Married Young Lady From Bhubaneswar Needs Me

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We had just moved in to a new house, and the owners family welcomed us nicely. Although we preferred to stay away from the owners, but somehow this time we were not so lucky and our owners happened to stay by the side of our own house in the same compound. Although the family just had an old couple living with their young daughter in law, as their son who worked in Armed forces remained away from home most of the time. I was amazed to meet this young lady and after coming to know about her life I got especially interested in her.

My family, which included me and my wife and a kid were always together, and rarely did the duo left me alone so making any advances with this lady was beyond my imaginations initially, but somehow whenever in the evenings my wife would be chatting with her I would also go out and talk with her. Some occasion, I met her alone too, and did exchange hi and hellos. But nothing more than that happened. She was just twenty something girl, who was recently married and had a kid too. Her name was Prabha, and she was about 5.5 height and very slim.

One day, during the summer months, my kids went to my in-laws house for a day and I could not go along because I had my office. Anyway, when I returned in the evening from the office, I found Prabha standing in front of her home, and when I enquired she informed that her parents-in-laws have gone to the city for some marketing and will return in the night. This was my day as I thought, if nothing I can make some bond with her and know what she has in mind.

After I got fresh bath and masturbated once, I was ready with lots of perfume on body and with shorts and t-shirt. I opened the door of my house to find Prabha standing there. I enquired if she has got to cook and she informed that her in laws will bring something from market and when I enquired about her kid she informed that her in laws have taken the kid too. I enquired about her husband and asked her tactfully if she misses him. She looked sad and said, my life is lost, because I married an army man. He comes home only once in a year and since my marriage I have hardly spent some days with him. So I miss him.

I with a serious mood said, being a wife of an armed man is luck, because your husband guards the nations, but you can never have the pleasure of sex. I said I am sorry if I hurt you. She smiled and said, that is true. I gathered some courage and asked, do not u think u need more time with your husband ?

She nodded her head but then in a sad mood said, he is in army so I have to live like this.

I said, sad, a beautiful girl like you are remaining deprived of the most wonderful pleasure of life. She did not speak anything and then I said, why do not you come in, we will sit together and have some coffee. She came in to my house. I went to the kitchen and she followed me and insisted she made the coffee and then I said no since she is the guest she must sit down while I prepare the coffee. She than said, in such case I invite you to come to my house, because I know where is coffee in my home and how I can make it quickly. I obliged and we went to her home. I sat down in the drawing room while she went in to the kitchen and then came out with coffee.

While talking she informed me that she is spending most time on internet, and jokingly I said, so you are also addicted to online porn, may be cyber-sex. She smiled and said, is there any harm? I said, well that is virtual world, the real sex is mush better than that. She said, yes, but I can not have it since my husband is away. I smiled and said, you can have sex with strangers on internet and in real life you are behaving like you can not do it ? She was shy and I grabbed her hand and said, where is you bedroom ? She looked at me with astonishment. I said, let me give yu something which you will enjoy. She said, BUT ? I said I wont tell it to anyone and you too. And then she got up and walked into her house, I closed her house door and followed her to the bed room.

In the bedroom, I pulled her to my and kissed her and she reciprocated and then I pulled all her clothes away. She stood in bra and panty in front of me, and I looked at her. Her breasts were slightly bigger than some teenagers and must be 28-30 size. I put my mouth on her breasts and started sucking them fiercely. And then started biting her nipples and she grabbed my head and pushed it on the breasts. I ate her breasts and with m hands squeezed her ass.

And with my sucking f her nipples she was becoming breathless and then I pushed one finger into her vagina, she widened her thighs and showed me away to her vagina, which was very tight.

I asked her to seat on my face and put her vagina directly on my mouth and she hesitatingly did that and when I pushed my tongue into her vagina she shivered and I started biting and sucking her vagina. She was sitting on my face and I was licking her vagina and ass and was pushing my tongue into her vagina. She was moaning louder now and I was enjoying her vagina juice.

She had her vagina ready for my dick and was wet and then I pulled her up the cot and sat above her and tried to pushed my dick in to her vagina. She stopped me and from below her bed she brought out some packs of condoms which she offered me. I put on a condom and then there was no waiting. I fucked her hard.

She was moaning and soft crying and then I was squeezing her breasts and biting the nipples and she was moaning.

Then I pulled her up and made her stand on her knees and and with all care pushed my dick into her ass, she did not expect this and she tried to stop me but I had grabbed her waist with both my hands and she objected fiercely, but I had almost entered half way through. And then with one big jerk I was completely inside her ass. She cried and said, You should not have done this and then I said, wait and see how nice it feels. with one hand I started squeezing her clitoris and fucking her vagina while I took some rest and allowed her to relax her ass a bit and then I put some oil on the ass and tried t push and pull my dick and with all care while I was teasing her clitoris which she had started enjoying and then I started fucking her in the ass and though she resisted, but I continued to fuck her ass for some ten minutes and then I slept on the bed and asked her to jump on me and she did that and this made her crazy and she bit my body at places and she licked and bited my nipples and this made me crazy.

I pulled her to standing position and from behind I pushed my dick into her ass and fucked her in standing position. She was moaning loudly and I was fucking her faster.

We had been fucking for some one hour and I was getting tired as she was and so we tried t get the climax. I again made her lie on bed and I took missionary position and pushed my dick into her vagina and while biting and sucking her nipples and gave some good thrusts and her vagina became wet with too much and liquid that my movements made a slopping sound and she became silent and had achieved an orgasm and then I fastened my pace and fucked her hard and then pulled out my dick from inside her vagina and opened the condom and poured my cum on her chest and belly.

We were both tired and yet we could not resist kissing each other passionately and she did that really nicely and then we both cleaned up ourselves and departed. It was about seven thirty at night and I came home and took another bath and got freshen up and when I opened the door I found Prabha standing there I asked her to come in and she jumped in and I closed the door and started biting her lips and squeezing her breasts, and in the drawing room, I made love to her once more for another half an hour, and enjoyed sex like never before. Before she left she promised that she will be available whenever she is free and me too.

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