Mahesh Wife Cheating Story – Part II

By: Maheshwife03

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Hi friends here I will continue from the previous episode. Hope u have enjoyed my wife’s fucking story with my own friend. As my wife has requested him to bring his friend for threesome sex, one day he has brought one of his colleagues’s to my home. He introduced him and told me that he is having so much office work to finish with the help of his colleague. As I already why he has brought him and I am also eagerly waiting to see my wife’s threesome sex.

I said no problem you can do your work. After having dinner I have gone go bed by saying goodnight to them as I don’t want to waste any time. After some time my wife also came to bedroom to sleep. To allow my wife to go there I have started acting like I am in deep sleep. After 5 minutes slowly she got down from the bed and went to that room now the time is only 10 pm. After 5 minutes slowly I too got down from the bed and went to the window

And tried to listen what is going on in the next room. I could hear they were talking by watching the TV and switched off the light. After few seconds moans have started. Slowly I moved towards the next room’s door. As already I have spoiled the bolt of the door it was open only. From the corner of the door I could see what is going on inside the room. My wife is sitting between both the people and both were playing with the huge boobs of my wife.

They were sucking the nipples of the boobs. I could see my wife was turned on within no time and stated playing with their bulge between the legs on the pant itself. Slowly they have removed my wife’s saree and blouse now my wife is having braw and petticoat on her. They made her to stand and removed even those things and they too have become nude. I have surprised to see that new person is having huge cock and it is very thick also.

My wife immediately took it into her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. By that time another guy came to her hole and started licking. She is enjoying that situation and within no time she was aroused fully and she asked them to fuck hard. My friend who is sucking her vagina slowly inserted his prick into her hole and started giving strokes hard when the other guy is giving strokes in her mouth. Both have fucked her for 15 minutes in that position and changed their positions.

The new guy started inserting his huge cock into her vagina. As it is so much big and my wife was never fucked by that much big cock initially he struggled to go deep into her. In the beginning it could go half only inside but with a big stroke he has put his entire prick deep into her pussy. Now she has moaned loudly with a pain but she was enjoying even it is tearing her pussy. Slowly he started fucking her when the other guy was sucking her boobs hardly.

Now she is in heaven as she never fucked by 2 people at a time and it was made her horny and she was moaning like a bitch. By seeing the situation I too have turned on and started stroking my pennis. He has fucked her for half an hour and cummed in side her pussy. She is not bothered about pregnancy. Afterwards another guy who is sucking her boobs also started fucking her and within 10 minutes he too cummed inside her pussy.

My wife was strained so much for one session itself. But I could see lot of satisfaction on her face. She hugged new guy kissed passionately as he has given lot of satisfaction which she never got in her lifetime even with my friend. After half an hour the new guy opened his bag and taken out a liquor bottle and started drinking by sharing with my friend. They offered to my wife also. As she never tasted it she refused to take.

But they said lot of enjoyment will be there if you have sex after taking it. So my wife got convinced and she has taken a peg. After finishing drinks for one round they have become ready for another show. This time my wife preferred new guy to fuck first. He has started fondling her boobs very hard and started sucking then very roughly. Even it is paining she is enjoying. Another guy is enjoying the scene and getting ready for his turn.

Within few minutes that new guy prick has become hard. My wife her self has taken his prick into her hands and inserted deeply inside her pussy and asked his to fuck her with hard strokes. He has obeyed her request and started giving hard strokes. His strokes are tearing her pussy and going deep into her pussy. This time as they have taken drinks my wife was started moaning like a wild bitch.

She forgot my presence in the next room. This time he has not left her and fucked for one hour. By that time minimum 4 orgasms came to my wife. Now she is fully exhausted and she has not even given chance to my friend. I could see he felt some sort of jealous. Now it is 2 am in the night. I thought my wife is fully exhausted and she may come back to the bedroom by stopping the fucking sessions and I went back to the bedroom and lay down on the bed.

Even after half an hour she has not come back. I tried to listen what is happening in the next room. I think they were taking drinks and chitchatting. As I don’t want to miss any opportunity to see my wife’s is getting fucked by other people, immediately I rushed to the next room’s door. By that time they have closed the bar and getting ready for action. This time she has allowed my friend to fuck her first as he could not get chance in the last session.

As he is waiting from long back and aroused by seeing them fucking from past one hour he could not wait for any movement and rushed his dick into her pussy very hard and started action when she was sucking guest’s prick. I think this time also she has taken some drinks, I could see she is behaving abnormally. Within 10 minutes he has cummed by giving hard stroke into my wife’s wet pussy. As she was in fire she has begged guest to fuck her without wasting any time.

As my wife is behaving like a whore he was turned on and also he don’t know when he will get chance to fuck my wife again, without wasting any time he has inserted his entire dick into deep inside her pussy and started fucking. As her pussy is facing me I could see how thirsty her pussy for want of big cocks like this is. She is enjoying fucking by widening her legs even wider and by moving her buts rythimatically along with his strokes.

I could see her thighs are shivering and she has relaxed for few minutes without moving anything when he is still fucking her. I can understand she has come to climax. After few minutes again started moan with enjoyment. Exactly after half an hour he has released his entire load with a big moan and laid on my wife for few minutes. By this time she too came to climax for second time. After some time they have closed the session and started dressing.

I calmly came back to the bed and started acting like I am still in deep sleep. After washing everything my wife also came to the bed room and slept as if nothing has happened. After that night she has become like a big bitch. She is not even getting satisfaction with my friend and she is insisting his to bring his friend as she has adicted for his cock. As already he was jealous he never brought him again.

In fact one day they quarrel each other for this and even he slapped my wife. From the next day my wife stopped talking with him and even night times also she stopped going to his room. Exactly after one week my friend told me that he has got a room nearer to his office and left my house. After wards he never turned his face to my wife. After few days I have got transfer to another place. I will explain in the next episode how my wife has enjoyed her sex life in the new place.