Days with Shika Part-1

Hi all ISS readers,first of all i'm prying my invaluable thanks for the ISS firm for providing us with such a platform to share our experiences.Without this site,we'll be dying inside without revealing our experiences.let me tell you what i am going to tell here is a 100% true story and not like some utter fake stories posted here.I'm Roshan living in Cochin studying for engineering.I'm 21 years old,5ft 10 in tall and very atheletic,fair in complexion as well.As you all can guess i'm too good to handle girls and i have seen girls taking an initiative in talking with me and i am happy for being so.This story,true story happenend with one of the friends of my teachers. Please don't forget to share your views on my story with / /.As this story is long and true it may be a bit draggy and moreover its not just about lust,but about love as well..

i am not trying to get bored with the story of how we got friends with each other,but a slight preface is needed.I had a teacher named Shilpa whom with i was very much friendly and one day she invited me to a party of her first anniversary.Thats where i meet Shika,the beauty of my life.She was a friend of Shilpa madam and we got into a small chat and got acquainted on that day.I was mesmerized by her beauty and at first i never got into her,she was friendly,bold and understandable and i decided to keep the acquaintance in that way.I forgot to mention her beauty-25yrs old,around 5ft 5in tall,with very vital stats of 36-28-34 and every man seening her will have a hard-on will think of banging her all life.Yes,she was a fuck of lifetime.Even during the party i saw Shilpa mam's hubby and other men trying to flirt with her,i know they were all looking for a fuck with her.I think she too knew about their intersts and kept a distance in everything.

Later at that day I sent her a req in facebook and never thought she will accept it,but with god's grace we became friends and it started with small hi-hello chats.I came to know that she's unmarried,working in some big posts in a big companies.Ourlittle chats lead into longer chats and then into longest chats.As we became closer we came to know each other a bit more and she said she is never intersted in marriage and have decided to leave unmarried for the rest of her life.I couldn't ask her the reason since i thought it would be too much as there is still a wall between us.But that wall eventually melted and i asked her why she is unmarried??..She replied that she likes to leave a free life,not wanting to bound to any circles.I felt so sorry to hear about it.But soon she said that she's only reluctant to marriage but still want to enjoy all experiences.I was dumbstruck in hearing that but kept cool.She said she's interested in having that kind of enjoyment with younger boys as its more safe,and she said she couldn't risk her security.i asked her whether any such incidents had happened and she said "No,but i think it will happen so soon"….Guys,i was in stars.

Days passed and we had a secret bond of never-said-sexual-relationship hanging between us.I have been masturbating thinking about her all day,atleast twice.WE had shared our numbers in the meantime and had been chatting even at late nights.One day she said she's getting more into me and made me a proposal which i couldn't refuse.You know what it is.Hearing this i soon went from hostel to her flat,i was sure she is alone and as soon entering her flat i tried to cuddle her.But the hug was soon broken by her and she said that before all this she needed to speak with me about some conditions.I said "speakout" and she stated some conditions.It was all for her safety and i was okay with that.I was mad seeing her beauty and body.She was in her shorts and teees and i was dying to go sucking those boobs.her thick and sexy lips was driving me crazy. We both were in sofa and i suddenly lost all my control and i rose and jumped on her and stared kissing her.Her lips were tangled with me,her upper and lower lips were exchanging in between my lips.She was responding very well and our hug was so tight.But she broke it and pushed me slightly from her.
i was not sure what i did wrong and i got up from her.She amiled and said "Don't worry,you have done nothing wrong.But we will start our enjoyment fresh in some other days".I was so much in desperation and threw my hands around her waist and pulled her towards me.Her aroma was drenching in me and asked "when do we start our fun,dear???".She replied "We will be starting fun from next saturday,thats my birthday".I was happy to hear that and kissed her on her lips.She playingly pushed me to her doors and her naughty looks were playing me crazy.I bid a goodbye to her and went to my hostel with heart in heaven.

Those three days were like three years and all these days i was dreaming about nothing else than fucking her all life,and those dreams of having sex with that once-in-life-beauty was extraordinary.
And eventuallly it was friday evening.I couldn't handle this excitement anymore and around 6pm,i went to her flat and as soon as she opened her door i felt like haugging her and sucking her juicy and melon sized boobs.She was looking so sexy and hot in that dress.I don't know the name sof girly dresses but it was so hot because almost 80 percent of her body was revealed in it.I hugged her,but withdrew from it and said with a smile "saturday is tommorow,but still you can sleep here tonight ,in a seperate room" and playingly kicked me.I accepted the offer and that night was like something unforgettable. Having such a sex angel alongside me in sexy outfit and enjoying minutes in her flat like couples was universal.Whenever i looked upon her i wanted her to bang her hard,hard and hard.i simply asked her "are you serious,haven't you bed with anyone,so far".Her kissed me and said "i've,with a lot of people,but not with anyoune younger than me.All those sex were one-night stands and not like the long standing one,we are intending to have." I thanked her by kissing her arms and said ' i know no men could resit upon you'..She smiled and said "hmm,all those men were so wild on me,they kept on banging me and they all tasted my body without wasting a single sec.I had bed with one of my colleague whom banged me for continous 6 hrs we made love all those time and it was awesome and i love sex like those".I said "you could rely upon me for anything" and smooched her,it was so hot and juicy kiss and it lasted atleast 20mins.We both were not ready to break it and somehow we stopped it,but still our lips were 1 or 2 cm distant and the saliva lines were still connecting us.

I will never remember that night,we cooked food,ate it together in the balcony with a nice view of the city (our flat was in 10thfloor) and we ate from each others mouth and her almost nude body was driving me crazy and i knew,from tommorow this delicious body will be mine,mine only.she said she is feeling sleepy and then i asked her 'why can't we start our new life tonight".She said 'wait for one more night dude,are you this much hungry??" and smiled..I sexily said "i will be always hungry,before this dish".We were then kissing,lying in the balcony floor,she lying above me and kissing my lips.I was loving her weight on me and her boobs were pressing my chest.I was sucking,tasting her lips and i was sucking the life out of her and that kisss lasted about 30mins and we were both breathless.We rested a bit,changed our position,no me above her and again kissed for another 10 sexy minutes and got up and went to bed,in seperate rooms.

I couldn't sleep that night with my dick never loosong its hardness and somehow i slept around 3am.When i woke up,i was in shorts and tees and she was in bathroom.She said me to take a bath.I went to another bathrrom and i came back after bath with only the towel wrapped around my waist.Then i saw her,standing near the dindig table setting the b'day cake and other dishes.She was wearing only a full sleev shirt with sleeveslifted up.There was nothing in the bottom.the shirt she was wearing was only covering just her ass cheeks,even those ass were not covered completely.The top buttons of her shirt was open and i could see her cleavage in.Her olive oil shining and waxy thighs and ass were making me die for her.Her ass was something a man would die upon.She smiled sexily.Water droplets were loosing from her hair,which was not tied.She said "lets have the cake,for the opening" and smiled again..
(to be continued)
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