Sharmin & Her Boy Friend Part II

Hi its me Sharmin. This is the second part of my story. Hope you enjoy the first part. I was nervous when I got home. I was afraid my mother would be able to tell. That she would see that I was different, or would smell something on me, the smell of sex, or the smell of cum. I hurried to my room to change out of my school clothes and then I went to the bathroom and washed myself and brushed my teeth. By the time I saw my mother I had calmed down and she was preoccupied with something and never noticed a thing. I got a glass of ice water and went to my room to get started on my homework. It was hard though. I couldnt stop thinking about what had happened this afternoon. It had been so damned exciting. It had been even better than I thought that it would be. Thats hard to imagine. I had thought that it would be pretty damned hot. Later, lying in bed in the dark and reliving the events of my first sexual experience, I knew that I was going to have to get on the pill.

I obviously couldnt rely on Mithun to put on one of those stupid rubbers, and besides, it excited me that he was cumming in me. I couldnt actually feel it, but knowing it was there was very exciting. The next morning, walking to school with Mithun, I noticed that we seemed so much closer. He had his arm around me and we talked quietly and we were just so close. I had never once in my life skipped school, but if he had suggested that we go to Rasels instead of going to school that day, I would have been more than happy to go. I couldnt wait until this afternoon. I wanted to undress for him again and feel his hands on me and his lips, and his tongue. That morning, instead of going to study hall, I went to see the school nurse. It was embarrassing, but I needed to get on the pill, and I had no clue about how to do that. I didnt dare go to my doctor, and talking to my mother would just be another form of committing suicide. So I blushed and I stuttered and I finally explained to the nurse that I had become sexually active and I needed to get on some form of birth control without my mother finding out.

She wasnt happy about it, but after lecturing me for half an hour she referred me to a nearby free clinic. Then she gave me a permission slip to leave the school grounds during my lunch period. I managed to make it there and back, get the prescription, and they even gave me the first months pills for free. As we were walking to Rasels place after school I pulled the pills out of my purse and showed them to Mithun. He didnt know what they were, but when I explained what they were he was extremely happy to see them. He was as excited about sex without those horrible rubbers as I was. We soon found ourselves in Rasels bedroom and I was much less nervous today as I stood in front of Mithun and undressed. This time I was aware of Rasel sitting in the corner and pulling his cock from his pants and playing with himself while I undressed. Not only was I much less embarrassed about that than yesterday, I thought it was kind of exciting.

This afternoon started out just about like yesterday afternoon had, mithun and I hugged and kissed for a moment, then he sat on the bed and I undressed in front of him. He helped a little today, and I liked that. Once I was undressed he explored my body again, and he seemed just as excited as he had yesterday. I think I was too. Once I was naked it was his turn. He stood up and I remained standing today and helped him undress. We hugged and kissed again and I felt his hard cock throbbing against my stomach. I reached between us and wrapped my hand around his cock and enjoyed the feel of it, the heat from it, and the way it throbbed in reaction to my touch.

I separated from Mithun and urged him to lie on the bed and I got on my hands and knees and kissed him while he gently squeezed my breasts. Then I started kissing my way down his body. I was anxious to suck his cock again. I really enjoyed it yesterday. It really turned me on. I finally reached his cock and smiled up at him and said, “I love you.” I leaned down and started kissing and licking his cock and his balls. It was obvious that what I was doing was just as exciting for him as it had been for me when he ate my pussy yesterday. I loved that I could make him feel that way.

I finally took his cock in my mouth and moved my lips up and down on it, taking as much of him into my mouth as I could. While I was sucking his cock I ran my fingers lightly over his balls and he was going crazy. He lasted hardly any time at all before he started filling my mouth with his hot cum again. I thought that it was just as exciting as it had been the first time. Just like yesterday, I held his cum in my mouth and waited for him to finish Cumming. When he had finished I took my head away and as our eyes met I swallowed eagerly. After I swallowed I kissed his cock and licked up the last few drops from the end of his cock, which was still hard. He pulled me up beside him and we kissed for a while, and our hands were everywhere. After a few minutes he pushed me onto my back and he returned the favor. It felt every bit as good as it had yesterday. Maybe even better, because I was much less nervous today, and I knew how good it was going to feel and I looked forward to it. I came several times as he ate my pussy. When he couldnt wait anymore, he moved over me and I eagerly guided his cock back into me. It was so much better this time.

Without the fear, and without the pain, every second was time spent in heaven. It seemed to last much longer today, although I had not timed it either day. I guess we were just getting better at it. Mithun came first today, but he kept rubbing his pubic bone against me and kissing me and I wasnt far behind him. Once I had cum he rolled off of me and we lay there catching our breath for a moment. That was when the biggest difference between yesterday and today occurred. I felt the bed shift and I felt a hand on my thigh. My eyes shot open and there was Rasel, sitting beside me and staring at my freshly fucked pussy as he moved his hand up my thigh. Rasels know why I didnt freak out.

I looked at Mithun and he was watching, but he didnt seem alarmed. At first I wondered if this was part of the plan, but from the look on Mithuns face I could see that he was not expecting this either. I looked back at Rasel and he said quietly, “You are the prettiest, sexiest girl I have ever seen.” I just lay there and watched as his hand moved up my body and moved gently over my breasts, and then returned to slide between my thighs and rub along my slit, which was slowly oozing Mithuns cum now. I was surprised that he would touch me when I was like this, but he didnt seem to mind. In fact, he started sliding two fingers inside of me and it felt pretty good. I suddenly wondered if he was going to try to fuck me.

Then I wondered if I would let him if he tried. I looked at Mithun again and I saw that not only was Mithun watching every move Rasel made with interest, but his cock was hard again and throbbing against my thigh. This was turning him on! Then I noticed something else that was different from yesterday. Rasel was naked! I looked back down at his fingers moving in and out of my slit. He moved his thumb over my clit and started lightly agitating it as he moved is fingers inside of me. I was getting really turned on and I realized that if Mithun didnt stop him, I wasnt going to. I guess Rasel could see that I wasnt going to resist. He smiled at me, then he bent down and started licking my tits, and sucking them, and biting my nipples softly. He was very good at it too.

Mithun reached up and turned my head and as Rasel played with my body I started kissing Mithun passionately. It was terribly exciting. I felt the bed shift again and Rasel was moving between my thighs. I felt his larger cock moving over my stomach and I reached between us to line it up. When I grabbed it I was surprised by how much larger it felt than Mithuns. I didnt hesitate though. I put the tip of it against my slit, which was still oozing Mithuns cum from minutes ago.

As soon as it was in place, Rasel started pushing into me slowly. And god it felt good! I was groaning into Mithuns mouth as we continued to kiss and I was so getting so excited. I heard Rasel say something, but I had no idea what it was. I figured it out though, when Mithun got up on his knees and put his cock near my lips. It was still hard and throbbing and now it was covered with our combined juices. I didnt hesitate for a second. I opened my mouth and took him in as far as I could and sucked voraciously as Rasel started fucking me hard. His cock was noticeably longer and fatter and it felt very good as it moved in and out of me violently. I was moaning and groaning around Mithuns cock and it felt so god damned hot to have two cocks in me at the same time. I wasnt even shocked. I didnt stop to think even once that I wasnt that kind of girl. Because suddenly I was that kind of girl and I loved it!

As Rasel fucked me, Mithun was holding my head and moving his hips in and out, getting about five inches of his seven inch cock in my mouth on every stroke. On one of the down strokes, Rasel reached up and pushed on the back of my head. I didnt know what was going on, and I Raselt think Mithun did either. The next thing that I knew, Mithuns cock was buried in my throat and my lips were touching his belly and Mithun suddenly held my head and said, “Oh fuck!” Then I felt his cock throbbing and I knew that he was cumming right down my throat. I didnt even have time to panic, I realized that I could breath and, although it was a little uncomfortable, it didnt hurt. And he obviously loved it. Actually, I kind of liked it too. The next thing I knew I was cumming and my cunt was gripping Rasels cock and that set him off and I felt him cumming in me, which made me cum again. Mithun finally released my head and I fell back on the pillow gasping for air and whispering, “Jesus Christ!” under my breath.

Rasel stayed over me with his cock buried in me until he was soft. Then he pulled out and moved up over me. He placed the end of his nasty cock on my lips and I have no idea why I didnt push him away, or turn my head away. Mithuns face was right beside mine now as I opened my mouth and sucked Rasels cock clean. As I sucked Rasel, Mithun was kissing my cheek and telling me how hot I was. Rasel must have thought so too, because before long his cock started getting hard again. He kept moving it in and out of my mouth and I was amazed at how big it became when it was hard. It was at least eight inches long, probably longer. It was also twice as fat as Mithuns was. No wonder it had felt so nice in my pussy. I kept sucking him and while I sucked, Rasel ordered Mithun to get down between my legs and eat me out.

I fully expected Mithun to tell him to go piss on an electric fence. I was shocked when he obeyed! I felt him get down between my legs and start licking at my thighs, and then, after licking both of my thighs clean, he licked all around my pussy before actually eating me out. I couldnt believe he would do that after he and Rasel had both just fucked me! I was shocked, but I was also very turned on and I was sucking like a crazy woman on Rasels cock. He tried to get it down my throat a couple of times, but it was too big and it just wouldnt go, yet. He finally came and filled my mouth with a huge load of cum. I held it in my mouth until he finished and pulled out to watch Mithun and me.

I waited to swallow as I compared the taste of his cum to Mithuns. It was much the same taste, except this time I detected just the slightest hint of a bleachy taste. Still, it wasnt all that unpleasant. I found that, just like with Mithun, sucking his cock and swallowing his cum really turned me on. After I swallowed I lay back and relaxed and enjoyed what Mithun was doing. In no time at all I was cumming again. I had no idea how many times I came today, it must have been at least a dozen! I finally had to push Mithuns head away, I couldnt take it anymore. I was too sensitive now.

Then I collapsed on the bed. I lay there for a moment, thinking about all of the things that I had Rasele today, and had Rasele to me, and wondered if I should say something to Rasel. I really wasnt sure how I felt about it. God knows I had enjoyed it, but it wasnt right. I decided to wait until we left and talk to Mithun on the way home. Home! Oh Christ! I have to get home! I looked over at the clock on the table and jumped up and started getting dressed. Crap, I never got home this late. If my mother said something to me I was in trouble, because I just cannot lie. She always knows when I do. I hurried Mithun up and finally we left and walked quickly towards my house. As we walked I asked him about Rasel, if he had known that Rasel was going to do that, and how he felt about it. He said, “No, I didnt know he was going to do that. In fact, he had promised me that he wouldnt when we first talked about it. I guess I cant blame him though. He was right about how beautiful and sexy you are.” “You didnt seem to mind when he did it,” I said. Mithun looked embarrassed and said, “I was shocked at first. When I saw his hand on your body.

I watched and I was going to try to stop him, but I suddenly realized that it was kind of turning me on. At almost the same moment I realized that it was turning you on too. So I figured that it wouldnt hurt to see what happened. It turned out to be pretty exciting. Didnt you think so?” I was embarrassed to admit it, but I had to say, “Yes, I was shocked too. When I turned to look at you and saw that you were kind of getting excited by it I just let it happen. I enjoyed it. He has a nice cock. I was shocked when you let him make you eat me out after he fucked me. How could you do that?” Mithun shrugged and turned even redder. “I Raselt know. I was shocked myself. I wasnt going to do it at first. I was just going to get down there and kiss around a little.

When I got between your legs I was looking up and watching you suck him off and, I Raselt know, it turned out to be not so bad. Did it gross you out?” “No,” I said. “I enjoyed it. I just couldnt believe that you would do it.” “Do you think less of me now, because I did it?” he asked. I had to think about that. I guess I didnt. Rasel was older and had an aura of being in charge. I certainly let him have me without a fight. I guess I couldnt blame Mithun. Although I am not sure how I feel about it. I wouldnt want him to know that though.

We reached my house at that point in our conversation. We kissed goodnight and I went inside. My mother called out to make sure it was me. I said that it was and I apologized for being late. I told her that I had gone to the library and got into a conversation with the librarian about the book that I was turning back in and I lost track of time. Mom said, “Thats okay dear, go change out of your school clothes.” She was in the kitchen the whole time and I never saw her! Thankfully, if she had caught me telling a lie my life would be over, because she would have gotten the entire story out of me eventually. She always does.

I went to my room and changed clothes and sat down to do my homework. It was even more difficult to concentrate than it had been yesterday. I kept reliving our afternoon of sex, and I kept wondering if I should insist that what happened with Rasel could not happen again. I knew that it was very wrong, but damn, it had felt so good. I liked being with two guys at once, I like the way that he had taken charge and just made me, made both of us do things, and I loved the way his cock had felt in my pussy!

I finally forced myself to concentrate on my homework and got it finished. Then I went down and helped my mother with supper. I was nervous around her at first. It just seemed impossible that she would not be somehow aware of the huge change in my life. Apparently the huge change in my life was not written in neon all over my face, even though it seemed to me like everyone should be able to tell.

We ate one more in a long series of quiet meals. It suddenly occurred to me that our family didnt talk much. I hadnt realized it before. My parents didnt ever fight, but they hardly talked either. They were never affectionate, at least not when I was looking, and they didnt talk unless one of them had a question about something. They didnt discuss the news, politics or religion, or gossip about friends, relatives or neighbors. I didnt even know if they were Democrats or Republicans! It was like the only thing that they had in common was me, and neither of them seemed all that interested in my life, except that they controlled it to make sure that I didnt do anything I shouldnt, to the best of their ability anyway.

After we ate, I cleaned up the kitchen and the dining room while they went into the living room. They turned the television on and sat in front of it and watched the same stupid shows every week. If they talked at all it was during a commercial break. I had never noticed before. They were robots! When the kitchen was finished I went in and waited for a commercial to tell them that I was Rasele, and my homework was Rasele, and I was going down to the park for a little while. They nodded and I left.

Mithun was waiting for me in the usual place, the brick wall in front of the house next door to mine. We hugged and kissed and then walked slowly down to the park with his arm around me. We didnt talk until we got there. We found an empty bench and sat down and after a long silence, a silence that was full of what happened this afternoon, I asked him about tomorrow. What do we do tomorrow?

Rasel want to join us again. I couldnt blame him, I suppose. It must be very difficult to watch and get turned on and just play with yourself. But there was something about the way that he just took over that both made me nervous, and turned me on. Rasel didnt make love to me, like Mithun did. Rasel fucked me, he “took” me. Although, actually, I think what bothered me most had been the way that he ordered Mithun around. I guess that it was up to Mithun to assert himself, though, if he was upset by it. All of this was just running through my mind though, we hadnt said anything yet. He still hadnt answered my question about tomorrow. “Mithun,” I asked. “What about tomorrow? Are we going back there? If we do he will want to do it again. He takes charge. He tells us what to do. Do you like that?” Mithun was quiet for a while longer.

I had the impression that he wasnt thinking about whether or not he wanted to go back, he was just afraid to say what he was thinking. He finally said, “You know that wasnt part of our original deal, you believe me, right?” I nodded. I did believe him. Mithun wasnt any better at lying than I was.

Mithun paused again and then he said, “I couldnt believe it when he joined us on that bed this afternoon. But I was so turned on watching him. It was like I was taking you again for the first time. I enjoyed watching him almost as much as I enjoyed having sex with you. Our first time, well, both times, those were the best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life! I even thought that it was hot the way he just kind of took over and started telling us what to do. I kind of feel guilty about that. Not about the sex, but about letting him tell me what to do. I know that is wrong and I am afraid you will lose respect for me, but I have to be honest, something about it excited me.” I nodded. I knew what he meant. “So we are going to let him take charge tomorrow?” I asked finally. “The only way to stop him is to stop going there,” Mithun said. “Do you want to do that? I wont mind, if it bothers you. Well, no that isnt true, I will be sad. I love what we did, all of it.

I love making love to you, and it turned me on that he was watching. I loved what happened today too, though. I know that isnt right. But I am being as honest at I can here. What about you, you havent said what you feel about it, or what you want to do tomorrow.” I was embarrassed to admit that I wanted to go back. I hardly knew Rasel at all. I certainly didnt have any feelings for him. I couldnt deny though, that what had happened today, that had been so fucking sexy! Making love to Mithun was exciting too. I loved doing that. But afterwards, when Rasel had taken over, it had been like we were without free will.

I found that when I was without free will, I had the feeling that I could do anything, I wasnt
responsible for anything that I did, so I didnt have to feel guilty. Not to mention how exciting it was to have two cocks inside of me at once. I had to be honest, I wanted to go back, and I wanted to have sex with Rasel again. But what do I say to Mithun? He was watching me, waiting for my answer. I finally said, “I have to be honest, I enjoyed it. You know that I did. I kind of liked the way that he took charge too. It was exciting. I thought that the most exciting part was when I had two cocks inside of me at the same time. He is kind of scary though.

I Raselt know if you noticed, he seemed to like making us do things, things we wouldnt normally have Rasele. When he slid up over me after he fucked me and put his dirty cock my mouth, he had a look on his face that dared me to say no. I was watching him when he ordered you to eat me out after he fucked me. He was doing that to humiliate us. You know he likes that kind of stuff, right?” Mithun nodded and said, “Yeah, I have seen his porn collection. He has some pretty raunchy stuff.” Hearing that made me pick my ears up! “Porn collection,” I asked, “what porn collection?” “He has a lot of stuff,” Mithun said. I could tell that he was embarrassed, but I wasnt sure if it was because he knew about it, or because he had seen it, or maybe because he had liked it. I waited for him to continue. “A lot of it is on his computer, pictures mostly, but he has a lot of stories too. The pictures are all kinds of stuff. He likes younger girls, like you.

He has a lot of bondage stuff, and rape pictures, and he has a lot of pictures of gangbangs, mostly with gangs of older guys and young girls, or young looking girls. He likes that stuff, but he has a little bit of everything. There doesnt seem to be much that doesnt turn him on.” “He also has a bunch of movies, mostly the old kind with girls getting raped, and a big collection of books and magazines about it too. He likes the idea of women being told what to do, being like sex slaves or something. He showed his collection to me a long time ago.” That was disturbing, kind of. It was also exciting. For some reason, the things that Mithun was telling me were scary, but they were really turning me on.

Surely I didnt want to be raped, or gangbanged! Did I? Something about the disturbing images that were flashing through my mind right now was certainly making my panties wet! I suddenly said, “Are you as turned on as I am right now?” Mithun grinned and nodded. He looked around and put his hand between my thighs and applied pressure to my pussy through my shorts. I didnt even look around. I just slumped down and let him rub my pussy through my clothes until I had an orgasm. Then I slumped against him and said, “Thank you, I needed that!”

He chuckled and said, “Yeah, I could tell.” “What about you?” I asked. He just shrugged. We had Rasele a lot of touching during our afternoons and evenings here over the nearly two years that we had been boy and girlfriend. This was the first time that he had ever given me an orgasm here in the park. I looked around and I could see that the park was nearly deserted. I stood up and pulled him to a small copse of thick bushes and I knelt down and fished out his cock and sucked him off, right there in the open. He came in less than two minutes!

I helped him straighten his clothes out and then I stood up and we kissed and told each other how much we loved each other. I realized that what we had sex today with Rasel, and what we were pretty sure we were going to do tomorrow and for the foreseeable future, only made our relationship more exciting. Mithun licked my lips and tasted his cum and grinned at me when I said, “Fucking pervert!” “Yes, I am,” he said. “Does that bother you?” “No,” I said. “I suppose that it should, but this is all pretty exciting to me, even when it is happening to you! The answer to your next question is, yes, I know how weird that is.” We went back to our bench and sat down. He put his arm back around me and I held his hand on my breast. He gently squeezed it and tickled his finger over my nipple as we sat there and I moved one of my hands down to his thigh and lightly moved my fingers over his cock and balls.

We didnt speak for a long time, but it was a nice, comfortable quiet. I couldnt stop thinking about this afternoon. I finally had to ask, “What was it like, eating my pussy after he fucked me?” Mithun sighed, like he had been expecting me to ask, but hoping that I wouldnt. “Are you sure that you want me to answer that?” he asked. I thought that maybe I would hate the answer, but I couldnt stop wondering. That was what I told him. He paused a little longer and then he said, “I hated it, it was gross. Yet at the same time I was also so fucking turned on. I cant explain it. I know that no other guy I know would have Rasele that without having a gun pointed at his head.

I guess there is something wrong with me, because being ordered to do it turned me on, being made to do it. The thing that bothered me most about it was wondering how you would feel about me afterwards. I know you say you are okay with it, but Im still worried about that.” I hugged him close and said, “I guess it just means that we have more in common that we knew. Its scary, but its so exciting. I am just as worried about what you are going to end up thinking about me as you are worried about what I will think of you.” We kissed again and Mithun said, “Okay, lets make a deal.

We go with it until one of us starts having a problem with it. With the things that he is making us do, or with how we are starting to feel about one another. You realize that this is a big step we are taking right? Its bigger than when we made love that first time. We are giving ourselves to my cousin, and we know that he is a pervert. Are you sure you want to do that?” I sighed and thought about it. I wanted to say yes, even though I knew it was the wrong thing to do. I paused for a few moments and then I said, “Ill let you know tomorrow on the way to school. Do you suppose that he knows we are having this discussion?” Mithun laughed and said, “Probably, he seemed to read us pretty good this afternoon.” We were quiet again after that.

I felt how hard Mithun had gotten again while we talked. I thought about sucking him off again, but the park was filling up with couples going for after dinner walks and we didnt dare do anything now. I will be so glad when Mithun turns sixteen and gets a car! I will be less frustrated and he will spend a lot less time with blue balls. We finally got up and he walked me home. We were quiet as we walked, except when I said, “You know what I like? I like walking with your arm around me and the taste of your cum in my mouth.”

He squeezed me, but didnt say anything, not for a while. Then he asked, “Was the taste different, did Rasels cum taste different than mine? I tasted his and it wasnt very pleasant.” “Yours is better,” I said. “Rasels had a bleachy taste. The thing about cum isnt the way it tastes though, it doesnt taste good. Its the excitement of having a guy shoot it into me, into my mouth or my pussy. That turns me on.” Mithun said, “Yeah, I understand. I didnt like the taste when I was eating you out after Rasel fucked you. I couldnt help it though, the idea that I was being made to do it turned me on. I know, he didnt threaten me, or force me, but in my mind I was being made to do it. Is that sick or what?”

I hugged him and stopped and took him in my arms and we kissed. I knew what he meant. I was surprised to find that I liked that we were so much alike in that respect and I told him so. That seemed to make him feel better. I finally went home and waved good night to my parents as I went to my room. Mom looked up from the TV and smiled and then turned back to the TV. I went to my room and read for a while before laying out my clothes for the next day and getting ready for bed. I found that I was putting a lot more thought into what I was going to wear for underwear now. I didnt really have any sexy underwear. I had never bought my underwear with the idea in mind that someone would see me in them. I had only one matching set, I had worn them that first day that we had gone to Rasels house after school.

They were not particularly sexy, except that I knew that guys liked seeing girls in their underwear. They werent all lacy and skimpy or anything. Almost all of my bras and panties were white or off white. I had one black bra to wear with dark colored tops. I decided that I would have to go shopping for more underwear soon. Besides, I had recently gone from an A to a B cup. I was still squeezing into a lot of A cup bras. I could probably get some money from mom for some new underwear. The next morning I took a shower and got dressed and at breakfast I told my mom that I needed to get some new bras. She smiled at me and said that she would be happy to take me to Sears this weekend and buy me some new ones.

I knew that wasnt going to work. I would end up with another handful of plain white bras. I told her that I thought that I was old enough to shop for them on my own now, and made it into a kind of maturing young woman thing, and she put her arms around me and said she understood, and that she would give me some money to go shopping with this weekend. I sighed in relief. The next hurdle would be making sure that she didnt see what I bought and freak out. I had in mind buying enough sexy, lacy bras and panties to last a week. I had a little money of my own, but not enough. The good stuff is expensive.

I finished breakfast and grabbed my knapsack and went outside to meet Mithun for our walk to school. I told him about my plans to go underwear shopping this weekend and he got excited just hearing about it. He offered to go with me and help me pick out some new underwear and since I was buying it to please him I thought that sounded like a good idea. It was Thursday, two more days of sex before the weekend. I tried not to think about what today would be like, how much different it was going to be with Rasel now such a big part of it, and no longer just our quiet audience.

In fact, Mithun and I had pretty much agreed that Rasel was going to be in charge. We had reached that agreement with no idea of how drastically it was going to affect our lives. I imagine if we had known from the beginning how it would have ended up, though, we would have agreed anyway. Mithun met me at my locker when school was out and we walked towards Rasels house. When we got there I explained that unless I could come up with some plausible excuse, that I couldnt stay here as long as I had yesterday. Rasel thought for a moment and then told me to call my mother and tell her that I was going to be tutoring a girl in my class in biology.

I thought that might work, so I called and told my mother that I would be tutoring. I told her that my biology teacher had asked me to help out since I was such a good student. Mom sounded so proud of me on the phone. I hope that she never runs into my teacher. I did find that it was much easier to lie on the phone than it was when I was talking to her face-to-face. Once that was taken care of we went back to Rasels bedroom. As soon as we were in his room we got our first big shock. Rasel picked up an expensive looking digital camera and told us to just ignore him and do what we had been doing for the last two days. I started to stutter out some kind of refusal. I didnt want pictures of me having sex with my boyfriend getting out. There was no doubt in my mind that if he had them he would share them. Mithun didnt seem to share my misgivings.

He took me in his arms and pulled me close and we kissed and I tried to ignore Rasel as he moved all around us with his camera. I was constantly aware of him though, and I realized that the idea of those pictures being taken, and shown around excited me. I just prayed that they would not be shown to anyone that I knew. Mithun and I kissed and touched, just as we had the two previous days. Just like before, I pushed Mithun to the bed after a few minutes and started undressing for him. I hate to admit it, but the idea that it was all being recorded by Rasel on his camera made it even more exciting.

I had worn a dress today, instead of my usual skirt and blouse. It was a light, silky dress that buttoned down the front. There was nothing very sexy about it though. I started with the top button, and as I started working from the top, Mithun started working from the bottom and it didnt take us very long to unbutton it. Rasel had moved to a position where he could capture us at work on the buttons, and have a good view of me in my underwear as I slid the dress down off my shoulders and dropped it to the floor beside me. He got more good pictures as Mithun took a moment to run his hands over me as I stood in front of him in my underwear.

I closed my eyes for a moment and just enjoyed the sensations, and then I opened my eyes and smiled down at him and reached behind me and unclasped my bra. I dropped my arms and Mithun reached out and pulled my bra off, baring my breasts, to him, to Rasel, and to the camera. Mithun reached forward and teased my breasts with his mouth for a minute. God it felt so good. I closed my eyes and my legs were weak from all of the sexual stimulation. He kissed and licked and sucked on my breasts for a minute or two, and then I felt his fingers rubbing my pussy over my panties. Just one quick touch was all it took to give me an orgasm.

I reached down and held Mithuns hand in mine and moved my hips in what I knew must look like a very vulgar motion. I knew what I must look like, but I couldnt help myself. I held his hand tight against my pussy and shivered as that first orgasm of the afternoon overcame me. I finally relaxed and let his hand go and straightened my legs and he leaned forward and kissed my belly while he slowly slid my panties off. I tepped out of them and then, instead of helping him undress, Rasel made me pose for pictures while Mithun got undressed. The first few pictures were nice, just nude pictures as I stood in front of him. The poses quickly progressed as he started directing me to caress my breasts and hold them out to him.

He ordered me to do things to my nipples, pinch them, pull them, hold my breast up to my lips and suck them. Then he ordered me to turn around and bend over and spread my legs. After he had taken several pictures of that, he ordered me to reach back and spread the cheeks of my ass open for him. It was all so humiliating, and so very exciting! Mithun was naked now and Rasel started posing us together. Everything that we had Rasele together in the last three days, he made us do while he took pictures. He especially liked the pictures of me licking Mithuns balls and sucking his cock. When Mithun came in my mouth after only a few minutes, he got several pictures of Mithuns cum in my mouth before I was allowed to swallow.

The next pictures were of Mithun eating my pussy. There were lots of close-ups of my wide spread pussy, with and without a tongue in it. He even made Mithun lift my legs and lick and suck on my asshole! I thought sounded gross, but turned out to feel fucking fantastic! Before we got to the fucking he made me pose for some shots while eating out Mithuns asshole too. It isnt as bad as it sounds, and I thought it was only fair. Then the fucking, which was fantastic anyway, but as Rasel moved around us taking picture after picture I was even more excited. I must have cum a half a dozen times before Mithun did. Then there were more pictures, of us cleaning each other with our mouths, and of my red, swollen, freshly fucked pussy. Then, Rasel showed Mithun how to use the amera and it started all over again.

I did all of those things with Rasel while Mithun took pictures. Everything, that is, except that when it came time to eat my pussy clean, Mithun had to do that again. Rasel finally had enough pictures and put the camera up, and then we started all over again. Only now we were having a threesome and I had two sets of lips on me and two sets of hands and two cocks and two sets of balls and it went on and on and I loved every fucking minute of it. So did Mithun, except for that one thing. The last thing we did was when Mithun sat at the head of the bed and I sucked him off while Rasel fucked me from behind. It was really fantastic. I had another half dozen orgasms. That was when Rasel introduced the next humiliation. After we had all cum, but before Rasel ordered Mithun to clean my pussy, he moved up and made us both clean his cock.

I watched in shock as Mithun actually licked and sucked Rasels cock, before I took it into my mouth and finished cleaning it. Mithun had had a look on his face like he was going to be sick while he was doing it, but he did it. Then Rasel ordered Mithun to lie on his back on the bed and while he took a few more pictures I was ordered to sit on his mouth and Mithun sucked my pussy clean. I know that is disgusting, but god, it feels so fucking good!

Rasel only had a few more pictures left on his memory stick, so he took them of me. In one of them he dug around in my purse and pulled out my student ID and made me hold it up and smile for the camera. Do you know any other girl in her right mind that would have Rasele that? No, me either. As we were getting dressed, Rasel said, “I am pleased at how it went today. I am really happy with how well you two took to posing for the camera.” As he spoke he reached under a towel on the dresser and picked up a movie camera. He then said, “I have all three sessions on disk, would you guys like a copy?” I felt the blood drain out of my face, briefly, but then I thought of the pictures that I had posed for today and I realized that it didnt matter.

Mithun and I both nodded in response to his question. Before I left I asked the question that I should have asked in the beginning. “Rasel, what are you going to do with those pictures?” He smiled, rather evilly I thought, and said, “I am going to do several things with them. I am going to show them to my friends, I am going to post a lot of them on the Internet, and I thought that I would use them to blackmail you guys.” “Why?” I asked. “We are already doing everything that you tell us to do.” “Yes,” he said, “and I appreciate that. But I have been taking it pretty easy on you so far.”

Before Mithun and I left, I gave Rasel my email address and then Mithun walked me home. As we walked Mithun said, “I think we really fucked up in there today.” I just nodded, I knew that we had. I had anticipated that this would just be Mithun and Rasel and I. I thought that we would be doing the things we had already Rasele and enjoyed. It was obvious that Mithun and I had both been pretty nave. I said goodnight to Mithun and kissed him just before we got to my house.