My Dream Date

Let me describe my girlfriend…her name is Priya. We started off as chat friends ..The first time I saw her,I was in awe of her beauty…she was one of the best girl who liked me .Obviously every guy tried to hit on her…but she wasnt those slutty types.We became friends .We exchanged pleasantaries ,started talking daily.I had one of the hottest babes of Chennai as my girlfriend.

I was very proud of her nature and the way she carried herself and I am not those horny kinda guys.I respected her opinions and dignity and never tried to look at her in a bad way…but that being said..let me tell you her features..She is very fair as even I am..but she has a complexion like Genelia DSouza..fair but not overly fair ! She even has two cute dimples like the actress..Now that i know it,her boob size is 34C,nice firm tits which doesnt sag at all..her waist is around 28…and her ass is just round enough and sexy.She isnt those healthy type of girls,she is slim with good body features wherever needed ! She has straight silky hair till just below her shoulders.Coming from a well to do family,she always dons branded and designer clothes.That adds to her beauty and highlights her hourglass figure !

As you might know,I am a lover of womens armpit…especially if its cleanly waxed or shaved.Priya always makes sure she is cleanly waxed if atl all there is any hair growth.She doesnt have any hair on her body,yet she takes good care of her.I love it when she wears sleeveless dresses and raises her arms…I just get awestruck seeing her smooth creamy armpits.She has this flawless skin with no hair..and the super perfume she applies,its just awesome.

Now talking about the incident,we took our relationship really slowly.We kissed first,then I fondled and played with her body,then erotic presses,then came the licks..we took it step by step ! After aweek ,we decided to take the ultimate step.We decided that well do it one day. I booked a suite at a posh star hotel.After all the fun,hanging out all day…I brought her to the suite in the afternoon .We came prepared for it . She was wearing a traditional saree on my request.She wore a sleeveless blouse and a transparent see through saree which contrasted with her fair complexion.She looks like a model even without any make-up and I like it that way.I was wearing a blue tee and jeans.When we entered the suite,she was super shy,she hardly looked at my face as she knew it was a bit awkward.So i pulled her towards me,we sat on the couch and saw a hot porno movie to get in the groove.I kissed her slowly and rubbed her arms ! She was slowly getting turned on..

I picked her up in my arms and threw her on bed.She was so shy,but i came on top of her and started kissing her cheeks softly…she blushed as if we were doing it for the first time.Priya kissed my cheeks and started sucking my lips softly…I returned the favour and started kissing her wildly.I put my tongue inside her mouth and licked her mouth.The feeling was so romantic because we had complete privacy.

I removed her pallu and started licking her neck..she loves this..Priya started moaning softly…I must say she has such a seductive voice and her moans turned me on ! I slowly removed her saree and started licking her collar bone and neck wildly.She was moving her head in delight.I put my right hand on her bra and started feeling her boobs softly..they are her weak point.

I put my hands around and unhooked her bra..uffff…off come that support system to unveil such magnificent piece of raw untouched flesh.Her boobs were right in front of me,it were so fair and her nipples were light pink.Her nipples were small which added to the beauty of her tits.She had good firm boobs which fitted completely in my massive palms.I kneaded them so hard that she let out a strong moan…ahhhhh..ufff..Ani..plz no no naa ! She was hissing and her moans were so erotic in made my member super hard.I pressed her boobs so hard and squeezed them with no mercy.I started licking them wildly..licked Priyas a taste..slightly salty..yet so yummy !

I came down and licked her navel softly..she went into a subconscious state..i pressed her waist super hard..she gave out a loud moan.I held her boobs again and started kneading them hard…she just couldnt control it anymore..she came once..she held my hair so wildly and was kissing my face with passion.I made her lie on her stomach and started licking her smooth back..softly licking and kissing every inch of her back..simultaneously pressing her boobs under.

I know proceeded to my favourite part.I turned Priya and lifted her arms…which revealed her clean and nicely waxed armpits.I was so turned on by this sight.She knows I like doing this the most,so she had this shy smile on her face,I loved it !I leaned forward and sniffed her underarms.She had a exotic perfume that day as i requested her too.The smell of Priyas underarms were colossal. it had this attractive smell which almost made me cum.

I started sniffing both her armpits and enjoyed the erotic aroma.I put my tongue on it and licked it once..oh my..what a taste it had.Slightly salty,slightly sour but the feel of it was just out of this world.I think she has the ideal body smell a girl should have.I licked her armpits super hard and continued sucking for around 15-20 minutes.Ate her armpits royally.

Now i had felt Priyas boobs and armpits before,but she had never felt my dick.I removed my tee shirt,showing her my well toned muscular body as I am a footballer..and now removed my jeans…Slowly i pulled down my underwear,teasing her…and out popped my big and thick dick.Not gonna fake …mine is a good 6 inch straight rod which comes around 7 inches at best…with a good enough thickness of 3 inches .The look of my clean and fair dick can be very tempting for a gial.Priya saw my dick and she had this shocking expression…like ‘This is the first time Im seeing a dick !!

She stared at it for quite some time and touched it slowly with her soft fingers. Ahh..I felt good.She started moving her palm back and forth on my hard tool.She said,Its very hard Ani,my a cucumber I laughed at her cuteness.She went down on her knees,my heartbeat increased.She slowly put her tongue on my shaft and licked it ans saw my expressions.I had my eye closed and was enjoying.She suddenly opened her mouth and gulped half of my dick and sucked it like a lolipop. I was going crazy…she started moving her head to and fro and was taking most of my dick in her mouth.I went in a frenzy mode…wow..felt crazy good.

She sucked my dick for a good 5-10 mins and that was it..I was controlling so much but couldnt anymore.I told her Im cumming and she removed my dick from her mouth as she didnt wanna gulp my semen…fair enough..I ejaculated massively…my thick semen fell on her stomach which she enjoyed and rubbed it around.

I was turned on even more.I quickly went down and spread her legs and put two fingers on her clit and rubbed it wildly.She was moaning and jumping.I inserted two fingers inside her pussy and started rubbing it around in circular motion stretching her pussy to its limit.Priya was groping the bed-sheet and was moving up and down with delight.I rubbed my fingers to and fro in very fast motions.She came so hard with juices flowing out of her cleanly shaved pussy.

I now started licking her clit and biting it in between…licking every inch of her vagina now.Rolling my tongue in a very sensuous manner,she was in dreamland.I was sucking her pussy now like an ice cream. Wild sucking as if Im gonna tear her pussy.I did it for a good 15 mins and she came thrice.She was super turned on and wanted my dick in her asap.I didnt waste anymore time as my tool was hard again.I placed my dick at her entrance and pushed it slowly.It was not Priyas first time but she had her cherry broken before while masturbating so there was no question of blood.I spread her legs further in missionary position and started to push my dick hard.It went in with slight pain as she had a very tight pussy.Once inside I waited for a while for her to adjust to my length.

She now asked me to start the action.I obliged and held her waist and started stroking her tight pussy.She gave out a loud moan..”Ahhhh OMG…Ahhh” Such a moan would turn on any man to his limits.I was all pumped up and started banging her harder and harder.She liked the touch of my bare muscle in her pussy.I did not wear a condom so soon.I was grinding her pussy as hard as possible.I held jiggling boobs and started kneading them hard.It was too much for my cute Priya,she came really hard.Juices gushing out…I removed my dick and let her have an orgasm by fingering her.

I did not wear a condom now as I knew I wouldnt last long.I turned her around on her knees.I love this position,doggy style.It gives a man so much control over his woman.held her waist and fingered her asshole…and started to insert my dick in her small asshole.Ahhh it was tighter than her pussy..took massive effort to penetrate.Some saliva helped…and I was in her ass.Ahhh she was screaming with delight and tears started to flow as she was feeling the pain too.

I held her sex butt and pushed my dick in and out from her perfectly pear shaped butt.She was moaning and moving in rhythm.I increased my speed as I felt her ass opening up more…I banged her really hard now with all my strength.I knew I was gonna cum…I held her boobs which were hanging and squeezed them.I pushed my nose in her armpits which were moist now and gave the most erotic aroma ever.Ahhh I loved it.
I was rubbing Priyas pussy with my fingers too.So many things at once and both of us couldnt handle it anymore.She went crazy and same was the case with me.I was biting her neck and kissing her cheeks..AND with a huge thrust I was cumming hard..I kept pumping her with all my energy and started ejaculating. Priya came too and we both fell on bed fully satisfied and exhausted.

I hugged her and kissed her cheeks and smooched her softly.We slept like that for a while and then went home late night.It was one of the best sex Ive had till date.We had many such sexual romps in various positions and role plays.She is still my girlfriend .