Bus Journey Leads To Sex Part II

Hi Readers, this is Atul once again with a new story. Sorry, I could not submit my story for about 1 month due to heavy work load. But now hopeful to submit it at least once in 15 days. So here I go. Once my boss has given me an assignment for Aurangabad, for which, I need to stay there at least for an week. Accordingly, the booking has been made by the office, both for my bus travel and hotel as well.

On the day, I left the home with my bag, fully loaded with my clothes and office documents. I then reached the bus stop and waited there for some time and then the bus came. The attendant told me that I have to keep my bag at the rear side storage as it was too big and heavy to be accommodated in the bus. So, with the help of him, I load my bag at the rear side storage and board the bus with a hand bag.

When I reached my seat, I found that the young girl of around 24-25 years was seating at the window seat. I was happy to see her as it is always boring if you get a mismatched co- passanger during a long journey. I pulled out the blanket from my hand bag and put the bag at the top rack and settled on my seat. She looked at me and smiled. I also smiled at her in return.

We then had a small introduction. Her name was Aarti and she was a Marketing Manager in a private

firm in Mumbai and was going to Aurangabad for some sales meeting. I was happy to hear that, as it was a good company till my destination. Bus started exactly at 9:30 pm and after 30 minutes, everybody was settled at each others place. I pulled up the blanket and within no time, I was in deep sleep. I suddenly got awake due to something. At first, I didnt realize it what it could be, but when I was awake completely, I saw that Aarti was trying to wake me up.

She told me that she is feeling very cold. So if I have any spare blanket for her. I told her thatĀ I have only one blanket and if she wish, we both can accommodate in it. She told that it is fine and she is ready to share the blanket with me. I then opened up my blanket fully and gave one side to her. She pulled up the blanket properly and then we both slept. At around 1:00 am in the night, I woke up again and this time it was due to Aartis head which was rested on my shoulder. Her touch made me aroused and my sleep vanished away.

There was full blanket over both of us so no one could see anything. Also the lights in the bus were put off so it was total dark inside. I then slowly moved my hand in such a way that my right elbow started touching her left boob. There was no movement from her, so my courage increased. I pressed my elbow further towards her boob and got a touch of her nipple. My cock was already hard and standing in my pant. I then moved my left hand and placed it on her right boob slowly and started caressing her nipple with my finger. Still there was no movement from her side.

Now my courage was at a high and I pressed her boob a bit harder. A soft moan came out of her mouth and I noticed that she is not in sleep but enjoying my playing with her boob. I then made a daring and pulled her towards me. Her head is now rested on my chest and my both hands are now engaged on pressing her both boobs slowly and caressing her nipples. I could feel that her nipples are becoming erect and hard. I made a next step and put my lips on her chick. She opened her eyes and looked at me and gave me a smile.

Now it was all green signal for me and it was confirmed with her smile that she also wanted the same. Slowly I started removing the buttons of her top and within no time, could see her white bra. I then pulled her more further towards me and put my hands behind her and removed the hook of her bra. Her small but well shaped boobs are now free. They were not big but perfectly shaped like mangoes. I moved towards her boobs and started sucking it slowly. Her breathing was becoming heavier and she took hold of my zip and removed my cock from my pant.

My cock was already rock hard and tall standing. She caressed it by her hand and murmured in my ears that it is quite big. I said yes it is. In the meantime, I continued licking and sucking her boobs and she kept on caressing my cock. Now my one hand moved towards her jeans and unzipped her jeans and now I could feel the heat in her pussy. I put my hands below her butts and lifted her up a bit and pulled her jeans with panty down towards her knees. Now her pubic area was well accessible to me and my finger went to her pussy crack and started exploring her clit.

She again moaned lightly. She was biting her lips to control her moans to the minimum. I could feel her juices below and she was completely wet there. I then removed my pant and undi and moved it towards my knees. Now both of us had an access to our public areas. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy crack and opened her pussy lips. She was fingering the tip of my cock, which was also wet because of my pre-cum. I then told her to seat on my lap. She slowly adjusted her and sat on my laps. I told her to adjust my cock to her pussy hole which she does. Now I got hold of her both the boobs and squeezed them hard and caressed her nipples.

She again moaned. Now my cock tip was on her pussy hole and I pulled her down slowly and my cock entered in her well lubricated pussy. She was also adjusting herself nicely and in 5 minutes, my entire cock was inside her pussy. Now she started jumping on me and I was squeezing her boobs as her back was facing me. Slowly her jumping increased and so does our fucking speed. It was a real heaven. Her pussy was very hot inside and my cock was feeling the heat of her pussy.

We continued our fucking for 30 minutes, during that time, she cum twice. Now I also startedĀ giving upward thrusts to her pussy and I could feel pressure in my balls. But still I continued to thrust her and after about 45 minutes of continuous fucking, I cum inside her pussy. Before cum, I put a handkerchief below her butts so that the seat should not be spoiled. I shoot a tons of load of my cum inside her pussy and it was flowing out. I remained in that position for another 15 minutes and then removed my cock from her pussy.

A big flow of my cum started oozing out from her pussy. I cleaned it by my handkerchief and cleaned myself as well. We then put our dresses properly and slept in each others hug like a husband and wife. It was all done with blanket over us so nobody got doubt about our fucking session. Secondly, it was started from 1:00 am till 2:00 am, so it was a perfect sleeping time for the others.

Bus halted for morning breakfast at around 7:00 am and we woke up. We freed ourselves from each others hug and then went to have tea and breakfast. In hotel also we sat close to each other as if we are a couple. We finished our breakfast and again got back to our seats. The bus reached Aurangabad and I told her that she should check in my hotel only. She agreed and we went to the hotel. She also booked a room but told me that she will be in my room in the night.

I gleefully accepted her offer as I was not satisfied with the fucking session we had in the bus and I want the complete exploration of this lovely girl to its fullest. However, it was not possible during the day time as both were having lot of work to do. So we freshened ourselves and mate at the cafeteria around 10:00 am. We had tea there and then parted to our respective work with a promise to meet in the night. What we have done in night is my next story, which I promise that I will submit it very soon. Hope all the readers have liked this story. Please post me your valuable comments on my email id / /