My Wifes Friend Devi In Outdoor Day Two

I decided to pick her up from
central railway station. This time she came in a wonderful black chudi with
some nice glittery art work on it. Just to explain you, she is 5.2”, brown,
short female with a sexy face and seducing eyes and voice. After that we decided
to go to beach for some time. So we went in beach in bike and walked to the
shore then sat under a stationed boat.

Since morning we were speaking
sexy and the moment we reached that boat we started exchanging kisses
vigorously. She has a grown tennis ball breasts. She has a pussy which is in
the jungle of hairs, I felt it when I touched her pussy last time – I guess she
never shaved there. I love touching hairy pussy. As we were kissing each other
she was holding my cock, 90% of the time whenever we were together and if none
is there around she will hold my cock, she likes it.

Then she expressed that she
wanted to see it, and I was hesitant as it is 3pm and that too in beach, though
there were none there. But later accepted when she said that she will cover
with her thupatta. So she was sitting next to me and said to cover her after
she buries her face between my legs. She reached there and removed it from my
pants and underwear and started playing with hands, lips, tongue and teeth. I
told her to be soft and slow and this time

I was moaning by holding her hair
over the thupatta and was holding her head tight. While I was feeling her
tongue and lips sucking it so much for more than 10 minutes and my cock reached
out to a new size and were so hard. With no control over my cock I exploded on
her. Seeing this she wanted to remove my face but I never allowed it by holding
her face. I was forcing her face towards my dick and soon released her.

It was really embarrassing to see her face which has my cum “rangoli” all over
it with some at her mouth sides. I could see that she would have tasted my cum
at least a bit. But even this time she never said anything and said I was
holding her face so tightly while exploding. This time she wiped with her hand
kerchief. Then she went to the sea to wash the kerchief and her thupatta which
also had some cum.

I decided to fuck her at any cost
today and called my friend to give his home for me few hours. He was staying as
a lonely bachelor. He agreed and told me to come anytime and he will give the
keys to me and say that he has an urgent work and will be back in ten minutes
and go so that we can have some fun. She came back and started blaming me this
time, since it is black color when it becomes dry anyone can see the viscous

I told her that I will take her
to my friend’s place which is on the way and she can clean it with soap. She
was ok with it but kept asking question whether he will tell it to my wife? I
gave confidence. Again we sat and she started fondling with my tool and I
started fondling with her balls and then entered her pussy with my right hand.
Again it was all when I just touched her pussy lips with her exploding and all
her hairs become wet.

But then I wanted to go deep and
when I inserted she started moaning and was biting my ear lobes and neck. Then
she said she is feeling irritation there since my hand had some sand and that
has entered her wet pussy. She stopped it and said that she wants to wash it.
Then we decided to wash it at my nearby friend’s home. As planned we reached
there and he said that he lost his keys and

I have come at the right time to
help as he is just going to pay the credit card bill in a bank since it was a
last day (He made the story to let us to be alone) and said that he will be
back in 10 minutes. Soon I told her to go to toilet to wash, she went. I told
my friend that come after I send a message and he left. It was only we both and
I locked the home from inside and went to toilet and knocked the doors, she
open with her face outside.

I told her to keep the door open
and she immediately closed the doors and said that she is nude. That triggered
more vigour and knocked at the door. She came with a towel wrapped around her
and said that I can watch her. It was a white towel on her brown skin it was so
sexy with thighs visible and her half chest visible. She didn’t want me to come
closer to her as my friend can come at anytime. She has already finished
washing her pussy and was washing her thupatta with soap.

After that she came out to make
it dry under the fan for 5 min. She put the thupatta on the teepoy on the hall.
I was giving a very romantic stare and she asked what. I told her that there is
some beach sand at her back neck and she started wiping. I asked her to turn
back to help her in wiping, she turned and I just went and hugged her from
back. She had surrendered me and told to lock the door, I told her that
everything is taken care.

She told me that I should not try
putting my cock inside her, since she was afraid of size, pain and pregnancy. I
said ok and removed her towel and discovered her in bra and panty. Wow! What a
wonderful designer bra and panty it was. On a silky pink bra and panty her
brown colour was awesome that too the hall had so much sun light through smoke

I asked her to remove my dress
and she removed it by holding my cock in one hand and other unbuttoning the
shirts. I was just in my underwear and she couldn’t resist seeing me in underwear
and sat on her kneels to remove my underwear and took my tool on her mouth for
sucking. This is the first time I am seeing me getting fucked. We had a big
mirror on the hall and I could see the posture which was so awesome.

Since we have closed all windows
and it was an independent home, so I started moaning so high. Slowly I moved
towards the wall while in the same position and she also moved and I was
holding the wall and my cock was in her mouth. I was telling Deviiii nalla
nalla aiyoohhh ahhhhh innum kadikathe methuva please. I told her not to make me
explode again.

She said that I must only explode
either inside her mouth of cunt. She doesn’t want my manly fluid to get wasted.
She told me that even after her marriage she wants to get fucked by me. She
wants to carry my baby only first. She then quickly released my cock, which
turned reddish. I told her that I want her body to be like this. she was telling
my friend will come soon, I told her that my friend will come after 5 since he
has gone to main branch in parrys to deposit.

I just made her to lie on the
sofa and was biting her from lips. When she looked at the mirror she got scared
to notice a reddish patch around her lips because of me biting. She stopped me
and said to give love bite only in the private areas. I started pressing her
boobs on one hand and biting it. She started moaning aiyoo methuva please methuva
aiyoo valikuthe sappunge nalla sappunge. Then I made her to sit on my lap facing
me and started giving love bite.

Then I pressed her breasts
together and started sucking her tits together. Looking at this she lost her
complete control and said sucking both her tits really fantasizing her. I asked
her to remove her bra panty also and I removed my underwear and was completely
nude. Again I made her to sit on my lap facing me and this time as soon as she
sat on me, she started leaking her juice over my red hot cock.

While I was sucking her tits
together my erected cock was touching and caressing her pussy without any
control. I felt my cock becoming wet and caressing her hairy pussy. After that
she held my cock while I was sucking her tits and was trying to insert by
herself. But that position was completely uncomfortable for her to do it. So I
just removed my hands off her breast but holding the tits together with my
teeth took my hand to my tool and was searching for the hold in the bush.

With my tool just touching the lips again she
exploded her cum and with just my tool face went and she started screaming on
pain. She couldn’t tolerate the pain and just jumped out of me and said enough enough
she can’t bear it. Then I told her that this is the best time to fuck since
since mensus is due only in few days and she won’t become pregnant. On top of

I told her hold is already
exploding and she will not have any pain. Still she was resistant. I told her I
will just insert only the head of my tool and she can hold it to remove if it
pains. Finally she agreed and she sat on a sofa. I told her to raise her legs
and keep it wide open so that she will not feel the pain. She obeyed it and her
legs were wide open raised above my shoulder level and was holding my cock and
guiding it to her bushy pussy.

Then the face entered and she
started moaning again loudly this time and said valikame pannu da aiyoo ahhh ammmaaa
methuvaaaaa methuvaaa. I started moving my head in and out and her legs were
over my chest till my shoulders. She was pressing her heel over my shoulders
and I could feel her heel press. Slowly I entered, she will initially remove as
soon as I reach a new distance and then she herself will insert it back to the
same level.

At my cock reaching 50% inside
she was breathing heavily but still holding my cock inside and said to enter
further softly. I asked her to open her eyes and make her see how much has gone
inside. She saw it and said I am so gentle and taking her to heaven without
much pain. While she was watching my back and front moment on her pussy, i told
her this is not heaven and it still to reach.

She asked me to take her there
and I told her to kiss me first before taking. So she removed her hands from
there to hold my head and my cock become independent and gave a strong kiss and
said now we will go to heaven and asked her to hold my hip. She was holding it
and was looking at the cock and then i just pushed my 100% in one go. That’s it
she shouted like hell and pushed me away, but by then I was holding her hip and
was in no mood to leave.

Then I pressed her pussy towards
me more and that made her to scream again so much. She started crying and
begged me to stop it. I told her that I want to fuck her hard. She looked at my
face and scolded me. I planted a kiss again and was pushing further hard later
her resistance turned to affection. She started pressing my dick towards her by
pressing my back. I asked her how it is and she said its paining a lot but
can’t say no.

Then I vigorously pushed my dick
in to her small hole. I noticed a blood stain on the sofa. We did so deep for
10 minutes and I exploded inside. While exploding she was pressing my dick so
tight yet crying in pain. After that she was in no mood to release my cock. Then
I just lifted her with my cock inside her pussy and her legs around my waist
and arms around my neck. She was just 55kg. I made her lie on the bathroom
floor and fucked for some more time.

Then my tool became tired. We
both took bath for long and by then it was 7 pm when we came out wiping
ourselves again we were getting horny looking each other. So Once again a
wonderful fuck, though we tried doggy, it didnt work well. So I changed to
missionary position to give a deep kick. Since it was already 2 times I have
cum, it took a really long time to ejaculate and by then I have made her red
by with love bites on her breasts and love kicks on her pussy.

Finally my man exploded once
again and she was terribly tired, even me. It was at 8.30 I called my friend
and we both got dressed. She didn’t even bother to enquire why it took such a
long time for me to finish the bank job. Since I was tired I decided to leave
her in railway station and since it was at 9 she got the train she insisted me
to come till her station, so we took a first class ticket and we entered.

The moment we entered she slept
on my arms, but one of her hand was on my tool with her thupatta covering it
from public. Moreover in 2-3 stations the first class compartment became almost
empty. She then slept on my lap and soon woke-up due to my erection. She said
that I have a wonderful tool and to my surprise she took it out of my pants and
started licking again.

This time she was biting it for
long and couldn’t control my moans, I was resting my face over the windows and
shouting, none could hear it and just a stop before I was about to explode. I
told her I will ejaculate soon. She then said only in her mouth and inserted my
cock deep inside her mouth. I could feel my cock touching her inner tongue and
just ejaculated it inside. My god!

She swallowed everything and kept
my tool at it place and reached her station. She has absolutely no mood to
leave her, but she has to. She walked through with wiping her lips and
purchased a water bottle and drank the full 1 litre. After reaching home she
called me while I was in train returning and said that she has severe pain and
finding it difficult to walk even.

She took some pain killers and
said her private area has my teeth marks everywhere. It took nearly 3 days for
the love bites to disappear. Though we have some nice encounters in the medical
lab she is working in on the X-ray table and also at my same friends place.
She just suddenly disconnected my relationship after her engagement few months
back. I will share my other encounters in the next posts. If this has
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