Fucked My Neighbor Aunty

So it happened this way

I am in guwahati now but this story is of 2006 when i was in Bangalore. I was in a private hostel in Bangalore then. I was around 23 years and doing some technical studies. There was a lady just next to our hostel. She must be around 30 with two children. I used to sit outside my room and sing songs while playing guitar and my hostel mates used to gather around me to listen to me singing. This lady used to give me looks. I used to reciprocate. slowly the looks turned into winks and she reciprocated. This went on for some months till i got a job. we used to sometimes fetch water from their compound.

Once when i was fetching water and she was giving me the smiles, i told her “App saree me bohot achi lagti hai”. She just smiled and asked me “tumhara mobile number do”. i came back to my room and wrote the number in a piece of paper and threw it across to her compound. She came and picked it up. The next day she called me and we spoke in general. during the call i told her that she looks very beautiful in saree and asker her to wear a particular one (orange) in the evening. When i came back from office, she was wearing that saree!!. The calls continued for some months.We used to speak in signs normally. I used to stand in my door step so no one could see me. And she used to stand on her door way inside her house. This way, no one else used to see us. The talks went on for some months. then one day, i asked her to come over to my room. She asked “why”? I told her i wanted to kiss her. She took a promise of me that i will just kiss her and nothing more. I promised her.

She checked the road in front and checked that no one was watching. Then she came to my room which was the first room in ground floor. I was waiting for her. As soon as she knocked onmy door, i opened it and invited her inside. She was very scared and started saying that she wants to leave. I insisted and kissed her on the cheek. Then i tried to touch her boobs and brought her hand to my lund. She just pushed me and said..”u promised to just kiss and nothing else”. so i just kissed her nad let her go. She went and our talks over the phone and in signs continued.

The fire was burning inside both of us. We made lot of plans like once her husband was to go out of town for 3 days…but that didnt happen. Then one day, while talking through signs, i told her that i am coming to her house. No one except her was there at her house at that time as her children were at school ( class 3 and 5 ). she refused. But i insisted and went to her house taking an empty water bottle so that it looks like i am going to her house to get drinking water from her. Once i reached near her door, i looked around and confirmed that no one was around noticing and knocked on her door. She opened the door and i went inside. Once inside, she started saying

She: Koi aa jayega. Tum kyu aa gaye?
Me: Koi nahi ayega. Ab mai aa gaya hu to darwaja band ka lo.
She closed the door.
She: (Speaking to herself) Uffff…mai kya karu. koi aa jayega
Me: Ab aa gaya hu to jaldi jaldi karte hai.

I held her and started kissing. She gave way to my tongue. I laid her on the bed and started pressing her boobs over the blue nighty she was wearing and kissing. She was tensed but reciprocated. i kissed her over her neck, chest, waist belly over the nighty. she started moaning. i started licking in her neck and shoulder and took my hand to her pussy. she had small breasts. she kept on saying “Yeh kya kar rahe ho”…”mai kya karu” and all. Then i tried to lift her nighty to which she protested and said “Dekho mat”. I got down from her and put on a condom and got up on her again. I pulled up her nighty without looking at her pussy ( though i stole a few glances of it :P). and placed my lund on the opening of her pussy. She took hold of my lund and guided it inside her. It was very warm and full of her fluids. She was dripping wet at that time. I started stroking slowly.

Then i demanded to suck her boobs. She reluctantly took out her small breasts and gave me to suck. What a feeling that was….. I was stroking my cock in her pussy and at the same time sucking her nipples!!

The fuck went on for some time. She was saying the same stuff in between like “mai kya karu…uffff…koi aa jayega…tum kya kar rahe ho” and all. At one point, i became upset and told her ” mai jau kya?” and tried to take out my dick…but she pulled my shirt and me closer and shook her head in a “No”. Then she caught hold of my buttocks and started to pull me inside more vigorously. I liked that and started to pump her. I held her tight and started to fuck very fast. in about 15 minutes more, i started to cum. i had the condom so no worries. I cummed inside her ( with the condom). She had an orgasm just a few minutes back.

I laid on her for a few minutes during which, she kissed me a lot on my face and chest. i got up from her and she went out to check if some neighbor was standing outside. She came in and said “jao. Koi nahi Hai”. I came out of her house and straight to my room. Once inside my room, i looked towards her door and there she was standing there smiling and shying. She sent me a flying kiss and ran inside. This is how our sex sessions started. I f ladies around Guwahati want to catch for casual friendship and sex, send me a mail at / / Secrecy wanted.