My Life’s True Incidents Chapter IV (Shop Opening Ceremony)

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Here I m narrating my true experience which you hard to believe. Incidents & Location is real but names are fake. I am married marwari women age: 26 yrs. from Mumbai, accountant. My husband name is Prakash. Our marriage is arrange and no child yet since we get married before 2 yrs. He is as an accountant but he quiet his job and open a Super Kirana Shopee near our house.

I have lots of chapters about my life stories. Whenever I get proper response and comments from you all friends, I will write my stories to you.
Excuse me any mistake in English grammar and spelling. I weak in English but try to write in English because we can express such a dirty words respectively in English.

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So now I m narrating here my Fourth experience happen during last couple of years.


In short first three episodes

We take help of Rs.Ten lacs from my jiju and I give him nice fuck at his home hydrabad. Mr.Rakeshji drops me in Mumbai by his mercidies while on the way we played adult games in the car which is too hot. Mr.Rakeshji gives me money also gold neckless instead of I gave him a blowjob which is 1st blowjob of my life and two times fuck in my ass hole. All was set for opening our new super shopee. Till time I fucked by two mens other then my husband which is one of my jiju and second my jijus business parter Mr.Rakeshji.

Now story moves

The day came when our new super shoppe has to be open. All was set. I & my hubby went to give invitation everyone to personally. I went to invite my boss with my hubby, my boss promise us to he would come. Later then we also invited most of our relatives.

Special guest of the program is one of our political leaders which he confirms to come at the moment. Here I am shortly narrate the scene when I was invited him. After a suggestion of my huband I decided to invite leader whose name is Raghav. All their people called him Raghu Bhai.

I & my friend Neha went to his office as my husband already takes an appointment. Its afternoon time I reached there and wait for our call. Reception man is too handsome man. He also attracted me as I was weared low neck blouse and wraps my saree in that style which shows my navel area clearly. From behind my saree is too tight that everyone can take my ass measurement by own scanning eyes. Neha weared also saree but her complexion is brown and his face is also not attracted due to her pimples on her face. But neha is my good friend. Receptions called us that go inside Mr.Raghu Bhai is free to talk with you. I give smiled to receptionist and moved to the cabin.

Mr.Raghu bhai welcomes us with smile. He offerd us for seats which we please to accept. I gave him invitation.

I “Raghu bhai, please come, its our first family business. If you came for opening it would be publicity for our shops”.
Raghu Bhai “Please Aruna mam, dont called me Raghu Bhai, only called Raghu”.
We all loughed.
I “ok Raghu sir, so can we see you there?”
Raghu Bhai “Ohhh !! Sorry Aruna , I am pre-occupied. I cant come”

Neha was seeing here and there in his office whereas Mr.Raghu bhai talking with me and while talking with me he seeing my face also cleavage area which I noticed very well.
Nehas mobile rang and she went out side saying excuse me.
Now I alone with Mr.Raghu bhai in his cabin and he started to staring at my lips, cheeks and cleavage.
I “Please Raghu sir, please come. We will be very happy if I see you there”.
Raghu Bhai “you will be happy and what about my happiness?”

I “I will take care of you there sir, I ll served you foods and soft drinks by my hand”.
He loughed and I smiled.
Raghu bhai “Ok Aruna, for just you, I will be there”.
I “Thank you sir”.

I stand up to go and he also stands up and raises his hand for shake which I accept and we shaking our hands. His rough palm was on my smooth palm. His middle finger caressing my palm. The time of hand shaking is more then required.

I came out from his cabin and I knew when I turn back, he looking at my swinging ass which I tightly wrap in saree.

For the special occasion I have to purchase a brand new saree. My husbands mamaji comes two day before for the occasion. I called him mamaji. Mamaji is also a rich person.

Mamajis age is around 42yrs. hes nature is when he meet any women, he not only shake hand also he hugs. All know about his funny natures even my husband.

He came to our home and hugs me tightly infront of my husband but my hubby never thinks about serious, he takes normally which I always surprise.

When he hugs me my boobs completely touch on his chest, after departed I smiled as nothing was happened. Hes a rich person who helps everyone in our relatives so that no one dare to complaint or object about his naughty natures. My husband also saw that he completely push his cock against my vagina over the saree but my hubby not dare to talk with him. I complaint my hubby about this but he told me ignore him. He is a nice man but has funny nature. He is like your father.

So come to the point, mamaji offer me to do shopping for me which I happily agree and also my hubby was happy that he would not do expenses on me as he also tight in finanacial position due to opening our shops.

I & mamaji went in afternoon for shopping to big shopping mall. I purchase a chocolate color saree cost of Rs.6000.00 and all accessories like expensive bra, panties, make up box etc. while shopping he keep his hand on my shoulders, some times on my waist. While I was seeing saree or any other product for me, he touches accidentally my ass which I ignored. His confident level is now high due to not giving any objection from my side. I m thinking that he has to be paid near about Rs.10000.00 for my shopping in case he just touches my body was not a bad deal. From the day one after my marriage he also waits a chance to touch me and I know he is eye on me but I always ignore due to my husband. But today first time I m with him alone. So thats why he taking too much advantages.

After shopping we relax at KFC in the mall. We had burgers.

Mamaji “Aruna you looks so nice, day by day your body is glowing. Whats the reason behind this?”
I (Smiled) “No secret”
Mamaji “Come on, you look so confident and smartless which I never found in you.
I (Smiling) “hahhahhhh”
Mamaji “Aruna, here is multiplex also, why dont we go to see a movie?”
I “Good Idea but we would be late by this”

Mamaji “Dont worry, Prakash will not object if we seen movie together”
I “No I m not worry about prakash but we have already late and I have to go to a place where I stitich my new blouse for tommorows occasion”

I knew mamaji wants to take advantage of darkness in the cinema hall. After his strong force I was unable to regret his idea but I told him that we should go for a english movie because English movies are about to 1.5hours whereas hindi movies are about 2.5 or 3hrs.

He brings popcorn along with the tickets of movie “Spectrum”. We went inside and I realize that he bring tickets for last row corner seats. Movie was not so good; the hall is near about emty. Just 20 to 25 peoples who hardly unable to see us because they were in middle rows where as we are in last row in corner seats. As soon as lights off, mamaji put his one hand on my shoulder and other hand hold my hand. Slowly he started to caress my hand, shoulders. I weared blue color t shirt and black long skirt.

Slowly mamaji played with my hairs. Suddenly he holds my left boobs and started soft play with. I looked at him. Both eyes are met. With a smile I return and continue in watching movies thats why he got my signal that I surrender against him. He freely was pressing my boobs. Take my one hand and keep on his cock over trouser.

My age was 24 yrs whereas he near about 42 yrs. Mamaji is 18 yrs older then me. He unzipped his trouser and from boxer his cock pop out and I started massaging of the same whereas his hands gone in my t shirt and take my boobs and started squeezing. After couple of minutes he pulls up my skirt and put his hand in my panty then went his middle finger in my vagina.

Now the scene was he fucking my vagina by his fingers and I stroking his dick by my palm. My hand is paining to strok his dick but his dick not shooting his load thats why I return my hand and keep in chair stands. He also gets his dick inside of trouser. But till movies end he pressing my boobs, thighs and fingering my vagina. Mamaji said in my ear, too many dirty words like “Aruna you have such a smooth silky skin, your choot is too hot and wet, your boobs is too soft and nipples is too tights etc..”

After movie we straight went to home. I took my blouse piece and went to meet Javed who is my regular tailor. I show him saree and he admires my choice. For blouse I gave him instruction that its for special occession so do something new. Javed said me that you come with me in trial room to take exact measurement. I went and he locked the door. As he is too professional and also now my friend too so I m not worrying about him. He asked me to remove my t shirt and I did it. Now I m in just bra in front of him. He was taking my measurement and seeing my ¾ boobs and commented also that “Aruna your body is getting ripe”. I just blushed; he completed his work and promises me that tomorrow early morning he gives me home delivery urgently.

In the morning I get positively. Neha called me said “Aruna come home, we will go to beauty parlor”. I went to her home and she suggested that this time we should go to new parlor where mans treat womens for waxing and other things. I also excited and we moved to that beauty parlor.
We both take room number for our treat and goes to separate small rooms which is decorated nicely. I entered and wait some time then a good looking boy around age 24yrs comes and locks the door.

Boy “hi I m Ramesh and what would like to do?”
I “I came here for my hair style and waxing my legs.”

He smiled. His face & smile is too good. He gave me a short dress to wear and show the place where I can change. I went to wall and pull the long cloth to hide. One by one I removed my cloth and wear that dress which was shows my boobs area and hardly hide my ass. I came out and seat on chair.

He started to cut my hair slightly then seat infront of me and hold my legs for waxing. While waxing he massages my legs which I love. General conversation was going on while he working. I also talk with him as friendly thats why he told all about what he doing there. He told me that here is also mans available for womens, especially for those who is unsatisfied. I smiled and said him that I m satisfied women. He also smiles then he gives me an offer which I was so surprise.

Ramesh boy “Mam !! if you want I can remove hairs on your flower which is in your panty”.

Hearing this I get as horny as he called my vagina to as a flower which was so impressing.

He continued “Mam !!! its a secret parlor activity which most of the women know and did also. You are comes here first time that you looking as surprised. If you want I can do it and promise that no one will know about this but you will pay extra charges for that work which I deserved”.
All this heard I gave him a smile and told him “ok I ll pay you extra”.

He happily agreed and after doing all my other activities, he adjusted chair and ask me to late down which I did. He pulls up my chair and removes my panty and now my vaginas clear view for him. He said “mam you flower is so nice. I ll make it more clean and knit.”

I like him very well as he use decent word for vagina i.e. as FLOWER. He was so decent boy. He started to apply some soap type liquid on my flower and started to massage there which I getting so hot. He was doing his work as a professional which I like very much. Sometimes he use to do middle finger in my vagina but I ignore as he was a cute boy. I keep my eyes now closed and he did completed his work and ask me to open my eyes as he shows my flower in mirror which was now delighting. I said him thank you. I gave him special tip and get myself ready to go and neha also comes at counter and paid our bills and moved to our homes.

Before the time of occasion I went to bathroom to get shower. I removed my cloth and get nude me taking bath. Then after I came in bedroom, keep my towel a side and complete nude stand infront of mirror. I am milky fair women. I was looking my assets and press my boobs, rub my flower (vagina) and slap on my ass. Smilingly I said myself “waw Aruna you are such a beauty queen”.

Then I started to decorate myself. Full body spray spread on my nude body. Get high value panty & bra. Wear blouse, petticoat then saree. I weared sleeveless, deep neck, back less blouse which shows my back, arms & my cleavage area clearly. I weared saree below my navel and tight wrap against my ass so that after seeing everyones mouth will be open for a couple of minutes.

I prepared myself to seduce all of them who are coming to the events. That occasion was not a just shop opening but its a body stunt from me.

The time came when all friends, relatives & guests comes for opening ceremony. Opening ceremony has been start and cut the tie by me as all requested me to do which I accept. Every man was looking at my open back which I never did open. We started to treat everyone thanks and serving foods by our hands. Mr.Rakeshji, Mamaji and my jijajis behave like nothing was happening with me. They treat me like that I am the doughter of them. I am happy to see this because I knew from this that what a trusti people I have to do such a great affairs who were hiding all things and never shows on his face that they all having eye on me. I forced them to have some foods by saying mamaji, jijaji, uncle etc.

I am the attraction of whole event happening at ground floor as well as some people in top of the floor. The second attraction was coming i.e. Mr.Raghu bhai. Everyone try to meet him. My family relatives and my hubby also meet him and told me that Aruna you did good work to agree him to bring here. Press reporter also comes to take short interviwes of Mr.Raghu bhai.

I also meet Mr.Raghu bhai and gave him a smile. He also smiled and said “Aruna you look so beautiful.” To my husband “Mr.Prakash you are so lucky to have such a good minded also beautiful wife”.

My hubby feels proud to hear this. I served foods to Mr.Raghu bhai and stand alone with him in the corner. He said “Aruna you are looking so sexy. Prakash is a lucky person to enjoy you in bed.”

I blushed. He continued “Ok Aruna !! now I m going but whenever you want anything help from me, just called me I will do anything for you”.
While saying this he looking at my figure. He also gave me his cell number and I also take my number.

(Here I again mentioned to my readers that this all happening with me. The plot of story is real but I drop some masala in the story)
We take photos with all who special guest comes for the party. My boss also came and congrats.

One by one all guests return back. Mr.Rakeshji & my jiju also gone. Mamaji is also gone.

I came home with my hubby at late night. We totally exausted due to serving & taking care for everyone. We went in our bedroom and started to remove our cloths. My hubby said “Aruna, you look so beautiful today. Every eyes scaning your body. I noticed but I also enjoyed that I have a beautiful wife.”

I “Prakash. Thanx.”
Now we both became nude and he rolled me in bed and started to fuck my pussy. He admires my pussy and waxing legs.
Prakash “Aruna, you are too hot”

After a good fucking session. We relaxed in each others arms. Now prakash said “Aruna we should use your sexy body for seducing customers. So that our business will jump on good floor. I am not asking you to do sex but I expecting some tease i.e. giving your nice smile and showing some your milky fair body i.e. navel area, cleavage area and your body curves of wearing tight dresses”.

I “Prakash its fine but what would we do that someone will dare to rape me?”
Prakash “Come on Aruna. No one has to guts to do this”.
I -“Ok but I will not leave my job. On only Sunday I will be at shop”.
Prakash “ok then good night”.

Dear Friends, I know you enjoyed this forth part. Now story moves in five chapters.

Here are highlights of Chapter 5. I will narrate chapter about 1) How I get fucked by Mr.Raghu bhai? 2) How I getting fucked by our wholesale supplier for more discount? 3) How I get fucked by one of our shop client for releasing our high value cheque? 4) How I increase quantity of our shop customers? 5) How I became a slut for a man who is live alone in Mumbai and always pay me for each fuck?


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