impresses them. How to speak to make them fall for you. How to seduce them.

My 1st girl was “C”. C was my backdoor neighbor for 1 year then. She s 3 years younger to me. But shell look very hot. She had very big and sharp boobs. A curvy hip and fleshy tough ass. Anyone who looks at her would want to fuck her. We were looking at each other for about a year. When I was about to move out of city for college, I had a chance to inform her that. We met in a nearby stores.

She started crying on the road as if we were in love for the past 1 yr and asked me not to leave her. I promised her that  ill call her frequently and will come and meet her whenever I came home for holidays. We had small phone talks after i left. Once when I came home after 2 months, it just happened that there was no one in my house and her as well. She called me through her window and asked me to come over. I jumped the wall and entered her house through the backdoor which she had left open for me.

Once went inside, I found all windows and doors closed. It was noon but as her house is surrounded by trees, it was pretty dark inside. She was standing in the corner in her tight t shirt and midi. I went near her and held her hips from behind. She immediately closed her eyes in ecstasy and leaned back on me Slowly I rolled my hands over her dress on her belly, breasts and neck and kissed her ears.

She turned back and hugged me. I caressed her back. My tool was growing in size. As I was in shorts and t shirt, she could easily feel me. I pressed her Ass and pulled her closer to me to make her feel me more. She suddenly pulled back and asked me if she can wear a half saree and show it to me. I readily agreed

She asked me to wait in the hall and went inside the bedroom to change. I was waiting for ten min. She then came out in green color half saree. She looked very beautiful. She was feeling very shy and didn’t come near me even. I stood up and walked near her. She started moving back inside the bedroom. I caught her hand and her pallu together. It just came off her shoulders revealing her blouse covered boobs. She got shy and hugged me. Immediately, I started kissing her lips.

We were sucking each others lips for 2 min and I started slowly removing her blouse and bra(Both had buckles behind).She was getting hornier. Once I was done I slowly removed them. She easily yielded to my moves. I saw her big boobs with Pink nipples, rock hard. I started sucking them like a hungry puppy.

She was getting damn hot. She asked me to remove my t shirt. I said “If u want, You do”. She then removed my t shirt and now we both were naked in top. Bodies touching each other. Heat rising. I again continued to suck the nipples, bite them occasionally. Slowly I started removing the knot in the petticoat. She protested at first.

But i took her had and kept it on my hair. She started caressing t and i started removing the petticoat. To my surprise, she did not wear a panty. There… Man… What a body.. I threw all dresses away and pushed her on the bed. She fell with all her body parts jingling. What a sight. The slight fat cover on her body made her more sexy.

I jumped on top of her and started fingering and licking her pussy. She was already Hot and wet.

She started moaning “Aah hhhhhh”. We both were sweating like hell. When i stopped suddenly, she got up and pulled my shorts along with my brief and threw it away.

She then said “Do It”.

I said “I will. But before that u have to suck mine”.

She said “No way. Yuk. I can’t do that”.

I replied ” I sucked you. So you have to do it to me. May be we both can do it together”

She agreed with half mind. I went on top of her in 69 position. But she couldn’t do anything. So we interchanged position with her in top. Now she started kissing my cock and sucked my balls. slowly she licked my cock. I felt a shock passing through my body. Then she put my 6″cock in her mouth and sucked it. I was also sucking her pussy, finger fucked her sometime. Her moaning increased and she came right on my face.

Then i asked her “Shall we”

She said “Yes!”

I made her lay on her back, spread her legs and slowly inserted my cock in her pussy. She was very tight. She closed her eyes bit her teeth. Tears rolled down her cheeks. I was also badly in pain.When in pushed my tool completely, she screamed and blood started oozing out her pussy. But now I felt as though she was getting away from pain. I lay still for a minute. Then started stroking her. She started enjoying it. After 3 min of fucking she started moving her hips rhythmically to my strokes.

She was moaning in a low voice and I was in heaven. There,  I felt her coming. I was about to cum. To play safe, i took my tool out and shot all my cum on her belly. She said that was the happiest day of her life. We then cleaned ourselves up and I left home after hugging her naked for 10 min. After that incident we didn’t get chance to have sex. But we had 2 chances to satisfy each other with our hands in cinema theatre. Once I also when to her house just to suck her boobs and return soon as her mother had gone only nearby.

Now she has changed her house and shifted to another place. We had many phone chats, which reduced day by day. Now she is in college and is in love with some other guy. “C” was the 1st girl i got in my life. We are in contact now But only sms and very formal. I have many other incidents with other girls to tell you guys. I will post them shortly. Please feel free to leave your comments at / / Any unsatisfied girls, ladies house wives can always contact me. I can provide as much satisfaction as possible. I promise, secrecy will be maintained.