Two In One Is Not Just A Cake For An Indian Couple Chapter II

Dear Readers,

This is my third story and believe me this is only a dramatic representation of true happenings. In between I have inserted narration by Anil of his thoughts,

initiatives and emotions on the subject topic. All the names have been changed.

This story has been written into five chapters to facilitate easy uploading. This is the second chapter. Please read the other chapters also. If you are unable to find the other chapters, please contact the author.



I and Anita had just finished their dinner. Our daughter was crying. The daughter had not slept for quite some time and was probably hungry. Anita just lifted her blouse and started breast feeding the baby. I always got mesmerized looking at Anita’s breasts. She had plum breasts full of milk. However, they were round and firm. I never got tired of loving those lovely breasts. Many times I told Anita, “I envy our baby. She has free access to your lovely globes. All she has to do is to cry a little and you push those lovely globes into her mouth. Anita laughingly always, replied, “She is a baby. My milk is her right. Any amount of crying. You will not get my milk.”

After sometime when Anita returned from our bedroom after putting our daughter to sleep; I slid near her on the sofa and took her in my arms. Extending my arms to one of her breasts, I fondled her breast in my palm and said, “I want to cry.” She laughed and replied, “Why don’t you? If you do that then I may make an exception.” I pulled Anita in my Arms and quickly unbuttoned her blouse. She was not wearing a bra. Her blouse was wet with the milk she just fed her baby. I made her lie on bed and kissed her breasts and started sucking her breasts. Her breast was full of milk and soon I had her milk in my mouth. I was drinking her milk like a baby. I loved it. Anita could not control her laughter.

I lifted the hem of her petticoat upward and uncovered her panty. I massaged her vagina mound over her panty and felt that her panty became wet. She held my hand, which was inserted into her panty and was pampering her vaginal mound. Anita removed my hand from under her petticoat and said, “Anil, don’t harass me here in the drawing room. Let us go to bedroom.

In the bedroom I removed her night dress and quickly undid her petticoat and panty. Anita removed her blouse. She was standing in the bedroom in front of me, like a naked Goddess. We both lay in bed kissing, in each others’ arms. I squeezed anita’s ass cheeks and pinched them in ecstasy. Anita held my long cock and was sliding her fingers over its pre-cum. I brought my head to her breasts. I got on the job instantaneously. That should have given Anita the boost she badly needed. It looked to me that Anita was not really in the mood to have sex then; but she realized that I was not going to let her go. I started finger fucking Anita. I sensed that she was still not in the mood. I understood that today my dear wife needs an additional stimulant as she was tired after house work and attending to her baby.

I knew one trick that always works. I casually dropped Raj’s name saying “Poor Raj, what he must be doing now? Neena is now away for almost 10 days! How will he manage without her? I know that he loves Neena so much and they fuck almost daily. Poor chap, must be masturbating right now.” Hearing Raj’s name, Anita got electrified. She squeezed my cock, which was then in her hands as a mild current passed through her. She was eager that I should continue talking about Raj.

She said, “Don’t ridicule poor Raj. What happens to you when I am away? Does he ridicule you? You should support Raj. Why don’t we call him to our house? I remember you telling me that they supported you, when I was away. May be if you agree, we shall tease him sexually. I will let you play with me in his presence and we could have some fun. You told me that when I was away you three got together and had erotic outing on the day of Holi? I could see that Anita was energized and coming into real mood. She started shagging my cock and said in a pleading tone, “I love you darling. Will you tell me what happened when you went to that Holi program? I promise you I will not get mad, if you told me the truth, even if you did something bad!”

I know Anita. When she wants something, she knows how to get it. She made me lie down on bed and climbed on top of me. She bent down, kissed me deeply, said, “Anil, I love you so much” and untied knot of my lungi and pulled it down and uncovered my cock. She raised her petticoat and gradually inserted her cock into her love hole. She started raising and lowering herself; fucking me up and down. She made slow reciprocating motion. It was so arousing. I knew that I hit a raw nerve in her and now she was hitting my raw nerves. I knew that now she will not rest till she finds out all about our adventure on the Holi night. She said, “Anil I love feeling you deep inside me and I love your long fucking cock. I want to take it all in. Simultaneously I want to hear all about your adventure.” Her hanging full breasts were so inviting. Poor me; I had to surrender. When these women use their ultimate weapon, poor men are like a goat in front of a hungry lion. There was nothing I could do. I had to tell Anita what had happened on the night of Holi.

I had earlier dropped mild and vague hints about the threesome I had with Raj and Neena. I wanted her to be ready to hear the truth so that we do not have an explosive situation. At the same time, I did not want to hide this from Anita. Since she promised me that she will not shout even if I had done something highly unethical, I realized that she was now ready to hear the truth and that in all likely hood she already had guessed what might have happened on the night of Holi. I knew that I had to present the facts in an acceptable manner.

I then told Anita, “Do you know that Raj and Neena have saved me from a certain disaster just a few days back?”

Anita narrowed her eyebrows in puzzlement and looked at me inquiringly. I continued, “I had a very heated argument with my manager boss some weeks back, just before you left for Delhi during Holi. The argument reached a stage, where he asked me to submit my resignation.”

Anita was shocked to hear this, she asked, “Oh God! How did this happen? I am not at all aware about this. Why didn’t you tell me? She was concerned. “What happened then?” she asked in low tone.

Anil said, “Look, at that time, you were in a good mood and looking after our baby and all that. You were going to your parents in a happy mood. I did not want you to go with worries on your mind or get worried and cancel your trip. I didn’t tell you because I did not want you to be disturbed. It was just unfortunate that at the peak of this, when I was highly disturbed; you had to go away to Delhi. However, like a real soul mate, Neena realized that I was under tension and Raj and Neena asked me to confide in them and tell them of the whole situation. Raj, after understanding my problem; spoke to the Executive Director of his company; who offered me a job in his company. After having the job proposal, I then submitted my resignation to my GM. I was called by my G.M. He tore away my resignation and gave me a good increment and also assured me of a promotion. He severely scolded my senior for mistreating me and made him to offer his apology to me.”

Anita knew about promotion and increment but was not aware of the background development; she was emotionally moved. She said, “Anil, now I realize why you told me the other day that Raj and Neena were your pillars of strength. At that time I did not know the reference. Now I know.” Looking at me straight in the eyes she said, “Anil, I know saying thank you is not enough. If they did all these things for you, what have we done for them?” I was equally emotional. I told Anita, “Anita not just this; they did so much more for me. Raj and Neena, in my times of grave difficulty and in your absence; boosted me so much physically and emotionally. Anita, I have to tell you something important. I have not told you about it earlier; because I thought I shall tell you of the incident at the right time. I think that the time is now.”

Anita looked down at me inquiringly with some anxiety. I continued in the same serious tone “I told Raj and Neena about the situation where I was to lose my job. I was so depressed at that time and was on the point of breaking down. At that time you had gone out and I had no one to confide in. That night Raj came to my rescue. He and Neena both consoled me and Raj talked about the possibility of my job in his company. When I was still depressed, upset and was inconsolable to the point of breakdown; He and Neena perhaps wanted to give me physical and emotional support to make me stronger and not get overpowered by my worries. Raj perhaps thought that the only thing that would make me forget my worries and thus prevent me from breaking down was to engage me in sexual action.

To make me focus on sex rather than the worry of losing my job; Raj made Neena sleep between me and Raj. He prevailed upon Neena to have sex with me. subsequently; I and Raj both together made love to Neena in this bedroom. I admit that I had sex with Neena, of course with Raj’s approval and participation. Anita, I am so sorry if I have hurt your feelings. I was just so depressed and emotionally down and Neena gave me that emotional support, which only a woman can give in such times and Raj was fully supporting me and her. Now that I have told you this, a great burden is off my heart. I am prepared to take any punishment from you that you decide”

I then described the details of sexual action we had. Anita became very erotic hearing the description of how I and Raj fucked Neena and how Neena became so aroused and had massive orgasms one after another. She started pumping my cock into her with feverish pitch and was coming to the point of her orgasm. She was moaning UHHHHhhhh!!!! AAHhhh!! I was also super charged and unable to hold myself remembering how we fucked Neena and how she fucked both of us. Very soon I released my juices into Anita. She also came with the release of her orgasm simultaneously with me. We both embraced each other so closely.

I heaved a sigh of relief for the fact that Anita took all this so sportingly. After some seconds, Anita disengaged herself from me. She took me in her arms. She was overwhelmed. Her throat choked and eyes were full of tears. She said, “I do not blame you at all darling. But I have no words to express my gratitude to Raj and Neena. They supported you so much in one of your worst moments and they did not even make any show of it at all? They never made me or you feel that they did you such a big favor? More importantly, Raj offered his wife’s most intimate love to you; which all husbands only want for themselves. That he asked his wife to surrender fully to you is an act of great friendship and extra ordinary courage. I do not think any Indian husband, who loves his wife so much would ever be ready to do this. I know Raj and I know how much possessive he is about Neena. I cannot understand how we can reciprocate such a generous act.”

I was quiet and thoughtful for a while. Then I said, “Anita, we can reciprocate it partly, if you do not oppose it” Anita said, “Why should I oppose? Tell me what is on your mind.” I said, “I have a plan” and I went to sleep without elaborating further.