Passionate Desire Part I

By : Passionatedesire

It was a Sunday morning, Rahul was asleep as I sat on the window pavement looking at the dripping rain, reminiscing about the time I first met Ajay. Five years back working in a posh Casino as a bartender, I enjoyed life every moment. Every night I used to meet people full of vigour and zest, it was like being young forever. On one of such night shifts, a handsome man of 35 sat down and gave me a wry smile,

I was attracted to him at the very first moment I saw him enter the bar but I curbed my attraction as I didn’t wanted to seem too forward and desperate for his attention. Minding my steps, I stood beside his table and said, can I help you, sir? A martini, please, anything else?

‘If you can give your number, we can arrange a date, Excuse me? You heard me right. I don’t do it often. But I don’t want this to be one of those “I wish moments, just one date is all I ask ’

‘I will get you your drink sir. And I left, I thought if I stayed, he would know how ecstatic I felt the moment he said those words. Usually my deepest desires remain unfulfilled but today it was different. It seemed like everything was working my way.

I returned to him with his Martini and whispered in his ear. After half an hour, meet me outside the Casino, His charming smile said yes to me, without him having to utter a single word.

Ah what a magical night I could feel a hand grabbing my ass and I knew he was awake.

Baby you’re up so early, it’s a bloody Sunday morning hmm well in a way it’s good for me you turn me on day and night, Rahul said that with his one hand pressing my boobs. Yes it was a bloody Sunday alright and he would expect me to give him a bloody blowjob like every Sunday before I knew it he made me lie down and started fingering me, which was just a signal for me to understand it’s my turn to give him some pleasure and next thing I knew, I was sucking on his cock, it was just a routine for me now.

Now, not like in the past when I went outside after my shift got over and a hand grabbed my waist from behind. I would have shrieked if I would not have seen that comforting smile again.

Oh you’re a mean ass’

Wow we’re talking about asses already eh and I thought I was being forward’

Oh Ajay and his waywardness. He came near me and smelled my neck, the feeling of his breath on my skin; I could still feel the tingle and get aroused by it.

Chanel No. 5, it’s my favourite, you’ve been sniffin a lot of ladies, you didn’t have to make it so obvious. And he took a step back and looked at me, it was the most sincere look any man had ever given to me. Listen lady, I don’t know your name and I don’t want to know either. Tomorrow I am going back to London to marry a girl my parents have chosen for me.

I will do that because I respect them. Also, I had never been in love with any woman before I met you. I don’t know whether it’s love with you either, it can be pure lust but I’ve never been this turned on before. I would not lie to sleep with you. Infact I do want to fuck you hard and even if you won’t let me,

I would think about you and masturbate for a long time to come. That was the most honest thing a man had said to me in a long time and I remember burst out laughing, and sayin, you crazy man, fuck me already! He grabbed my pussy like it was his last day and started fisting me, on the backseat of his car. Before I could revel under the glory of my first orgasm, I could sense his finger licking my juice.

I’ve never moaned like that before. All I could do was to beg him to fuck me, but he just would not. He continued sucking me hard, pressing my boobs and I could feel the set cover being dripping wet. I pushed him back and started sucking his cock, like a piece of candy. I could do that forever and never pause for a single breath. Oh let me, let me, let me please ahhh’

Oh now you want to eh’ I laughed, Just fuck me already! And then he did, it was divine and beastly at the same time.. He had that hunger for me in his eyes but the passion when he thrusted his cock in my vagina. I remember the feeling distinctly because no man has ever made me feel that again. No one could. I just didn’t want him to stop. I’ve never let any man fuck me in my asshole before, but for this man I’d give anything.

Ajay, would you fuck my asshole too? You’ll have to make it hard again, I’ve fucked you three times already, You still turn it on, I’ve no clue how, I’ve never been fucked their before so be gentle. I sucked him harder and faster as if I was racing with time itself. And then I felt that piercing pain, Fuck you, I told you to be gentle! I am trying babe and after two thrusts, we were animal again. His ringtone woke us up and his eyes said it all again.

I dressed up, gave him a smooch and left without saying a word. Wy is the door still open at this hour! Rahul was disappointed and I was relieved. This routine of giving him blowjobs didn’t entice me at all, nor was he great in bed. You dress up honey, I will see who is it. I went to the door and opened it, and there he was, crystal clear like my dream. There was a woman standing next to him. Rahul shouted from behind,

Ajay, you motherfucker, finally after 5 years you are back in India and hugged him tightly.

And she must be Tia, ah I am so sorry I missed your marriage. Well he did take the revenge by missing mine! I almost forgot to introduce her to you! She is my wife, the words escaped both of us, Ajay and I were just looking at each other, as if the time had stopped for both of us. It was just one of those days when your desires get fulfilled and you don’t want anything anymore except maybe get fucked once more, to be young again and live like there’s no tomorrow. To be continued…