Vinod And His Mil

By : Thickdick

Vinod is a 33 year old handsome hunk with a chiseled body and a really attractive and charming personality. He thought of himself as the Demigod and people around him thought he looked no less than a Greek God. He was also well endowed, well more than well endowed with a dick as long as the Nile (He was known as “Horse Dick” by the many who had seen or tasted his dick).

He really was a narcissist and was extremely proud of the 10 inch really thick and horny dick he has been blessed with which he had put to good use since he stepped into his teens, screwing many women, older and younger. He didn’t care who he fucked, as long as the woman had a good body and a smelly pussy, Yes that’s right, Vinod had many fetish as he grew up drunk with the power of his own youthfulness and one of the many fetish he had was to smell, lick and finally fuck the life out the smelly and hairy cunts.

He got married to an equally attractive and beautiful and really curvy woman 12 years back. Her name is Sunaina and she was one lusty and horny woman whose cunt leaked juices all the time.

She was everything Vinod had wanted for in a woman. If he hadn’t found Sunaina he would have never married and continued seeding all the women in the world with his balls full of cum.

They lived in a huge independent bungalow far away from the din of the city with farms spread across their house.

Vinod was a successful and proud man with all the wealth and property he possessed and his hot, horny and really voluptuous wife loyal to him in all respect by his side, he could not have asked for more. But the story is about Vinods MIL, Sunainas mother who has been living with them for the last 6 months. She is a 55 yr old widow but even in this old age she was really healthy and had an enormous sex drive like her daughter.

But alas since her husband died 3 yrs ago due to a long chronic illness, the reality was that she hadnt felt a dick in her wet and hairy pussy for 8 long years. She made peace with that but occasionally use to finger her-self to massive orgasms or used cucumbers or brinjals to satisfy her deep sexual urges. One night, Sunaina and Vinod had gone for an office party and came back around 1:00 am.

Usually Latha (Sunainas mother) would go to bed at 11:00pm but that night after going to bed she had come downstairs to drink water and found that it was raining.

She was watching the rain fall in the compound from the beautiful and expansively decorated hall which was dimly lit by chandelier. She was looking through the window when she heard Vinods car park in the garage and heard Sunaina moaning with pleasure. Next what she saw really shocked her but brought back memories of her younger days when her husband use to suck and fuck her wet cunt.

Latha saw her daughter’s short skirt raised all the way to her waist and Vinod was licking her pussy from behind in the rain. Both of them had a little too much to drink in the party and with the rain falling softly on the nicely laid grass and thinking that Latha was asleep they wanted to have sex in the compound under the rain. But Latha was watching all of this action in awe.

Watching her son in law licking her daughters hairy vagina had an intoxicating effect on her and her hand went down to her pussy automatically and started rubbing her mature pussy.

Vinod then gets up and removes his clothes and pulls out his enormous dick only to push it in the gaping cunt of Sunaina. She let out a loud moan and pushed her round and curvy butt back to meet the thrust of her husband’s dick.

Then Vinod takes charge and pumps really hard into Sunainas leaking cunt that had already cummed thrice. But what happened next, floored Latha and it was the turning point in Lathas life when Vinod pulls out his monstrous cock and orders Sunaina to rub his long cock till he ejaculates and empties his big loaded balls full of cum on his wife’s face and breast. When Latha saw this she nearly fainted as she had been working her pussy vigorously with her fingers and she also came.

She quickly ran upstairs to her bedroom and tried sleeping, but she could not and had to masturbate once again thinking about her son in laws long and thick penis. That night all sexual urges and feelings which she had buried deep, deep inside came gushing out and was making her vagina wet again and again and she repeatedly kept imagining her son in laws’ long and thick cock goring her sex starved cunt which made her pussy more wet.

She decided that night that she was going to somehow taste that dick and fill all her holes with it.

Next day Sunaina had to leave for Singapore for her conference. She was going to be there for a month and a half. Vinod drove his wife accompanied by his MIL to the airport and after dropping her they both went for lunch and some shopping. Later when Vinod was taking out the clothes and stuff he bought he found 2 set of lacy bra and panties in his bag.

He was surprised and instinctively thought of asking his MIL, but realized that he might embarrass her or he might get embarrassed. So he just kept the bag as it is, keeping back the new clothes back into the bag. Later Latha asked him where he had kept the shopping bag. Vinod then realized that those 2 sexy panties were indeed bought by her demure MIL. He was relieved that he hadn’t’ mentioned about it earlier, so he just told her that it was lying in the living room upstairs next to her room.

Earlier while returning home, on the way Latha had just mentioned rather wryly that the rain was good last night and it had made Vinod curious enough to ask himself whether his MIL had seen him indulging in the sex act with his wife the previous night. The thought kind of gave him a bit of a high and he felt blood rushing through the big veins of his massive cock. Now when he saw his MIL going towards her room carrying the bag, he reactively crept slowly towards Latha’s room.

To his luck he found that she had kept the door ajar and he could see her only in blouse with nothing underneath. She was examining and admiring herself in front of the mirror and from where Vinod was standing he could see Latha’s right side. Vinod was mesmerized by what he saw. His MIL was rather large with big breast held by her blouse.

Latha then slowly unhooked the buttons of her blouse slowly and revealed her sagging but still lively breast in full view towards the door.

She hadn’t worn a bra which got Vinod even more excited. He saw that her nipples were long and erect and her aerola was as big as his palm. He wanted to take those dark brown erect nipples in his mouth and chew and suck them. Latha was doing this with intent and she was hoping that her SIL would have noticed the bra and panties and came up to her room curiously.

So she wanted to give a bit of a show whether or not Vinod saw but she hadn’t realized yet that Vinod’s eyes were already feasting hungrily on her assets.  Latha slowly sat down on her bed now facing the door and spread her legs wide to reveal one of the hairiest cunts Vinod had ever seen (well apart from his wife Sunaina’s) and she dipped 2 fingers into her hole and smelt it.

Vinod was not really sure what was going on. He was dazed by the sudden change he saw in his mother in law. So he just kept staring at her now. She was now lying on her back with legs spread so wide and was finger fucking herself and every now then he felt he heard his name being whispered in between moans that escaped his MIL’s lips.

She increased the tempo and started moaning more and started whispering, Vinod, beta apna mota, amba lund se meri choot ko phaad do”. Vinod could not believe what he was hearing. Latha moaned a little louder more and felt her cunt contracting as she drove herself to another orgasm and lay still for a while. Vinod took this opportunity to retreat to his room still shocked and dazed but one thing was for sure. His cock was hard as ever and he knew that his Mother in law wanted his dick and deep inside he also wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

The next few days went normally but he saw his MIL dress more provocatively. Latha started wearing cotton transparent gowns without any bra and panty more frequently which revealed her assets if she stood facing the sun and when she wore saris she use to wear it much lower revealing her stomach and the deep belly button. She was now well aware that her SIL was stealing glances at her breast, ass and stomach all the time.

She was teasing his cock to the point where Vinod’s sexual control would be tested to the limit and hoped that her pussy would be torn by his cock. Latha would also sometimes pretend that she felt asleep while waiting for Vinod to come home in the hall. She will spread her legs and reveal her moist and hairy vagina while pretending to sleep on the sofa while Vinod walked in the room after coming back from work sometimes later.

This went on for a week, and then Latha told her SIL that she wanted to go for a weekend trip nearby to visit temples. This was Latha’s trick to seduce him more. And Vinod had a naughty feeling about this trip and so he readily agreed. They left the next evening in his SUV and after driving for about 5 hours they reached an isolated place.

Latha told him that she needed to pee. So he took a left from the main road a little deeper just in case nobody saw his MIL peeing. It was pretty isolated but the moonlight was good enough for anybody to find footing on the ground.  Latha had worn a frock which was not revealing but was thin, not really short. It was a little shorter than knee length. She got down and went towards the left side of the vehicle making sure that her SIL could see her from the side view mirror.

She lifted her dress and took out her lacy panty completely revealing once again her smooth legs and view of her round and big ass and started peeing. Vinod was watching this with awe and pulled out his heavy and hard cock from his shorts and started yanking looking at her MIL’s ass. The lighting wasn’t great but the moonlight was good enough for him to see.

She then turned around still holding her dress high and cleaned her pussy with her panty and walked towards the non driver’s seat and threw her panty onto the seat and went back to the same place and sat down to pee again. All this while she hadn’t dropped her dress down, she had been holding it high revealing her most private parts to her SIL in the middle of the night and in an isolated place outside. He grabbed the panty and smelt it and the thick pungent smell emanating from the panty reminded him of his wife’s wet pussy.

He could not control any longer.  He opened the door and walked towards her MIL who had now stood up and was trying to put her dress down. He opened the back seat of the car and looked straight into her eyes and carried her and made her lie, her back reeling on the seat of the car, seat spreading her legs. This was the moment Latha had been waiting for.

She lustfully told Vinod “Beta lick my pussy wildly and make me cum in the middle of this road. He hungrily went down and smelt her pussy which was so smelly, just the way he liked and put his entire nose and face and tongue all over her pussy. Latha could not stop from moaning very loudly. She put both her hands on her SIL’s head and pushed his face deeper and deeper into her really wet pussy.

Vinod also licked her hairy and smelly pussy like a hungry wolf. In between he would stop lapping at her cunt and smell it and lap again vigorously. He then started kissing her cubby but flat stomach and put his tongue deep inside the belly button which made Latha’s cunt ooze out more juice. He worked his way up to her big breast and sucked each nipple slowly circling around the nipples and sometimes sucking hard then chew on it for some time.

Latha was really enjoying this and for it to happen outdoors made her reach the epitome of horniness. She then insisted Vinod to lick her cunt again. He went down smelling her cunt and licking every part of his mother in law’s mature but wet pussy. She bucked her hips towards her son in laws face so that his tongue could penetrate deeper into her stinky vagina. Latha suddenly came with a really loud moan “hhhhh vinodd”.

And her whole body trembled with her juices spurting out of her starving cunt. Vinod like a dutiful SIL lapped up all the juices and once he was done he stood up looking lustfully at his MIL. Latha knew what he wanted and so she stood up and turned around and put one leg on the seat of the car while her left leg was firmly footed to the ground. She then ordered Vinod lustfully, Vinod , Meri choot maro piche se, Fuck me so hard like you fucked my daughter that night”.

Vinod did not need a second invitation, he let down his shorts and positioned his horse dick to the wide open vaginal hole of his MIL and pushed all of the 10 inches deep inside. Latha again moaned, oohhhhh, fff, once more, once more she begged.Vinod pumped his widowed MIL’s cunt slowly taking his cock out and digging it deep down again.

He was really enjoying this act and continued doing this for 5 minutes. Latha was really starving for this and as for Vinod he felt that his MIL deserved to be fucked like a whore tonight and many other nights for teasing his cock to the point of no return. He started pumping really fast and furiously now and he could hear Latha moaning with short oooohhhs, uuufffffffs and aaahhhhs and calling out his name time and again.

He was working like a piston now pumping at the speed of lightning and just before he came he called his MIL’s name and screamed like a beast which made Latha mad with lust and she also released her juices almost at the same time.

She had the biggest orgasm of her life at 55 yrs of age and an extremely satisfied smile escaped her lips but she still felt spurts of semen shooting from Vinod’s dick in shorter burst now till his dick finally stopped moving. She got up and squatted in front of his massive cock which was glistening with her pussy juice and his own cum and sucked dry, both still moaning aaaahhhs and mmmmmmms. To be continued with Vinod’s wife, “The sexy and seductive Sunaina”