Lingerie Fetish Part II

Ive received literally hundreds of mails wanting to know what happened next (read “Lingerie Fetish”, my previous post on ISS) after I gift wrapped my cum soaked panties to my bachelor neighbor on his birthday. So, heres the next installment of the story. I hope youll enjoy this one too.

After saying “Bye” to Prakash I rushed back to my flat and shut the door. I was still stunned and shocked at myself and my daring! I did not know from where I had mustered the courage to do what I just did and was beginning to wonder whether Id been stupid! My face was burning red with shame by now. But with a defiant shake of my head I decided I wouldnt lose any more time worrying over it. Whats done is done.

It was mid morning now and Id almost finished all my chores for the day. Time, now, to relax and so I sat on the sofa with a magazine in hand. Was part reading part flipping through the pages, not really focusing on anything. The phone rang and I said “Hello”. The voice at the other end was nice, well educated “Hello, thanks for the amazing gift!”. It was Prakash! I could feel the blood rush to my face as I blushed and stammered “Listen, Im sorry if I upset you, I dont know what came over me, its just that I saw ….”

I was blabbering, God, this was getting too much! I mean it was He who should be feeling nervous for having his secret found out, no?!! Yet, here I was the one who was stammering. Hey, dont apologize”, he said. “I dont know how you found out, or even how long youve been aware of my doings. But I really mean it, this is the most beautiful gift Ive ever received! Thank you so much. Please, I really mean it” he said again. I liked the way he said it, the warmth in his voice was coming though and getting to me. I whispered, “What have you done with my gift?” He asked me “Do you really want to know?” I said “Hmm hmm” indicating a yes.

“Im lying on my bed with your panties on my face, smelling your fragrance while talking to you. You smell soooo good.” I was blown away with his words. I could feel the blood rushing out from my head now, leaving me pale faced, as all that extra blood rushed through my veins to assemble in the region between my legs. Gals & guys, believe me, I gushed wet down there just listening to his words. In a husky voice I asked him “Why are you doing that?” He replied “Ive been for long, secretly admiring you but never had the guts to show my feelings to you. Whenever I could I used to steal your panties and jerk off imagining that I was making love to you. Have been doing this for a while now” he confessed.

“Are you jerking off now?” I asked. He said “No, not now”. “Why, dont you feel like it?” “God, yess, you cannot imagine how much I want to!” he said. I told him “So go ahead and do it while youre talking to me now. Its your birthday, enjoy the gift fully!” I heard him unzip his trousers and his breath grew a bit labored. I too kept my right hand, index finger on my vagina and began to slowly caress myself. This was ridiculous, I was behaving like a teenager learning the joys of masturbating for the first time. At the time I was dressed in a sleeveless T-shirt, no bra, a knee length loose skirt and panties.

I lifted my skirt up to my waist and was fingering my clit over my panties, feeling the cotton get soaked slowly. This felt so good I tell you, I had to bite my lower lip. A soft moan escaped me as I heard his breathing grow heavier, probably he was pounding his cock away. I asked, “Prakash, what are you up to?” He muffled a reply, not quite audibly so I asked him to repeat his words. “Im tasting your crotch, feeling the sticky cloth with my tongue. It tastes yummy!” he said. He continued,

Sudha, spread your legs open for me, feel my tongue probe deep inside you, sucking your clit. Let me taste your honey, come sit over my mouth and ride me!” I gasped is sheer excitement, my hips rose up to allow my finger to plunge hard against my sore, hard clit. I said “Ummmm, that would be lovely! Eat me, baby!!”. I ripped my panties off now, lifted my legs up skyward and spread open, my hole breathing air in an attempt to cool my heat. He continued, “My hands are squeezing your buttocks, do you feel my finger enter your arsehole?” I said ”

Yesss, do it, gently!!” As those words left me I could feel the first wave of a massive multiple orgasm ripple though my body, starting from just below my navel and soaring out in a wave after wave, my legs bucking as my thighs trembled in a long mounting climax. I couldnt hold anymore and muffled “Prakashhhh, Im coming!” just to hear him too reach a climax with a series of “Aaaah, aaah, aaaaarrrghhhh, shhhhhhh!” at his end.

A few seconds of silence as we both regained our breath. Tentatively, he asked, “How are you feeling?” “Mmmmmmm” I replied. “When can we do this for real?” he asked. “Lets see”, I said, “sometime soon. We must be careful, the Shahs are very nosy and I dont want them to get a hint of this. Keep this quiet for now. Ill let you know when its safe”. It was some time before Prakash tool entered my socket we had to wait. Youll have to wait too, till I write about it. Mail me your feedback on / /