Maami Chudi Train Mein Part II

Hi to all ISS readers. To be real the story is a pure work of fiction and my imagination. So I would like you to at least read and then comment also so that I would write again. To begin with I am Rohan (not real name), 20 years of age. I live in Kanpur. The story which I am going to narrate is about my hot and sexy aunt Ritu who is 40 years of age. She has a great figure of 38-30-38. Black hair up to her waist is my weakness.

The incident happened in May last year when we were travelling to her hometown. She had sent her children earlier with their uncle and I was to accompany her later. The journey was of 9-10 hours by train. Those 10 hours changed my life and I am experiencing that change till now. It so happened that in the train I had the upper birth and Ritu was having the lower birth. Since it was a season of hot summers so Ritu was just in a short kurti and jeans. The kurti was such that one could easily see her pink bra. The train was at 2 am in the night so we were very sleepy.

Ours were an ac sleeper coach so there were 4 births altogether in the coach. The opposite births were empty at the beginning but as the train was about to leave, the births were filled by two men who might be in their early 20’s and were looking like some college students. As soon as they entered the coach their eyes straightaway went towards Ritu and they started checking her out. I was looking all this from my birth. Ritu was sitting and listening to music on her I pod. She saw them and said nothing. She laid on her birth and went to sleep covering herself with the blanket.

One hour later I woke up and saw that the two guys were sitting on the lower birth and checking out Ritu again as her blanket had come down and her cleavage was visible. Later I saw that one of the guys opened his zip and took out his dick which was limp. He started shaking it and within no time it became hard. I noticed that it might be 6.5” in length but very thick. Later the other guy also opened his zip and took out his already hard dick which was about 7” in length. They both started shaking their cocks.

I was enjoying all this from my top birth. 15 minutes later Ritu suddenly woke up and saw the guys shaking their dicks. Immediately they put their dicks inside their pants and covered themselves with the blanket. Ritu did not say anything to them and went to the bathroom. Meanwhile the two guys started talking to each other something in low voice and went to their respective births. When Ritu came back she saw both the guys sleeping and she herself went to her birth to sleep. Only 2 hours have gone till now and 7 hours were still to go.

So I again went to sleep but my eyes opened again about half an hour later and I saw that one of the guys was missing from his birth. I thought that he might have gone to toilet but when the guy from the upper birth woke up and went directly to Ritu’s birth I came to know that the guy on the lower birth was already on Ritu’s birth. I bend a little and saw that Ritu was sitting on her birth and the guys were on each side of Ritu.

Ritu’s kurti was down and she was in her pink bra and her eyes were closed. Guys’ hands were moving on Ritu’s body. They were pressing her boobs slowly and she was enjoying them. I saw that Ritu’s hands slowly moved towards their pants’ zip and she freed their dicks from their pants and took them in her hands to play with those rods. I did not believe that Ritu was doing all this but I was enjoying the scene and slowly my rod was also rock hard.

Ritu’s boobs have become big and nipples were hard and she was shaking their cocks hard. Pre cum was coming from both of their dicks and their big cock heads were shining with the pre cum in the dim light of the coach. One of the guys then opened the bra hooks and removed her bra. Now the sexy pair of boobs was in front of them and both the guys were holding her boobs in each hand. Ritu told something in their ears and the two boys laid their two blankets on the ground of the coach. Ritu laid on the blanket and the guys removed her jeans and exposed her milky white legs.

Her legs were clean shaved and were shining. She was wearing pink panties. Now one of the guys moved towards her boobs and the other guy went towards her pussy area. Ritu was in double heaven i guess. They both were madly exploring her body from top to bottom. Ritu was just shivering and enjoying with her eyes closed and biting her lips. Her both hands were at the back of the guys’ heads pressing them towards her body. The guy exploring her pussy slowly removed her panty and started licking her pussy which had small hair.

Now she was completely nude and lying in front of them. I saw that her panty was all wet, some with her pre cum and some with the guy’s saliva. Their dicks were saluting her body and they were sucking her all over. Now one guy slowly entered his dick inside her mouth and started slow fucking her mouth. She was moaning loud and wild moving her head in rhythm with the guy’s movement. The other guy kept on sucking her juicy cunt with his tongue. Her deep pussy was clearly visible to me and i was rubbing my dick slowly which was now out of my pants.

Now the guy sucking her pussy brought some honey from his bag and put few drops on her big deep navel and started sucking her navel. Ritu became more wild now and started shouting like hell with a dick in her mouth. The guy also put honey on her pussy mound and sucked all the honey mixed with her cum. I was really getting excited with all this. Within few minutes this guy also inserted his dick in Ritu’s well lubricated pussy and started to fuck her. Now Ritu was being banged in her mouth and pussy.

She was screaming like a wild cat not caring about me. The guy fucking her mouth soon came in her mouth and she was made to drink all the cum. The other guy continued to fuck her pussy while the first guy started sucking her boobs once again. He applied the honey on her nipples and started licking them with his tongue. Ritu got excited and started pressing his head tightly towards her boobs. 10 mins later the guy fucking her cum inside her and pulled out his dick from her hot pussy.

Now they made Ritu stand and the guys positioned themselves front and back of Ritu. The guy facing her ass first inserted his dick in her asshole and then the other guy pushed his dick in her pussy. Ritu now was filled in both her love holes and was enjoying extremely speaking dirty words and giving all the gaalis she knew. I was also masturbating watching all this and might have cum at least thrice within an hour. It may be around 5 am in the morning and they were exhausted fucking 2 hours continuously.

So after coming inside her ass and pussy, the trio slept on the same blanket nude. I also went to sleep. At around 7 am Ritu woke me up and asked me to get ready for the breakfast as we were about 2 hours away from the destination. I woke up and went to the bathroom to piss and all that. When i came back one of the guys went to the bathroom. After 2 minutes Ritu followed him. 5 minutes later the first guy came back and then the other guy left the coach but Ritu was still not back. 5 minutes later that guy also came back and within two minutes Ritu also came back.

I noticed that her kurti was a bit wet and her room was also smelling like that of piss. I understood that the guys have made her drink their piss. My dick got excited by just imagining her drinking their piss. For rest of the two hours all the three remained quite only having eye contact with them. As the train stopped at Jaipur station, Ritu asked me to go down and told that she will come I a minute. I understood her feelings and went outside the couch.

But I remained outside and watched inside the coach through a small opening. I saw that Ritu kissed both of them while they mercilessly pressed her boobs and bid them goodbye. She managed her hair and came out of the coach. I asked her what happened to which she replied that she had forgotten something in the coach. We travelled out of the station to go to her house. The train incident was over but till date we don’t know the names of the two guys to be continued if anyone interested in interacting with me can contact me and Waiting for your comments.