Making Real Woman Of Sex Part II

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They can chat with me if they want I m online in yahoo messenger. Ok, I start my story, it is real experience, one day when I was in shopping mall and going down in lift , while one beautiful and hot woman entered in , she was looking very sad, I have seen some tears in her eyes, she turn around and see to me and give me smile, when two more person entered in the lift, she come closer to me, and her back bottom part was touching me, I have seen in her eyes at that time she was enjoying it, after that we reached the basement parking area.

When we all come out of lift, she again turn and gave me smile, and stopped near her vehicle, she was trying to avoid me her but she cannot stop her to look to me, I was just looking her without any shy or feeling guilty, I was knowing she needs someone to care her. I went to her and ask her if she need any help, she gave me smile and replied me, I need some special help , any one cannot give, and then changed the topic and told me she is waiting for her friend. I told her

I am expert in eye reading, then told her that you are not looking happy by inner heart, she replied,, yes your are true, she gave me smile and become more comfortable, then I direct told her, you have many sexual desire in your heart, you want someone who can make you real woman and fulfill your wild thoughts. I was so confident that it is true, so I directly told her that, she replied, your are wrong, I then told her, don’t lie dear friend, tell me true you need it badly, you want a man who can be your dream man,

And fulfill your every wild thoughts, she down her head and replied shy fully, yes I need. I gave her my card and told her if she needs any help then call me. After two days, I received unknown call, I recognize her voice, she told me she wants to meet me, we decided to meet and that same mall where we meet before, in the evening. We meet there, I told her lets go to coffee shop , we started to chat with each other, she told her husband is all the time behind money and every night comes late, and not taking any interest in her, after giving 2 year old daughter.

She told me she have many wild thoughts about sex, but her husband is never fulfill her, and she was afraid to tell her husband that she like to be used very badly like a fucking whore. I was shocked to hear these words from her beautiful lips, and then I hold her hand and told her your search is ends with me, and I promised her she will be happy with me. She was looking very happy now. She told me lets go for movie, I told before we take dinner then we go for movie, and after I drop you at your home.

She told me that no need to drop her at her home, because her husband is gone for business trip and return after one week,. She then told me, James I am yours for this week, I will do whatever you say, please make me a real woman, I am very thirsty, please fill me with your love, I am totally yours from today, let me take your place. I hold her hand and I take her to my farm house. When we reached there, then I told her, I will fulfill you but only in one condition. She replied anything you want.

I told her, from today I will decide cloths for her to wear, and she will obey my every command, without any objection or disobeying it, she agreed to it. I told her go and take shower, she went to toilet and throw her cloths out one by one, last she throw her panty and bra. I then bring my T-shirt, and cut it form front in shape of woman boobs. She come out and searching for cloths to wear, which was already taken form there by me, and gave her T-shirt, after some time she come out, when

I saw her my cock harden sudden, she was looking like a fucking doll, her boobs was clear in view, it was big in size, and T-shirt was small so it cannot cover her west bottom part, so her brown color haired pussy was in clear view. i told her to turn around and show me her back, she did it, and her white ass chicks come in view, it was looking very soft. I went close to her and put my hand on her ass chicks and another on her boobs, when I touched her, she started to coming from her pussy, and she was breathing heavily, the she told me

James, you have win me and my heart forever, from today, you have made me so much exited . I never be in my life, you made me excite in just one touch, common James I m thirsty fill me with your cock, fuck me hardly James, I am yours from today, when she was speaking, I had insert my figure in her dripping pussy, she jerk and sit on my figure by this my full finger slide down inside her, she started to coming then I take her to bed.

And fuck her full night, like a fucking machine, when we existed we eat something then start fucking was first day..I fucked her all the week, day and night, and she have to wear selected cloths by me and I have selected cloths for her such so it cannot cover her boobs and pussy, and she was not allowed to wear bra or panty for a week , it make easy to fuck her whenever I want..and I fucked her lot ..she come to me when ever husband goes out for business, she one day told me..I am very thankful to you

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