Love With Hot Lady

Hi ISS friends and this is Prem writing my latest experience with the sweetest Banumathy. This is my first story my dear ones. Please dont mind my mistakes. Will you guys believe and I have been reading ISS for almost 3 years and for the past 6 months and I read stories in mobile.

My day starts with ISS almost 5 days a week unless I dont want to start early. Soon after I wake I take my mobile and enter toilet and read the recent stories sitting on commode and dont be bad friends and I hope many of our people will be doing the same enough of my mokkai.

Im Prem from Chennai working as a consultant. This is my love with Banumathi who was my chat friend who I met in yahoo. She is a damn hot figure, but I will make you feel how I felt from day one we started chatting.

I was looking for when to start a hot chat with her but she always says that she came for jus friendship and dont want to speak about sex. I got bad mood of her but still with her sweetness.

I became her close friend after a much long enquiry type questions she trusted me and about one month later she gave her gmail id in which later on we had conversation. I was looking for when to meet her and see her at least.

By now after 3 months and I started feeling her close friend to share my feelings but she started to have some craze over my talk and then she slowly gave her mobile number recently before two months and then we started chatting over mobile.

Speaking at nights lately you know guys till that we never asked about each others age. I thought she might be around 25 and will be unmarried and I was 27 now but damn hot news is that she was 33 and she was married with two kids and her hubby works in a software company in OMR.

They live in Adambakkam after speaking a lot with her only I came to know shes enjoying much with her hubby till 6 months back. Later and she found his interest towards a gal in her office, but she fought with him and he had promised her she will not get in deep with her.

But this made a crack in their love making lost interest in banu. So only she was looking for a good friend in the beginning later I knew she was speaking only with me as a friend. She got no friends with internet.

Now coming to the point, I started insisting to meet her at least once to which she refused till the day which I have asked 100 times at least. I found she has interest in seeing me and because if a woman dislike she would have rejected my friendship in the 3rd time at least when.

I asked of meeting her and but she jus avoided my question, so I insisted. The day came when I just asked her do you trust me Banu? She replied and she does. Later I said whats in jus meeting me just to see alone and she said she can but she feels shy and fears a lot.

I suddenly asked are you feeling for your kids to look after while you come out with me? To my goodness she said she had two sons studying in a residential school then I asked suddenly then what? Then after and I just stopped asking her to meet.

She noted that and asked one day to meet her in A2B velachery for lunch. I was just shocked. I asked are you kidding. No, am sure she said. It was already 11 am and we planned to meet at 1:30 but I was in Avadi by now but I never let her know.

I just said am jus near to velachery then I just pushed my car with such a feel that I was flying in heaven to meet her and I definitely know what s going to happen. I just reached at 1pm and we have never seen each other.

I was worrying whether am looking good. I was with a dance in my foot standing in car park waiting for her and I could see a lady in chudidhar standing at the other side and a small spark in my heart said it might be banu.

Shes jus speaking over phone. My phone rings and I was feeling my heart rate more and picked up looking at the lady over ther in blue chudihdar who matched with all the sizes mentioned by banu over phone But what you people think? No it was not her.

To my damn surprise Banu came from the other side wearing orange top and a white leg in. Shes just walking in front of me speaking with me. I found her and I was just seeking her like seeing a gal over FTV. She of whitish skin, little long her and she must be 36 30 and 38.

Wow my sex goddess is just in front of my eyes. She just looked around came near me just made a small slap at my cheek and said look me others were looking at both of us and she felt shy and took me inside stating dont eat me with your eyes.

We have a lot time jus come with me home and shock after a shock. We just bought parcels and went in Mrts road to her home. A beautiful flat and we both jus parked our cars and went inside and things started looking beautiful for my eyes everything looked charming.

We just entered inside and I felt as if I was going with my wife inside my home then something suddenly shook me and I asked where your hubby is. She was just stunned by my questions and said hes out of station for 3 weeks and he left a week before.

I asked why you didnt tell me till that. In my mind I just slapped I wasted a week but she said she is just analyzing whether am safe to have this or not and she just held my cheeks and said. Once for all, Please dont speak about my hubby anymore

I too expect the same, I know she is quite unconfy speaking about her hubby. I just felt home and we started having lunch and she served me. People please dont mind am jus elaborating a long thing. Its not just to see

We had but the love we felt in each others arms and so look all these I say with the love you felt then we had a chat and I was waiting for the move. I made it. Sat just beside her and felt her thighs rubbing mine and I asked her to jus look into my eyes more.

Dont take the eyes away from mine. She accepted and we started smooching. I kissed her cheeks neck and finally came to lips wow and what a lips. I just planted a kiss and I felt her tongue licking my lips. I found shes hotter now.

We started exploring each others tongue and played as if who sucks each others tongue more and we both won and all these time and I never took my palm down anywhere and I knew she is waiting for that. I want her to take my palm towards her boobs.

I waited till she does and she took my hand and guided to her boobs and pressed my palm over her right boob. It was like I want to get taught by her and she taught me a rhythm in pressing the boobs and later on I kept the rhythm till the end and took both in my hands in no time.

We felt each other and went to her pvt balcony which she insisted to make love over there as that please was her dream to make love. We went there and it was just 20 feet distance from sofa to balcony in that 20 ft walk we made each other nude lovely.

We just sat over the bamboo sofa but I have a guilt feel as I have a belly that she might not like my belly but no matter. She was licking it sucking it and told me she like my belly very much and advised me to reduce as my wife after marriage would not like that.

I started sucking her nipples boobs, navel, pubic hairs, then her sweetest pussy wow and I dont know how to express the feel I felt during love making. So I just say what all happed people never mind. She licked me all over and I like her till her anal.

She never felt that and then we had a lot of love and we had it in balcony, ding table and finally in bedroom, tired almost all position we can missionary, deep stick, side, she rides, doggy and doggy was the highlight one.

We had this relationship for 1 week which I went to her home daily and after a week we sat and decide not to make it anymore, she said she got what she wanted and don want to spoil my life. I also made her promise that I will never call you until you call me.

It was 2 weeks then and I was waiting for her call, never even attempted and may be her hubby returned but still I can feel Banus love. By now I have realised that its right decision we made. Its always safe and good to have short term relationships.

I agreed this myself and then I deleted her number but still dreaming of her. I hope you guys just not felt bad reading this but I have fulfilled my long dream of writing my experience in ISS and this happened now. Thanks to ISS send your feedback to / /

Love you people and I eagerly wait for you feedback to correct mistakes if any to write my previous experiences. Please do send me.